Sunday, May 29, 2011

Time for Believing

Right now, on this day, there's nothing that matters except for the two things treading light across in my heart: What would my life look like if I really, really understood the depth of His love for me? What would it look like if I understood the depth of his love for you?

I'll hunker down with food and family and extra shots of fun for the next couple of days, but I'm hoping hard that the floating freedom of a holiday weekend gives me the space to see something new and the clarity to believe it.

Happy long weekend, Friends.

We are loved, every one.


  1. Love! I was having rather simillar thoughts this morning...Oh how He loves us...if only we could really wrap our heads around it!

  2. I always think I got the first question mastered. But I know I'm not living it until I know the latter so deep in my heart it revolutionizes my daily priorities.

  3. yes. time to believe, and act. thanks for this!!
    happy long weekend to YOU, enjoy every little second.

  4. *We are loved, every one.* Yes we are, and thanks be to Him who loves us all.

    Have a nice holiday ~ FlowerLady

  5. so blogger hasn't let me comment on the last few posts.. but don't you worry. i've been stalking you like normal. and commenting in my head. and cursing blogger on the inside. do you ever have those moments when the clouds part and you just grasp the depth of love that lives in your heart? usually i feel like i can only stand it in this body for a moment.. much longer than that and i think i might faint dead away. have a happy sunday. :)
    booo blogger and your forced anonymous identities. lame.

  6. Sometimes I wish I could climb up in your head and see what's really playing between those lines on the page.

    You are loved, my friend.


  7. So simply and beautifully said. Love you.

  8. We are loved. What a blessing.

  9. I've had a song stuck in my head for days and this made me think of it all over again. The refrain is "And they'll know we are Christians by our love".
    Just like Jesus prays in the last chapter of Mark.

    Happy long weekend to you!

  10. i often think that too. i hate the thought that i'm blind to so much....
    you seem like such a sweet sweet lady. thanks.

  11. pretty sure i have been completely unable to comprehend his love. my entire life i've known it's bigger than i can imagine...i wish i could grasp it, just for a moment...maybe then it would be clear it really isn't about what you do, but about who you are... i need that revelation in my heart as much as my head.

    love you, shanny.

  12. The blog world kinda freaks me out sometimes. I just read your post and it brought tears. I was having these same questions this week, really wanting God to help me understand. Cuz it changes everything. Simply everything.

  13. This reminds of the song, "How He Loves." It brings tears to my eyes every time.

  14. hope your weekend was wonderful with family and friends....and your words are so true....our lives would look completely different if we really, truly, deeply believed that he loves us and that he loves every single person in the world.