Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Big Kids. And The Little.

Well, Calvin passed Kindergarten.

Go ahead, breathe your collective sigh of relief.

It was nip and tuck.


Yes, I still throw out "not" like it's my job in life.


I mean, yes, I really do.

I had no plan to take his picture on his last day of school, but as we were dashing out to the van, I noticed that he had hiked his socks up, and I had no choice.

I played it very cool.

I always do.


Earlier in the week, he had his end-of-year program.

Homeboy came down with a fierce case of stage fright.

He didn't change positions the entire show.

He did a few hand motions, but mostly, he stuck to his odd nervous finger contortions.

I like to think of it as his personal version of the Mary Catherine Gallagher.

I had serious concerns that he may not make it up to the mic for his speaking part.

His big debut.

He did a great job, though his fingers stayed in their position of preference.

Following the program, one person asked me if he was sick "I thought he was going to throw up!", one person asked "Why was Calvin so mad?" and one person said, "Looks like we had a case of stage fright."

The moment he descended the stage, he was A-OK.
The after-party was a smash success.

Here's our conversation on the way home:
Me: You looked really nervous up there!
C: I know! I thought it was going to be easy peasy lemon squeazy, but it wasn't.
Me: I was afraid you might not say your lines.
C: Well, when it was time to go up, I took a deep breath and I said to myself, 'OK body, let's do this.' So we did.
Me: You've got some mad coping skillz.

Ruby's officially done with her first year of pre-school, too.

She rocked her bananas.

Man, I love my twirly girl.

I'm feeling a bit wistful for the both of them, because they're in Ohio for No Parents Allowed week.

That leaves me here with this dude.
He's been such a good boy, though he's 0-2 on naps for the past 2 days.

Tonight, we did what any parents would do when they are left with just their littlest.

We took him out for Mexican food then to visit our homeless friends.

They have kittens.

Tomorrow we have big plans to visit with one of our favorite people on the planet and eat mass quantities of watermelon.

What's on your agenda?