Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Back To Life, Back To Reality 1.0

Yesterday started off in its usual way.

Ugly robe. Oatmeal, all around. Fighting. Yada.

I corralled the wild-stock. I showered! I think I even rubbed some color into my already-pallid cheeks. I did not blow-dry.

Calvin and Ruby got dressed on their own, and I was half expecting/hoping for a two-ring circus show when they came downstairs, but for reasons I can't imagine, they both decided to dress "fancy". (I think it had something to do with the fact that we skipped church on Sunday.)

I shuttled them out the door with strict instructions to "Get in the van and buckle up."

2 minutes later, I went out to join them.

They were not buckled up in the van.

I was overwrought.

Ruby took to praying, right there on the step.

Shoes and britches were changed, and we were on our way.

Calvin was due for his routine blood draw.

They like this trip, in theory, because they all get cups of juice to drink on the way.

It helps when he's juiced.

My homies Lu-u-uv playing in the door-less closet at the lab.

Calvin ratcheted up the fun by way of bunny ears for all.

Siley wasn't feeling it.

(Doesn't he look fancy?)

Every single time, he throws a big ol' fit like he means it.

Makes me sad.

But by the time the Elmo band-aid is slapped on, all is forgiven and he's complimenting Corrine, our rock-star phlebotomist, on her mad needle skillz.

Speaking of mad skillz...

Ruby's got 'em.

She gets them honestly. ;)

All of this to say, vacation's really over, Joe.

Well, mostly.

I've got one more quasi-vacation blurb up my cockeyed sleeve.

It's good to be home, Homies.

Youn's are fun to come back to.


  1. You'ns : )
    Smile 1.0
    I saw dirty feet and pants today : )
    And I welcomed those little suckers right into the house.
    Life is too short to freak out over mud, eh?
    Happy Wednesday in 32 minutes.

  2. nothing like a regular ol' day to remind you how sweet vacation really was :) but it is so good to be home.

  3. i remember that doorless closet. i love that i'm privey to your real life and the going on's:) that pic of her with her hands in prayer was hilarious! you are a riot. you know that right?

  4. Oh, we had to do blood draws several times for my now 8 year old. The screaming was so painful. I dreaded those appointments. Sorry your guy has to go through it. On a side note, love the dish towel.

  5. thanks for putting that song in my head...back to life, back to reality, dah, dah, dah. thanks. ;)

  6. oh man. that side view look silas is giving made me shudder. looks just like my little one when he is all kinds of serious. and all sorts of i mean it brother. crack up! what do you have up your sleeve shan?

  7. When I was a teenager, I decided to have some 'fun' stints in the hospital that resulted in a blood draw every six weeks, and since my Mama was way too squeemish with needles, she always met me with a coffee and a cookie. Made it totally worth it.

    And kiddos in muddy boots are completely and utterly adorable.

  8. You always make me laugh!! hope your vaca was amazing!!

  9. bless your soul. ruby praying is too much.
    so thankful calvin has a rockstar-i am thirty years old and still throw a fit every six months at the lab. god is gracious though, isnt he!?


  10. how do you make ordinary life so fun to read about? talent, girl. you've got it.

  11. talent, indeed. i think i've said it before: if this blog was a book i'd buy it and read it and re-read it.

  12. The picture of your kids all muddied up made me smile, real big. My kids would do something just like that. Ruby has MAD Coloring Skills. I'm way impressed!

  13. why don't u just write a book and get over it! ur still the best!

  14. Wow! I agree, you've got one talented little girl on your hands. :)

  15. You are for realz, sister friend.

    Top of your class.

    You get a Gold Star for effort.

    Voted "Most Likely to Succeed"

    ...and Best Dressed to boot.


    And some for Siley too: xxxooo

    And Rubes and her mad skillz: xxxxoooo

    And Calvin and his Red Badge of Courage: xxxxoooo

  16. Thanks, homey. That song will be stuck in my head all day.

    Much love, Fred

  17. You just make me laugh. Every time! Thank you for that :)

    Angie from Ohio

  18. I love Ruby's socks! ;) And the kids are all such lookers! Ruby does have mad skills with the crayolas! and I love that towel!

  19. It cracked me up that Ruby prayed on the step. Hilarious.

    I wonder what it would look like to pretend to be on vacation every day? I might try it, just to see.

  20. I have missed you!! It's good to be back...I was feeling like my life was so unimportant and I didn't have a lot to talk about and had a little depression. I think Spring is starting to zap it back out of me...halleluiah!

    P.S. Don't come to Ohio right now...weather stinks! :(

  21. Glad you're back.

    I'm sure they were on their way to buckle up but just didn't make it before that puddle jumped up on them.

    I'm sure of it.

  22. If I don't keep the garage door down until JDaniel is strapped in, his clothes can get added layers of color too.

  23. Welcome home. I also love the pic of Ruby's praying hands.

  24. oh real life. welcome back!!

  25. The way you write the posts about your family make me laugh !!!
    The praying took me out! hahahah!
    Have a pretty day!

  26. I literally laughed out loud (even so still refuse to use the internet slang.) The third picture down did me in. Vacation detox is hard. :( You could always head west and join us for our road trip to the Farms Chicks Show! :)

  27. Man, I just love your blog. Loved all the vacay posts. Are you going to post about your outfits? I don't know which post to comment on because they were all good. :)

    Thanks, Hoosier friend, for being real and FUNNY!! :)

  28. Welcome back. It nice to be home. nice home sweet home. Have a wonderful day ahead of you.

  29. I just love Ruby's mismatched socks. My daughter does the same thing--never wears a matched pair!

  30. All I could think of when I read this post is the day I pulled up and all yer youngin's were up in the car like they were going somewhere. Flat cracked me up. Hope to see it again soon. : <>