Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Back To Life, Back To Reality 1.0

Yesterday started off in its usual way.

Ugly robe. Oatmeal, all around. Fighting. Yada.

I corralled the wild-stock. I showered! I think I even rubbed some color into my already-pallid cheeks. I did not blow-dry.

Calvin and Ruby got dressed on their own, and I was half expecting/hoping for a two-ring circus show when they came downstairs, but for reasons I can't imagine, they both decided to dress "fancy". (I think it had something to do with the fact that we skipped church on Sunday.)

I shuttled them out the door with strict instructions to "Get in the van and buckle up."

2 minutes later, I went out to join them.

They were not buckled up in the van.

I was overwrought.

Ruby took to praying, right there on the step.

Shoes and britches were changed, and we were on our way.

Calvin was due for his routine blood draw.

They like this trip, in theory, because they all get cups of juice to drink on the way.

It helps when he's juiced.

My homies Lu-u-uv playing in the door-less closet at the lab.

Calvin ratcheted up the fun by way of bunny ears for all.

Siley wasn't feeling it.

(Doesn't he look fancy?)

Every single time, he throws a big ol' fit like he means it.

Makes me sad.

But by the time the Elmo band-aid is slapped on, all is forgiven and he's complimenting Corrine, our rock-star phlebotomist, on her mad needle skillz.

Speaking of mad skillz...

Ruby's got 'em.

She gets them honestly. ;)

All of this to say, vacation's really over, Joe.

Well, mostly.

I've got one more quasi-vacation blurb up my cockeyed sleeve.

It's good to be home, Homies.

Youn's are fun to come back to.