Thursday, May 26, 2011

Napkin Curtains - Redux

My freshly-plucked hankering for color persists. In fact, it's gathering steam as we head into June. I'm day-dreaming all manner of crazy, along the lines of wallpapering the Train Room in something vintagey and bright (don't tell Cory), painting the armoire green and decking the halls with snaps of aqua and fits of orange.

It was only a matter of time before I started staring wistfully at my lovely, neutral kitchen. Sure enough, that day came on Monday. It's tricky up in there, because there's very little wall space.

Also, I'm a reconverted cheap skate, which complicates things.

But the curtains! It occurred to me that they were the perfect candidate for a switch out. And...since they are my trademark napkin curtains, I knew it would be easy enough to find something zingy.

Naturally, my mind wandered to thoughts of Her Highness, Anthropologie, and all of her whimsy-wovens.*

Then I thanked my lucky stars that napkins might actually be the one thing I can afford at Ye Olde Anthro.

Then I remembered these.

I bought them 5 or 6 years ago, on clearance. $3.95 a pop. It probably still seemed a bit splurgey at the time, considering the number of moments in my life that warrant ruffly, flowered cloth napkins, but sometimes a girl just can't ignore the siren call of frivolity.

I clipped those suckers up in no time flat.

For free.

It's pure serendipity that the green matches the color of my island.

I've been smiling ever since.

The moral of the story? It's true: when you see something you really love and it's dirt cheap, you should probably buy it. You just never know when your window might cry out for a new napkin or two.

Part II of How Anthropologie Clearance Scratched My Itch coming soon!

*I used to work at the Gap. My manager, a dude, pronounced "woven" as though it rhymes with "oven". To this day, I sometimes say "wuvven" in my mind, just for fun. You should totally try it. Today's fun is brought to you by Manager Brian, wherever he may be.


  1. Love it!!!! I'm trying to redo my "new" 90 year old farmhouse kitchen with NO money. The only new things are paint and a faucet. The faucet is bc the old one is broken. Of course, we're still using the broken one going on month five now...It's a lot of work! I was eyeing some of my vintage tablecloths that don't fit the table I have now for some new curtains. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Love them! I wish I had a window over the sink! I'd be so all over this project! ;)

  3. Cracking up over the "wuvven" comment. I'm kind of fanatical about pronunciation. Obsessive, even. If I don't know how to pronounce something I can't sleep until I figure it out. Google translator is my friend.

  4. Wuvven.... heehee!
    Love the curtains.... and your imagination. No wonder you're smiling :)

  5. I am luvven these wuvven curtains! hehe

  6. I too am luvven these wuvven curtains! that is just to funny!

  7. The napkin curtain look fabulous! I've been known to hang a napkin or even a towel. Of course I didn't splurge for a rod and rings... just a plain old cheap tension rod.

    And wuvven... as usual, you made me smile.


  8. Wuven.
    I love it.
    LOVE the curtains. So pretty : )

  9. so much know i love me some purty colorful curtais. great idea!

  10. Love your pretty new curtains! It frames a happy little view :)

  11. what fun happy curtains! yay for free :)

    xo ellie

  12. They are so pretty! What a great idea.

  13. Hahaha how funny! As soon as I read the bit about him saying woven the same way you pronounce oven I quietly said it and then laughed. Then I read you suggestion of saying it. Haha! Love the curtains!!

  14. Your woven story cracked me up. My friend works at the Gap and she was always using the term woven. I think they must train them to say that word rather than cotton. Funny.

    Your curtains are rockin cute with the ruffle. I love when something old has new life.

  15. So cute. I think I could do this for my tiny window over my sink and get rid of the yuck 1995-ish style curtains that were left (six years ago) from the previous owner. :) My sewing machine and I are not friends, so we shall see...

  16. You've got to love serendipity!

    In my experience it's a bit like luck - arriving at the doorstep of those who are clever and open to possibility.

    Happy day - clever you!

    xx Felicity

  17. yep. it looks good. real good.

  18. Definately smile worthly! Makes me happy just looking at it!!
    Rebecca A.

  19. Ok, true story. I had an English prof, once, who told our class about using the word mizzled at a snooty party. The person to whom he was speaking asked: "You were mizzled? What does that mean: mizzled?" My prof proceeded to give her a definition like: "to be shamelessly fooled or tricked." "Hmmm," the other person said. "How do you spell the word?" "M-i-s-l-e-d," my prof answered. "MISLED?" the other person cackled. Don't you think it was brave of my English-speaking/American, English prof to admit to thinking misled was pronounced mizzled?

  20. ooh, I'm "wuven" these curtains!

    ok. that was wrong. I know! lol But seriously? So so cute. Maybe I will do this in my snazzy new buttery yellow kitchen. :)

  21. Wovens.
    Remember the Denim Wall?? The Denim wall that needed to be re-folded every twenty minutes?
    I did tell you I'm a former Gapper, didn't I?
    Luvva wuvva dub the curtains. Very Flowerpatchy.
    p.s. Khakis a-go-go!

  22. Girl.

    True Story.

