Wednesday, April 13, 2011

This Ol' Day

Here's the Cliff's Notes version of this post, in case you have better things to do: There is always a $2 Aldi hydrangea to be found somewhere in the mess and the angst of an ordinary day.

Today got off to a rough start.

I cried on the phone to Cory.

I took the kids to Subway, just because I couldn't bear the thought of returning home to bowls half-filled with cold, crusty oatmeal.

I bought my first bag of ground flax.


Siley and Rubes went down for naps and I started to tidy up, but then I just up and walked away.

A few minutes later I walked back in to find my kitchen in this sad state of affairs and I had to laugh. And I had to grab the camera.

And then?

I walked away again.

I marched to the couch and scrunched my knees up, shortening my body by half in order to fit under the fleece fire truck blanket.

I had the good sense to thank God above that Silas was actually sleeping today. The house was silent. I was out in no time flat.

A 40 minute nap is known to cure a host of ails.

Kids came home and woke up and we did snacks and books and chores.

Silas lugged his 'puter up to the island like he's known to do and occupied himself quite well while I cooked dinner.

The air was all dreamy-like and I hate to brag, but dinner was good.

We filled up our extra chair. I always like these kinds of nights.

This day was just a day.





It can be so easy to get swallowed up by the drear. It happens.

But when I begin to close down a day and I catch a replay of my Girl with her wicked jugular bulging out and her "Lion hair" in full force - the evidence of a day well played - my mind can't help but paint over the messes and the fights with bright, shiny glow.

Because even when the days aren't so great, they're pretty stinking amazing.

And this, my friends, is one of the things I love best about blogging. It forces me to take a second look. It nudges me to notice more.

*This photo courtesy of Robert*
He would also like me to add that he is the one who located the oil filter.

My eyelids are droopy, but I have one more thing to share. Heidi of Wonder Woman Wannabe fame interviewed me. You can find it here.

Go chase down some peace today. Cut yourself a break, if you need one. Find a daffodil and notice all over again how pretty and new it looks.