Thursday, May 26, 2011

Napkin Curtains - Redux

My freshly-plucked hankering for color persists. In fact, it's gathering steam as we head into June. I'm day-dreaming all manner of crazy, along the lines of wallpapering the Train Room in something vintagey and bright (don't tell Cory), painting the armoire green and decking the halls with snaps of aqua and fits of orange.

It was only a matter of time before I started staring wistfully at my lovely, neutral kitchen. Sure enough, that day came on Monday. It's tricky up in there, because there's very little wall space.

Also, I'm a reconverted cheap skate, which complicates things.

But the curtains! It occurred to me that they were the perfect candidate for a switch out. And...since they are my trademark napkin curtains, I knew it would be easy enough to find something zingy.

Naturally, my mind wandered to thoughts of Her Highness, Anthropologie, and all of her whimsy-wovens.*

Then I thanked my lucky stars that napkins might actually be the one thing I can afford at Ye Olde Anthro.

Then I remembered these.

I bought them 5 or 6 years ago, on clearance. $3.95 a pop. It probably still seemed a bit splurgey at the time, considering the number of moments in my life that warrant ruffly, flowered cloth napkins, but sometimes a girl just can't ignore the siren call of frivolity.

I clipped those suckers up in no time flat.

For free.

It's pure serendipity that the green matches the color of my island.

I've been smiling ever since.

The moral of the story? It's true: when you see something you really love and it's dirt cheap, you should probably buy it. You just never know when your window might cry out for a new napkin or two.

Part II of How Anthropologie Clearance Scratched My Itch coming soon!

*I used to work at the Gap. My manager, a dude, pronounced "woven" as though it rhymes with "oven". To this day, I sometimes say "wuvven" in my mind, just for fun. You should totally try it. Today's fun is brought to you by Manager Brian, wherever he may be.