    Are you ready for this?

    I have Pier 1 Floweredy Napkins hanging on those SAME hooks in my kitchen.

    For realz.

    Took an itch myself last Summer and my 97 cents wheel-of-a-deal floweredy napkins made headlines across my breakfast window view.

    We were seperated near birth, you and I.


  23. oh that was funny! I am giggling over wuvven as I type : ) And oh boy do I love the curtain make-over. Perfect pop of color!

  24. Those look amazing and is exactly what my "I don't like my curtains any more" kitchen needs!
    Thanks for the inspiration!!
    Have a happy night

    loving those shelves too...did you make those or perhaps purchase them somewhere??:)

  25. LOVE the napkin curtains! I really must go to an Anthropology store, but I'll have to rob a bank first. :-)

    I love how little changes make things so fresh and new. Smart idea to use the napkins.

  26. Shopping at your own house is the BEST!

    Happy "new" serviettes!

    : )

    Julie M.

  27. Wuvvin! Hahahahaaaahhaha!!!!
    The napkins are perfect! And yes! If you love something ... buy it!
    Have a pretty day!

  28. Lovin' those curtains!!! So absolutely perfect, and the price was definitely right!

  29. Ooo, those curtains are cute! (I'm not going to be able to get that wuvven thing out of my head...ever.)

  30. Love those! So cute and clever!

  31. Girl, you always crack me up!


    "To this day, I sometimes say "wuvven" in my mind, just for fun."

    I don't just say things in my mind, apparently...I also just blurt them out. Yesterday I was at the Home Depot to look for flowers and other things. As I was exiting my car, I heard myself yell "Wire hangers!" and an employee looked at me like she was embarrassed for me and smiled "hello". Unashamed I yelled an energetic "Hello!" back.

    I've never heard anyone say "woven" like Brian.

    Love your new free curtains. I love shopping my house. I always find things I've forgotten about or somehow seem new a year later..

    I also appreciate the clever, creative and free!!

  32. These are so pretty what a great idea!

  33. Yes, please. If it's pretty and on sale (and you can eek out the money) buy it. This is my kind of lesson.

  34. Love your new curtains. That Gap story made me smile...I love those things in your head that make you laugh.

  35. OH HOW I LOVE THOSE! Great job!!! And I can't wait for Part Deux! and I love your advice about dirt cheap purchases!

  36. HI!! Oh my gosh it's been so long since I visited you...I saw your comment right above mine at JenRizzo's and thought I'd come by and say hi!

    Those are SUPER cute curtains it!!
    Are you going to Hortons of Tipton?? I really am debating whether to go or not with baby....
    are you near there?

  37. I would leave a comment, but I'm rummaging through my pantry for napkins!

  38. Loving the new curtains! They're perfect! I'm still cracking up... I'll be saying wuvven allll weekend!

  39. just found ur blog!.....i m n love with neutrals but I know i would change it after a few weeks.....the fact that i have an in~home daycare..keeps me from all the lovely whites too.

  40. They are so cute!!
    I am in the process of getting ready to paint my kitchen white and I have wicker blind (which I strill love). But I was thinking of changing to curtain for a breezy shabby chic look and now that Ive seen your half curtains..Im going to put my half way down too!
    It'll let more light in and I just plain love it!!
    Thanks for the inspiration, and it'll be so easy to change it up a bit if I want from time to time!
    Love your apron sink (on my wish-list!).
    Happy weekend dear!!

    Deborah xxo

  41. What a cute idea and seriously - the possibilities? You could change those babies out whenever the mood struck with a duo of cloth napkins. What a quick and inexpensive way to get a new look! Love the ruffliness!

  42. I'm totally distracted by the "wuuuven" LOL

  43. cute! cute! love quick little fixes that make a big difference.

  44. "Sometimes a girl just can't ignore the siren call of frivolity" may just end up posted in my house somewhere....I liked it so much I blogged about it!!

  45. lol, "sometimes I say wuven in my mind just for fun"! You are hilarious!

  46. great little curtains. can't beat free! i love 'em! adding "wuvven" to my vocabulary. thanks, friend-and brian.

  47. I have IKEA napkins for curtains in my kitchen. It is such a great idea and cheap!

  48. i've never seen that idea, and maybe if i could ever get off my farm, i'd be able to find some adorable napkins to use that way. i've been putting off making curtains for my kitchen but, this would be so much easier. not much in the mood for sewing since i'm still working on the slipcover for my loveseat. i finished the couch though--turned out so cute!

  49. Shannan, Your kitchen is lovely. I'm putting in that same "tin" **GIGGLE** backspash.
    xo, Cheryl

  50. Wow, those are beautiful napkin/curtains!

    Sarah from The House That Ag Built

  51. Love this look! Will be trying this as soon as I find my cloth napkins! What kind of rings/clips did you use, by the way?

    1. Just the small curtain clips. You can buy them anywhere - I bought mine at Lowes but Target and Wal Mart also have them. They usually come 7 to a pack.

  52. Can you tell me where you found your curtain rod? Thanks!

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