Thursday, May 5, 2011

Fancy Vacay

I have no good explanation for a single stitch of this post.

No, actually, I do.

It all started at 2:00 this afternoon, when I knew we all had to be out of a spotless house in 2 hours for a showing. We had been gone all morning. The kids were finally resting in their respective corners/being schooled. The house was crying out for a spiffing.

So, as I am prone to do, I lingered over my left-over lunch (so good) and dilly-dallied around.

Then, at last, inspiration!

But not cleaning inspiration.

Time-wasting inspiration!

Let me back up.

Cory and I are leaving for a solo vacation in just a couple of days. Four days, amigos. It's been a long time.

You see, I have a quirk.

Yep, just one.

When I know I'm going on vacation I suddenly fancy myself a proper, stylish vacationer. I like to believe that a break from my routine = a break from my saggy-rear jeans and ponytail.

So I start dreaming things up.

shirt: Forever 21 (2005)
belt: J Crew outlet (2011)
shorts: American Eagle (2008)

sandals: Target clearance (2011)

Proper things, with shoes that don't flop.

button-down: J Crew outlet (2011)
tank: J Crew outlet (2011)
shorts: Gap (2008)
shoes: TJ Maxx (2011)
necklace: Jeanne Oliver designs

Clever things that I quasi-ripped-off from the people who know best.

shirt: Marshalls (2010)
crops: American Eagle (2011)
belt: J Crew outlet (2009)

I dare to pretend that I'm this kind of breezy-evening girl.

shirt: J Crew outlet (2011)
tank: Old Navy (2008)
khakis: J Crew outlet (2010)
shoes: Target (2010)

necklace: gift from Sarah

I drag out skirts and jewelry.

t-shirt: American Eagle (2006)
skirt: TJ Maxx (2005)
long necklace: No clue. It's ancient.
silver necklace: Lisa Leonard designs

Then, I do it again.

shirt: J Crew outlet (2011)
skirt: Gap (2009)
sandals: H&M (2007)
necklace: gift from my sister

I act as though a vacation in a belt and close-fitting necklace is a vacation at all.

dress: Target (2011)
belt: American Eagle (2006)
sandals: Payless (2006)
necklace: gift from Stephanie

I picture mimosas and goat cheese and suntans and quirky Indie flicks.

Hair that's properly curled or straightened.

Long walks that I enjoy.

I do this every time.

And every, single time, I end up traipsing around lazy and sweaty, wearing this.

shirt: American Eagle (2009)
shorts: Gap (2008)
flip-flops: Old Navy (2010)

A fountain Coke in my hand.

My hair is neither hither nor yon.

I am sunburned.

And happy as a clam.

Look out, vacation! I'm coming to getcha.

*my bag is packed. i'll keep you posted on what makes it out.


  1. Oh my gosh! SO EXCITED FOR YOU! Hope you have the most amazing time. I love your clothes. Most of all, I love your attitude, Se La Vie.
    If I was cool I would google to see if I am saying that right. I am not cool! Love, UnCool Becky {who hopes your trip is beyond amazing!}

  2. Huh.?.? says dumb Alabamian, "Say La whatevr...have a gud time." ;)

  3. You wear a size 9? Me too! And what's with shoes you bought years ago with the tags still on them? And I declare that if you do NOT wear those adorable outfits at least once, I'm disowning you. I'm stuck in elastic pants and I insist on living vicariously through you.

    Those outfits are amazing, maybe you should be a stylist.
    Rachel Zoe but in sweats and ponytail. BANANAS!
    What am I talking about? HA!

  4. At least you have the right perspective...and that is, you're gonna have a good time. :)

  5. Ooohhh you are going to be the prettiest and most well dressed vacationer ever!!

  6. Well once, in another lifetime I actually did wear a size 9, but aside from not packing "tiny" cute clothes, I do the same thing, pack for every event I can think of...then rarely take out more than my favorite things that I truly love. Enjoy the trip and your time away. BTW I do love those cute little things. Surprise yourself and wear them on your trip sometime.

  7. such cute stuff! will you come pack my bags for my next vacation?

