Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Big Kids. And The Little.

Well, Calvin passed Kindergarten.

Go ahead, breathe your collective sigh of relief.

It was nip and tuck.


Yes, I still throw out "not" like it's my job in life.


I mean, yes, I really do.

I had no plan to take his picture on his last day of school, but as we were dashing out to the van, I noticed that he had hiked his socks up, and I had no choice.

I played it very cool.

I always do.


Earlier in the week, he had his end-of-year program.

Homeboy came down with a fierce case of stage fright.

He didn't change positions the entire show.

He did a few hand motions, but mostly, he stuck to his odd nervous finger contortions.

I like to think of it as his personal version of the Mary Catherine Gallagher.

I had serious concerns that he may not make it up to the mic for his speaking part.

His big debut.

He did a great job, though his fingers stayed in their position of preference.

Following the program, one person asked me if he was sick "I thought he was going to throw up!", one person asked "Why was Calvin so mad?" and one person said, "Looks like we had a case of stage fright."

The moment he descended the stage, he was A-OK.
The after-party was a smash success.

Here's our conversation on the way home:
Me: You looked really nervous up there!
C: I know! I thought it was going to be easy peasy lemon squeazy, but it wasn't.
Me: I was afraid you might not say your lines.
C: Well, when it was time to go up, I took a deep breath and I said to myself, 'OK body, let's do this.' So we did.
Me: You've got some mad coping skillz.

Ruby's officially done with her first year of pre-school, too.

She rocked her bananas.

Man, I love my twirly girl.

I'm feeling a bit wistful for the both of them, because they're in Ohio for No Parents Allowed week.

That leaves me here with this dude.
He's been such a good boy, though he's 0-2 on naps for the past 2 days.

Tonight, we did what any parents would do when they are left with just their littlest.

We took him out for Mexican food then to visit our homeless friends.

They have kittens.

Tomorrow we have big plans to visit with one of our favorite people on the planet and eat mass quantities of watermelon.

What's on your agenda?


  1. "easy peasy lemon squeazy"... yep. So totally your kid!!

    "She rocked her bananas." I think this will be my new catch phrase whenever someone is doing things enthusiastically. When this phrase catches on, you heard it here first! Unless of course you heard it somewhere else...

    What's on my agenda? Focus on the Family Canada is having their new building grand opening on June 18... I'm part of the planning team so that's been occupying a lot of my thoughts lately. It'll be a fabulous shin-dig.

  2. I had something to say...it's gone...let me go re-read...oh yes. You're a great mom. When little people speak frankly with mama, in my book, it means your a great mama. And I love Ruby's dress too.

  3. I was totally going to say the same thing... "She rocked her bananas" is the BEST! I love this.

    And the finger contortions!? Killer. Just killer.

    Tomorrow I'm painting. Are you surprised??

  4. you.are.

    not your.

    so there.


  5. the first pic of calvin on the stage absolutely slayed me. i just wanted to reach through the screen and hug him. and i like ruby's dress.

  6. Your pictures always make me smile. Stinkin' cute kiddos. I especially love the socks hiked up and the Mary Katherine reference. My agenda tomorrow is to finish recouping/cleaning from my family-filled weekend. Mass quantities of watermelon sounds like a better plan.

  7. You have homeless friends? Say more. (Please.)

    Or...perhaps you mean your homeless friend are cats that have kittens?

    Hmmm. I shall ponder that thought as I lay me down this night.

  8. As Mary Catherine would say...Superstar.
    I love:
    1. Calvin's face in the pics.
    2."ok, body let's do this"
    3. Ruby's dress
    4. Baby man's eyes
    5. that you have homeless friends
    6. kittens

  9. a) Sock boy is mad cute.
    b) I'm going to start using "Rocked her bananas" regularly in conversation
    c) I'm gonna go stare at 3-ring binders tomorrow like its my job. 'Cause for the next 36 1/2 working days, it is.

    peace out cub scout.

  10. You have the cutest kids!!

    Calvin: Loved that he told himself "Okay, body..." how funny yet logical. He totally reminded me of Emerson (8 yr. old nephew who I seem to talk about incessantly~I know, I know. But I luhs that kid!)at his 2nd grade spring concert last month. It was also Grandparents Day. My hubby and I stood in for Grandparents (it was also "Special Person Day" if your Grandparents were no longer alive)which was AWESOME! I was waiting for someone to say "Are you Emerson's grandma?" and I was ready with "You know it! Can you believe it? I almost look like I'm in my 30's..right?" But it never happened. I digress. Emerson looked bored the WHOLE time! As we were recording it, my hubby was laughing and saying "He's just mouthing the words!" so our joke for the day was "what was the deal? YOu were just phoning it in." and he replied "I was kind of embarrassed". Yesterday he was singing all of the songs at my house.

