Wednesday, May 4, 2011

God's Business

A friend of mine, one of the pastors at our church, recently opened a meeting by praying that we would be about "God's business". It struck me right away. In fact, as soon as he said amen, I reached for my pen and jotted a note to myself. The wheels turned.

I thought of the meetings happening in churches all over the world, and I wondered, How many times do we pray things like that? How many times do we say the words, but we don't really mean them? Or we mean them, but only if his "business" happens to be exactly what we're already doing?

We kid ourselves when we believe, or pretend to believe, that God's business is wrapped up in being nice and not doing any big sins.

Niceness has its merits, but His business is so much bigger.

I think His business means jumping when you can't swim and going out on a limb when you're scared to death of heights. It means trusting - really trusting - that your kids are safely in His hands, when for so long you thought that job was yours.

Some friends of ours - different friends - are getting ready to leave for the mission field. Their letter arrived in our mailbox and stopped me in my tracks. I read it to Cory. I read it to Becky. I read it to Erin. It was so powerful, yet so simple. (Truth is like that.) She writes:

It's taken a long time for us to get to the place of being willing to 'go'. We felt concern that the timing wasn't right to move the kids to a different location, with ill-conceived thoughts of 'forever altering the course of their lives' in a negative way. Many times it was easy to mix up the desire to want the best for our kids with the desire to want God's best for them. Oftentimes our 'ideal' is limited by our own past experiences and wishes for their future. The reality is we don't really know what is 'ideal' - especially from God's perspective - for our lives or our children's lives.
(emphasis mine)
Shazam. Knock me down with a feather, why don't you. This is the sort of song our minds have just recently started singing. We aren't even to the end of the chorus. We don't know the words by heart. But we have reached out with the very tips of our fingers and touched this truth - God is bigger than all of the things we thought we knew. He knows the capacity of us and of our children because he created all of us. And it's way, way greater than we ever knew.

So what if God called your family to an area with a less-than-ideal school system? Could you trust him there? Could I? What if he rearranged your family dynamic? What if reaching your God-breathed greatness involved pain? Lack of sleep? Lack of cash? Lack of free time? Could we possibly see it as an adventure? Because I'm thinking He's less a God of the Wild-Goose-Chase and more a This Will Rock Your Socks Off, or an I'll Bet You Never Saw This Coming kind of God.

Here's something you may not know about me: I am the kind of girl who will have only known you for roughly 22 hours and brazenly, awkwardly ask if I can please stay with you in your hotel room at Blissdom. Have mercy. Yes, I did. And she said yes, because she's fantastic, but also maybe a little because she's Southern. I learned that night that she has a heart for orphans, and you all know how I feel about that. Those sleepy-head talks are one of my best memories and I knew I had found a friend for life.

What is my point?

Well, I'll tell you my point.

My point is that Polly-Pie is going out on a limb. She's traveling to Uganda this summer out of obedience. This would never have been her idea. She's doing it very excited and a little bit scared. But she knows the truth of the matter - That nervous feeling in her stomach is not a sign from God that she should just stay right where she is, where things are safe and the water is always clean. She's exercising the kind of bravery that only comes from One place.

I see people all around me getting gutsy and I am loving it.

It inspires me. It helps to fortify my own resolve, and trust me, there are times that my resolve is in desperate need of a B-12 shot to the hiney.

So, what opportunity for trust do you face right now? It probably doesn't involve a trans-continental flight, but I'm guessing it involves a belly at least half-full of butterflies. It's those butterflies that keep us on our knees, and I'm starting to understand (duh) that God happens to be in the butterfly-catching business.