  8. These ARE inspirational. Makes me want to straighten my hair before bed tonight (because, let's be honest, like THAT'S going to happen in the morning). If you pull even one out, let it be the outfit that's paired with the necklace your sister gave you. I just love it.

  9. I covet the Marshalls 2010 ruffled shirt AND the Target 2011 dress..okay..AND the belt to go with said dress!

    Until I saw the pic of your "real" outfit, I felt..ashamed. As in "boy I'm lazy when I travel!" I went to Mexico in February and didn't even bring enough clothing! For once, i underpacked and the evenings were chilly. One night my husband offered to loan me one of his XXX-Large mens button downs!

    I've hardly even brushed my hair on vacations much less straightened it. For a sec I was thinking "Am I on my way to granny pants?"

    I have decided you're headed to Montpelier, Vermont. You will try local syrups, drink sherry and meet a likeminded couple from Hilton Head.

    Or no?

    Have a fabulous time!! yayy!!

  10. oh goodness-i do the SAME thing!! ha!
    i love your style.
    enjoy your vacation! what a treat!

  11. Have a wonderful time!
    Boy, your clothes are *amazing* unbelievably stylish.


  12. You are gonna be looking good honey! Have so much fun that your face hurts from smiling!

    Just have to ask though, how do you remember what year your clothes were purchased? And how do you keep a shirt from 2005 so dang white??!!

  13. A solo vaca with the hubs? Now, that's a reason to get the skirts and jewelry out alright.

    Have fun!

    I've got to check out J Crew Outlet, I tell you.

  14. Oh my! We do share a love for J.Crew, lol! I only wish there was an outlet near me, I would sadly be broke though :) Love that black checkered button down. I have it in orange, and I l-o-v-e it! I actually called three different stores looking for it when it sold out online. Have fun on your vacation. And P.S. love all the belts!

  15. You have some supercute clothes. Makes me want to go shopping AND on vacation.

  16. You are going to be stylin' girl! Hope you two have a fab vacay.

    P.S. this reminds me... I seem to remember planning a j. crew outlet road trip. That should really happen someday.

  17. You. Are. Adorable.

    Did you see what I wore on our recent sans-kids getaway??

    Nothing close to your cuteness...but I think the alligators would have thought it appropriate river wear. :)

  18. Have a great trip....don't order fresh fish unless they specify NO heads!

  19. LOVE your choices. You should be a stylist cause you're a fashionista!!!

  20. CUTE outfits!
    have a fun time!

  21. Fun fun fun - the vaca and your outfit choices. I hope you wear at lest a few but honestly it's about relaxing and enjoying yourself so wear whatever! What brand is the denimn target dress? I must have that dress!

  22. hooray! i'm so excited for the two of you! and i have no doubt you will look fabulous wherever the wind takes you.

  23. Oh! I am so full of envy...a grown up only vacation, an absolutely perfect and fashionable wardrobe and the dreamy anticipation of what is to come. I hope you have a wonderful time.

  24. That's awesome! Love your closet of clothes. I'm not sure I could pull together that many fantasy outfits from my closet. The good thing is you can have just as much fun in that sweaty t-shirt and flops as you can looking magazine worthy. Hurray for a vacation!!! Have fun no matter what you wear. :-)

    On a side note...
    I know you're like mega-busy and everything, but I'm hosting Fiction Friday. If you get a bug to write a little fiction, we'd love to have you link up. We'll be doing it every Friday for...well, who knows how long! Here's a link in case you're bored for a second or two. ;-)

  25. you're going to look adorable on your fancy vacay! :) reminds me i need to go buy some new things for our vacation coming up! have fun!!

  26. what a fashionista! LOVE the top, white, Forever 21 classy! Have fun on your vaca!

  27. Don't worry, I won't tell that the brown Target sandals only cost $4.99 (I scored the same ones). I am sure you will look fabulous and have even more fabulous time!

  28. well you are gonna be so gosh darn cute i can't even stand it! have a ball:) you NEED that alone time. take lots of pictures...PROMISE!!!

  29. Um, I think you may have forgotten something. A little something from Victoria's Secret perhaps? (Your husband can thank me later.)