    I was perplexed.

    Calvin: He passed kindergarten~ hooray! I'm assuming you knew he was going to pass? Congrats to Ruby on finishing preschool!! Congrats to Silas for hanging out with kitties and being helpful to people. They are all SO cute. Calvin's socks. Ruby's frilly dress. Silas' little face (I think I saw a teensy bit of the "miniature beard" you mentioned a few posts ago!)

    On my agenda for Wednesday June 1st (Hooray Summer!): Fed Ex Drop Off
    Buy more flowers. Even if you don't think you should really be spending $$ on them. Go to Lowe's. Save a half-dead distressed/discounted plant.

    Drink more wheatgrass (I guess) to try and get rid of this cold/sore throat bumming me out.

    Wine? I could start as early as 3-4pm on my patio.

    I see myself buying a few candybars to self soothe.

    Enjoy your watermelons and favorite person(s)!!!

  11. This whole post is why I love your blog! Cute kids, funny happenings, a little tug at the heartstrings...ahhh, you're the best!

  12. Tomorrow I plan to pretend that I do not have three places to be at the same time until the very last minute when I freak out because, like I said, I have three places to be at the exact same time.

    That's my plan.

    Thanks for asking.


  13. Your kiddos just make me smile!!

    When I was a kid, we had a graduation for preschool, and had to sing a song to say "good-bye". I broke down in tears because I thought I had to say good-bye to my Mama and my Daddy!!

    Your littles did so well....looks like a great couple of days!

  14. I think I know who your favorite planet person is and I'm pea green with envy! You'uns will have so much fun. Lawsy.
    That first pic of Calvin is absolutely priceless.
    Enjoy your official summer kickoff, Farmgirl!

  15. The kittens are soooo cute! I'm a sucker for a kitten or any baby for that matter :) Tomorrow.......3 innocent chics having blood drawn from their wee little arms.....and shopping :) But not all at the same time - I'm even forcing the big Chupp boy to join me in case I don't have enough nerves to make it through! After the shots, I'm leavin the littles at home with the biggies and heading SE to obtain my passport, pick out a wedding gift and purchase some other necessities for homelife.....Enjoy the 2/3 empty nest!

  16. No parents allowed week?
    That is too fantastic for words.
    I hugged a homeless person today.
    He asked me for a quarter when I was getting my
    Medium Coconut extra cream and 2 splenda coffee this morning.
    I said just hold on a minute.
    I paid and then I pulled my car around and I found a dollar in my purse,
    I have no freaking idea where it came from since I am always cashless,
    I ran over to the man and I said, you can have this dollar if you promise not to buy drugs or alcohol. He said ok.
    I said, I have to give you a hug too. I am not really a hugger but I just feel like you need one today.
    And then I hugged him.
    And then I started to cry.
    Not because I was insanely late for court.
    Not because he smelled like pee.
    But because I know he needs so much more than I can ever help him with. And that makes me sad.

  17. Your kids are getting so big. When I first started reading your blog Calvin and Ruby were itty bitty. Now you've got #3. Don't you just love the chaos and joy of it all?

  18. wow your kids are bee-u-tiful!!! sweethearts.

  19. That Jayme's coming isn't she! law.

  20. Tried the finger thing for a few seconds...not too comfortable. I'm not sure how he did it the whole time. He pulled it off and looked pretty sinkin' cute in his "get me off of here" way. Love all the pics and your story telling.

  21. Love Ruby's dress. Congrats to Calvin on a job well-done. Those are some mad coping skills!

  22. by the way, that should be stinkin'. i tend to proof as I hit "post comment".

  23. i'm still laughing. oh, this is a great way to end the night! i'm going to say it again, because i'm super serious: you need to write a book about this stuff. all this laughing could help old people stay alive. you know like getting their blood flowing. serious. i'm dead serious.

    {still laughing here}


  24. You've left me laughing soooooo hard! That pic of your little with stage fright!!! My dd is 10yo now and is always the class ham, one of the most animated....but there is ALWAYS someone in every class that just can't muster up the gumption if you know what I mean.....scared witless. Hey, that was me when I was little...hahaha. Good thing my dd is adopted and doesn't take after her mama!
    Your kiddos are simply adorable....:).

  25. the socks.

    and the bananas.

    i like them.

  26. all i have to say is that reading this makes me miss ya! funny because we've never actually met BUT i just haven't been able to read as often and now that i'm back - i feel like i need to catch up with an old friend! love ya dearly!

  27. This was such a fun entry to read and gaze at!

  28. Such beautiful babes you have! These new phases...amazing how they make you proud and teary all at the same time! Ps, Gib loves C's Lego star wars shirt. I am sure they could have endless convos about each character.

