Thursday, May 5, 2011

Fancy Vacay

I have no good explanation for a single stitch of this post.

No, actually, I do.

It all started at 2:00 this afternoon, when I knew we all had to be out of a spotless house in 2 hours for a showing. We had been gone all morning. The kids were finally resting in their respective corners/being schooled. The house was crying out for a spiffing.

So, as I am prone to do, I lingered over my left-over lunch (so good) and dilly-dallied around.

Then, at last, inspiration!

But not cleaning inspiration.

Time-wasting inspiration!

Let me back up.

Cory and I are leaving for a solo vacation in just a couple of days. Four days, amigos. It's been a long time.

You see, I have a quirk.

Yep, just one.

When I know I'm going on vacation I suddenly fancy myself a proper, stylish vacationer. I like to believe that a break from my routine = a break from my saggy-rear jeans and ponytail.

So I start dreaming things up.

shirt: Forever 21 (2005)
belt: J Crew outlet (2011)
shorts: American Eagle (2008)

sandals: Target clearance (2011)

Proper things, with shoes that don't flop.

button-down: J Crew outlet (2011)
tank: J Crew outlet (2011)
shorts: Gap (2008)
shoes: TJ Maxx (2011)
necklace: Jeanne Oliver designs

Clever things that I quasi-ripped-off from the people who know best.

shirt: Marshalls (2010)
crops: American Eagle (2011)
belt: J Crew outlet (2009)

I dare to pretend that I'm this kind of breezy-evening girl.

shirt: J Crew outlet (2011)
tank: Old Navy (2008)
khakis: J Crew outlet (2010)
shoes: Target (2010)

necklace: gift from Sarah

I drag out skirts and jewelry.

t-shirt: American Eagle (2006)
skirt: TJ Maxx (2005)
long necklace: No clue. It's ancient.
silver necklace: Lisa Leonard designs

Then, I do it again.

shirt: J Crew outlet (2011)
skirt: Gap (2009)
sandals: H&M (2007)
necklace: gift from my sister

I act as though a vacation in a belt and close-fitting necklace is a vacation at all.

dress: Target (2011)
belt: American Eagle (2006)
sandals: Payless (2006)
necklace: gift from Stephanie

I picture mimosas and goat cheese and suntans and quirky Indie flicks.

Hair that's properly curled or straightened.

Long walks that I enjoy.

I do this every time.

And every, single time, I end up traipsing around lazy and sweaty, wearing this.

shirt: American Eagle (2009)
shorts: Gap (2008)
flip-flops: Old Navy (2010)

A fountain Coke in my hand.

My hair is neither hither nor yon.

I am sunburned.

And happy as a clam.

Look out, vacation! I'm coming to getcha.

*my bag is packed. i'll keep you posted on what makes it out.