Saturday, May 7, 2011

15 Urgent Things I Must Tell You Before I Leave

These weeks, they're flying by. I find myself in a perpetual state of not knowing what day it is. Today, I am surprised by Friday, and that's not at all a bad thing.

My state-of-mind entirely matched the scattered weather of today. It started quiet and gray, then bloomed into full-on sun, the kind that inspired my 2-year old to ditch his shirt outside, which, in turn, inspired my 4-year old to ditch her shirt, until she saw Mama through the window and pulled it right back on, very quick-like. (We have stodgy rules around here about "being a lady".)

A bit later, on a dime, the clouds did a Uey and headed back our way, just to to frustrate and confuse us. I scrambled out in bare feet to close van windows. I added a layer. Then the rain meant business and, just like that, my own day took an unexpected, unhappy turn.

In the end? It was the perfect evening for a nephew's birthday party at the park. My kids came home sweaty and plum tuckered out. A prelude to Summer, I suppose.

What follows is a bushel and a peck of random Flower Patch Farmfamily cuteness.

1. Come on, now.

Hurts. My. Heart.

2. Ruby's pre-school had an "everyone's invited" picnic at the park. Ruby sweet-talked Alissa's mommy into hoisting her up and into this baby swing and pushing her for a while, while I was "miles away" at the sandbox. And while we're on the subject, Ruby is roughly the size of a 6-year old. But Homegirl's persuasive. I can vouch for that.

3. I have come to notice that I am often lacking in pictures of Silas. My explanation: I often feel relaxed enough to pull out the camera when Silas is "napping" (emphasis on the quotes). For example: Today, in the span of 2 minutes, while I innocently tended to the dirty talons of my girlio, he went upstairs, happened upon the charging-base of our Dust Buster, hauled it into the upstairs bathroom by its cord, filled it with water, and dumped it on the floor.

And that's not even the half of it.

I love you, Silas.

You wear me out.

4. I made pot roast in the crock pot and started a pan of these rolls on Wed. Apparently, I started the pot roast 2 hours too late, so it had to wait until Thurs. But the rolls had already risen. What to do? I stashed them in the fridge then slapped some butter and cinnamon sugar on them the next morning and called them breakfast, to the tune of raves and wild applause.

Just as I was about to dig in, Calvin urgently requested that I take a picture.

Love that kid.

5. Self-explanatory.

6. Whenever I see Ruby sitting like this, I am compelled to photograph those tucked-under toes. Last night, folding laundry on the family room floor, I realized that I fold laundry in the exact same position. Only my toes aren't that cute. Or cute at all. The truth is, I have a history of peculiar sitting habits.

7. I've never been one to begrudge a pasture of dandelions.

8. My roses are on their way out. But I always secretly love them just as much in their Golden Years.

9. Calvin: Mommy, your roses are dying!
Me: I know. Flowers always die, eventually.
Calvin: I think they look the pretties this way.
Me: Really??
Calvin: They're antiquey! (said in a very sing-songy fashion that slayed this Mama's heart)

10. While we're having a Calvin moment...Cory was having a very hectic day at work. I mentioned to the kids (whilst driving somewhere in the van) that we should pray for him. Calvin volunteered. "Dear Lord, please help Daddy not to be stressed. Help us to be very good to him so that he can forget his problems for a little while."



11. On Monday, Ruby wore "Dot-Dot-Dot". 'Twas a sight to behold.
On Wednesday, she was feeling more "Stripe-Stripe-Stripe". I love it when my kids dress themselves in ridiculous combinations. Especially when it's not a school day.

Click here for some of Calvin's early ensembles.

12. I'm joining an ad network. I have been inclined to just never mention it and surprise (ha?) you, but we'll save the discussion of my intermittent avoidance issues for another day. I have since opted to just come clean. I'm excited by the timing of this, in light of the fact that our life has changed in so many ways over the past year. I'll have 1 or 2 ads in my sidebar and I've been promised that none of them will be that lady with the shaking bellyfat. I will also be writing some sponsored posts, but I am committed to only taking these projects on when it is something that means something to me and a scenario in which I am able to retain my own voice, if that makes any sense.

I hope you will stick around.

Now, let's never speak of this again, shalln't we?

Unless you have questions, in which case, fire away!

(Did you like how I sneaked that one in at a very unassuming 12th position?)

13. This is my newest obsession. Oh mahhh. Is veddy goot.

14. I'm about to up and leave for sunnier skies. I have meticulously prepared Mommy Shirts for all 3 smalls. (This was mostly intended for Silas, but you know how these things go...) (Also? By "meticulous", I mean that I slept in 3 shirts and then set them aside in a pile, rather than washing them. Now that's my kind of meticulousness.)

15. I'll be missing allaya'll. But not too much. No offense. But if it's not too much trouble, could you keep a little list of important things that happen while I'm gone? Because I hate to miss things. And I'm leaving my computer at home. And my janky flip-phone sure won't be much help. So the responsibility rests squarely on you. No pressure.

Luv to the ends,