  29. You have some really cute kiddos!!

  30. Oh, Calvin reminds me so much of my Macy! So dramatic and animated...until you get them on the stage. Congrats to your little graduates!!

  31. I am totally inspired to go buy a watermelon. I'd love to make plans to visit with one of my favorite people on the planet, but it sounds like you already have plans today. :)

    Instead you'll find me in one of my favorite places on the planet--gardening in my own back yard with my peeps playing in the sprinklers. Perfect!

  32. That pink, ruffly dress is just too cute! And I might have to borrow the phrase "rocked her bananas" a time or two. As for our agenda - it's just making it through the week so we can finally head off for our first vacation in almost two years! We can't wait!

  33. When you come back to Ohio, bring those kittens...I want them!!! :(

    Poor C...he looked so nervous...I just want to run up on stage and pack him off. Glad he recuped. :)

    Miss Ruby is a trip...she looks like a blast! :)

    And I hate myself for using that many smilies. :/

  34. Your babies are growing up sooo fast! Isn't life grande!

    Today I am working a partial day, then intend to play with my babies this afternoon outside. Maybe the sandbox will call my name, the slip-n-slide (which I can't seem to recover from as quickly these days :-) or just have a relaxing summer day at home doing "nothing"!

    Enjoy your day eating lots of juicy watermelon, sounds great!

  35. I just have to say, I am totally loving Silas' new haircut!

  36. Calvin's fingers during his school program - priceless. I got a good laugh out of that one. So cute!

  37. "easy peasy lemon squeazy"---love that you actually typed this out! I never heard anything like this until my daughter came home with it last year. Although, at her school, there is also a version called "easy peasy cheesy weazy)...

  38. RE: easy peasy lemon:

    How about "criss cross apple sauce"?

    My nephew learned it in preschool before eating lunch. It was all about good manners. It makes my heart smile everytime I recall him saying it.

    He doesn't say it now at age 8. Apparently it's uncool.

  39. Beautiful photos and love the tow tiny kittens too!

  40. Awww...sweet photos of your little guy in his end-of-year program.

    I have to tell you that I was in your neck of the woods today!! [whoop!]

    I stopped in at the cheese factory and somehow got into a conversation with the sweet Amish worker. And somehow in the course of conversation started talking about adoption [????]. She mentioned she had a friend who adopted from Ethiopia, which obviously, made me think of you. I don't even know your real name off the top of my head. But we deduced she didn't know you. I even asked her if she had heard of blogging. :) She said, Yes. So obviously, the Amish are advancing. :)

    Just wanted to let you know that I was thinking about you today, Hoosier friend.

  41. We just graduated Kindergarten around here too. Good stuff!

  42. Cuteness overload!!!

    I want a no parents allowed week! Enjoy it extra for me!

  43. Adorable!
    easy peasy lemon squeezy...I totally say this all to often.
    Our agenda?? Involves my hubby and a trip to Korea...next week we will officially have a new member to this family.

  44. Always a treat when you share your conversations with the little's....'OK body, let's do this.' So we did. Ha! What a lil MAN!

    I have to say...your friends are really NEAT! But...then you know that. There's the 'real deal' my neighbor FarmGirl Paints, beautiful Meadow Brook Farm which I heart & Living by Grace who's heart is beautiful. And momma Ostrich who is a hoot & always seems to crack everyone up. Chatting at the sky & of course 'the nester.' All of whom I found through you (again Thank You)& many more I've yet to meet.
    So, if 'birds of feather flock together,' then I don't want mine to be any other hue.
    May I join in the chatter....pleeasseeeee?

    *DISCLAIMER* No this is not a blog solicitation. I'm just REALLY jazzed to find all these fine christian women :)

  45. dear shannan, your kiddos are sweet as pie and i thank you for sharing their quiry, cutie awesomeness here!

    also, no parents allowed week? sign me up!
    AND please, always say "not".

  46. Wowzers...My son (now 8) did the same finger thing whenever he was nervous. He recently quit with no explanation.

    Your kids are so cute, you are so blessed!

  47. Oh my. Calvin is just the cutest!!

  48. That post had me laughing so hard :) The finger contortions and the stage fright- and then miss Ruby and her adorable dress- loved it all.

  49. These kids may be celebrating their functions at the schools. When I was in school then many different type of the functions are organized and always like to participate in them. And therefore I like to do all of that.

  50. You crack me up! I love reading your blog it always seems to make me laugh and today i needed that. I think you are an amazing person, mom and friend! I admire you for ALL you do...

  51. All the images on ur blog so cute...I like very much... carry on.. all the best..

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