  30. LOVED this post! As a mom of four boys, I too spend more time than I care to mention looking like it took me 6.7 minutes to get ready. I am inspired by your outfits - not because clothes and looks are so terribly important, but because those outfits were darling, and darling outfits=feeling good about how I look! I am going to make a bit more of an effort as often as I can - so thank you~
    Have a FABULOUS time! Enjoy every moment!

  31. You have failed to memtion...

    ...that I am invited.

    ...where we are going.

    ...when we are leaving.

    ...what kind of salsa we will eat when we arrive.

    Other than that, I love your style, girl friend.


    jealous and possibly pouting

  32. bon voyage! enjoy your supah stylish selves!!

  33. Have fun, Farmgirl! Make sure your stalker takes photos of you in each and every outfit.
    As far as photographing your clothes when you should be cleaning your house? Makes perfect sense to me!

  34. all these outfits are fabuuuu, I am loving the tj maxx skirt. I do this in a different way, when we go on vacay, I start shopping, for some reason, oops my first go of typing reason came out treason, which is what my husband would think....I cannot go on vacation without buying at least one new outfit, new swimsuit and new sunglasses, and there is an unsaid rule in my sister and I's life, one must dress up to go to the airport. praying for a great showing.

  35. Love both styles. =) But no matter what you wear, have a wonderful vacation!

  36. you tickle my funny bone (which kind of sounds wrong, now that i type it. sorry, cory).

    i have just one burning question: how on earth did you keep that white shirt spotless this long? if i even *think* about light-colored clothing it's already stained.

    have a restful time, my dear!

  37. Tyra would approve! Nice outfits! (oh, and that necklace, what a fricking good one, I forgot!). I cracked up at the last outfit. You are funny! Have a great trip! Love you! Save me some in-flight mags!

  38. I love that wood necklace. Adorable!

  39. Have a blast Shanny! Love all of your outfits too, so you. Lay out, enjoy the sun, and relax. And if you see a mexican restaurant with the name los amigos or something like that, it comes close to the tastiness of Mazatlan :) really, it was super good.

  40. I love all of your outfits, especially the last one. Seriously, I do. I hope you have a blast!

  41. favorite post!!! i love seeing your awesome style. have a good vaca, girl - you deserve it so. :)

    remember that commercial? i quote it all the time (ask my husband)
    your flip-flops and shorts get-up reminded me of that old travel commercial...

  43. OK, next time I go on vacation, can you pack for me? So, so cute. Whatever you end up doing, at least you'll look absolutely adorable. Have a great time!

  44. You are wicked funny!
    Hope you have a fabulous time - you deserve it girl!!!!!

  45. Have so much'd love some of the fashion that fine folks like yourself put together over at

  46. Will you please come be my personal shopper/ stylist?? Pretty please with sugar on top. My ensembles never look so pretty.

    Whatever you wear I hope you enjoy every minute!

  47. Ha! You remind me of my sister, she has a closet full of clothing with the tags still on! I say at least bust out some of those skirts for a nice dinner with the hubs while you're on the shorts and flip-flops for day and then wear something nice in the evening. Also, I had a flash mom wouldn't let me wear my new school clothes until I actually started, so I would lay out the outfits like this and think about what shoes and jewelry I would wear, so funny to think about that now. Have fun!

  48. Hope you have an absolutely amazing time!!!!

  49. oh my! You ARE fancy. And you can still wear shorts which makes me equally parts jealous and in awe. lol :) I SOOOO hope you are having the time of your life! (Jennifer Grey/Patrick Swayze style!)

  50. Ha! I do the very same thing and you know what!! I think that makes us both endearing .... almost wrote enduring ... but that's not what I was going for :p I hope you have a fabulous fancy vacay and a down to earth beautiful as you are lazy time too! You deserve both, love ya lady

  51. I want all of those outfits. But most of all I wish for you to have a blast and lots of good stories to tell when you get back!

  52. Looks like you will be well-dressed! You can sell me your wardrobe when you get back!

  53. I have those 'fancy vacation outfit' dreams as well, and I'll tell ya' what... Being that spiffy while on vacation just plum wears you out! Which kind of defeats the purpose of vacation anyway, right? Comfy t-shirt and shorts... Rock on.