Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Ladder

I get more questions and comments about my chippy "ladder" than anything else in my fool home.

Each time someone asks, I thank my lucky stars that I snatched it up.

I found it nearly 8 years ago, on the World's Largest Yard Sale, somewhere between Greenville OH and who-knows-where.

It's actually a section of old porch railing and it cost $30, which back then, felt downright extravagant.

I've got to say, I believe I was on the front-end of the chippy white Thing. You know the one. In fact, it might be safe to say that I invented it. Yes, I did. I sure enough did.

Cory laughed when I hauled it home. So did my Dad. So did almost everyone. We moved into our first home a few weeks later and my Dad screwed it right to the wall.

It only occurred to me years later, with our next move, that I could actually do something with it.

Have mercy.

Despite inventing a entire decorating genre, I can be a bit slow on the uptake at times.

So, it looked like this for a while.

Then this.

Then we added Siley into the mix.
(sorry - that's the best I could do! just squint really hard. you'll see him.)

But lately, I was ready to switch it up even more. You remember my Color Crave? Well, that itch is still being scratched.

(Does that sound gross? I thought so, too.)

I swapped out all of the B&Ws for full-color, baby. Siley's fantastic shot got the boot, because I had to make room for my favorite photo ever, gifted to me by my talented friend Becky. Homegirl didn't even know me and I emailed her asking if I could buy a print of that dandy pic. I'm brassy like that.

The Calvin shot is courtesy of Benjamin T. Meadowbrook. Her name is odd, but her eye? Magnificent.

Ruby In Pasture and Silas On Train Tracks are the eye-children of my smoking-hot stalker, who, incidentally, finds it acceptable to teach a trouble-seeking small child that it is a good idea to play on train tracks, but whatever.

As for me, I'm quite enjoying the new shots of color.

And I'm still, and shall remain, head-over-heels in love with my "ladder" for all the rest of my days. Or at least until further notice.


  1. wow, I feel so honoured to know the smart chicky who started the whole chipped 'thing'. Love the colour photos on your porch rail. Good find indeed.

  2. Oooohhh I love this!! Thank you for inventing chippy painted things are ok in home decorating!!! =)

  3. 'Tis lovely.

    I have a twinge of envy every time I see it.

    Will that to me.

    I will be there to pick it up when you grow weary of it.

    The End.


  4. i never knew that story about the print you got from becky~ never ever hurts to ask right? and that ladder? awesome possum!

  5. Genius! Absolute genius! I would never have thought of doing that with a piece of porch rail or a ladder for that matter. Now I'm fighting the urge to go drive around town looking for the perfect piece of chippy porch rail on some unloved deserted home and making off with it in the middle of the night - which I'm aware is a crime no matter how genius the idea is.

  6. Beautiful! Thanks so much sharing.

  7. Love the new color pics:) The rail is awesome....and I, one day, would love to experience the World's Largest Yard Sale.....just once!

  8. I think it has character for sure. A good choice.

  9. I love items that have a story and character! Such a great piece :)

  10. I love your color fix, girl. Your sooo good at it! And those kids! Somehow they keep getting even cuter!

  11. I love your "fool" home! That ladder is just so cool! LUCKY YOU!
    Have a pretty day!

  12. Love the ladder:) and I also like the color you added with the white. Nice post.

  13. I will probably steal your ladder/photo wall display idea and pretend that I just had a great idea one day...

    Thanks for inventing chippy "thing"...I love all things chippy and shabby chic. I am proud to say I can now tell my peeps I've been following the inventor's blog for around a year now. Who knew? ;-)

    Hope you're watchin The Apprentice about now!


  14. This brings back such sweet memories of the approximately fourteen times I almost knocked that baby off the wall. Or did I almost knock the pictures off. Now I can't remember. It's been too long. I think I need to come back.
    That truly is an extremely awesome ladder. It very well may be tied with your blue computer table as my very favorite things I wish I could have fit in a carry on bag.
    Oh, and your Benjamin friend? I'm not quite sure she's totally on the up and up. It's just a feeling I have.

  15. LOVE your "ladder"!! i can't tell you how many times my family has laughed at me for bringing certain treasures home :)

  16. color is good for the soul. that was one of my favorite little things about your sweet house. chippy is just great.

  17. Love Becky and Benjamin T. Meadowbrook (and dying to try her salad). Think the new pics are adorable. Swearing off subjects. At least for tonight.

  18. So the rest of us gotta keep an eagle eye out for demolition projects going on & strike a deal on the porch? Great display!

  19. I've wanted to comment on your "ladder" too. I always knew it was an old porch railing because I too have one in my house, LOL! Except I grabbed mine from a neighbor who was redoing his porch about 8 years ago. It has been dragged around with our many moves but always has the same place in our home. I collect vintage aprons and they all hang collectively on it. We really do have great taste huh?
    Take care,

  20. What a great find. I can see why you get so many comments on it. It is so eye catching.

  21. I love your ladder and the look you've created here!!
    In love with ladders..for every room! :)
    Have a great week!

    Deborah xo

  22. Oh I just love it! I want to find a chippy ladder of my own now!! :) Thank you for inventing the genre! lol

  23. It is lovely indeed, chippy white things are good for the soul!

  24. Your chippy ladder is AWESOME! I've been trying to find a wooden ladder, painted or plain to use in my house, but no luck yet. I'll keep at it! I love the thought of hanging some cute shoes off a ladder. :-)

  25. I love love love it too my friend! By the way did you miss me? Seriously 3 kids is BUSY! How and when do you find your blogging time? I'm struggling with it :)

  26. It is GREAT! Do you have the pictures attached somehow? I am just seeing my kids slamming doors, dog running through the house and pictures crashing down....

  27. You are so genius! You invented that chippy paint look. AMAZING. Someday I want to be like you ; )

  28. Really? you just made me enjoy reading about a ladder.
    You can make anything exciting. Next writing challenge: Mustard. GO!

    Just kidding. I think your ladder is beautiful. And I wish I was as decorate-y as you. But, I'm not. Maybe I've been thinking about mustard too much.

  29. That was fun to see the evolution of the chippy ladder. That is so cool that you invented the chippy craze! I used to be a chippy groupie myself, pre-marriage. But, I have had to slim down my chippy items, as my husband doesn't lean that direction. I have a couple of awesome chippy bookcases, to which he gives full approval.

  30. I heart your chippy ladder. I kind of covet it a little. I've been on the hunt for one and one day my dream will come true. I love the color pop of those pictures. I'm ever so happy you are scratching that itch. I think I have caught a bit of that rash myself!

  31. You don't know me...but:

    Ladder. Love.
    Smoking hot stalker, teaching kids to play on tracks.
    Cracked. me. up.

    Between "Gap" Brian pronouncing "wuvven" and Olivia* breaking my heart, I'm pretty sure God wanted me to re-find you today.

    That is all.
    I'm off to