Wednesday, April 13, 2011

This Ol' Day

Here's the Cliff's Notes version of this post, in case you have better things to do: There is always a $2 Aldi hydrangea to be found somewhere in the mess and the angst of an ordinary day.

Today got off to a rough start.

I cried on the phone to Cory.

I took the kids to Subway, just because I couldn't bear the thought of returning home to bowls half-filled with cold, crusty oatmeal.

I bought my first bag of ground flax.


Siley and Rubes went down for naps and I started to tidy up, but then I just up and walked away.

A few minutes later I walked back in to find my kitchen in this sad state of affairs and I had to laugh. And I had to grab the camera.

And then?

I walked away again.

I marched to the couch and scrunched my knees up, shortening my body by half in order to fit under the fleece fire truck blanket.

I had the good sense to thank God above that Silas was actually sleeping today. The house was silent. I was out in no time flat.

A 40 minute nap is known to cure a host of ails.

Kids came home and woke up and we did snacks and books and chores.

Silas lugged his 'puter up to the island like he's known to do and occupied himself quite well while I cooked dinner.

The air was all dreamy-like and I hate to brag, but dinner was good.

We filled up our extra chair. I always like these kinds of nights.

This day was just a day.





It can be so easy to get swallowed up by the drear. It happens.

But when I begin to close down a day and I catch a replay of my Girl with her wicked jugular bulging out and her "Lion hair" in full force - the evidence of a day well played - my mind can't help but paint over the messes and the fights with bright, shiny glow.

Because even when the days aren't so great, they're pretty stinking amazing.

And this, my friends, is one of the things I love best about blogging. It forces me to take a second look. It nudges me to notice more.

*This photo courtesy of Robert*
He would also like me to add that he is the one who located the oil filter.

My eyelids are droopy, but I have one more thing to share. Heidi of Wonder Woman Wannabe fame interviewed me. You can find it here.

Go chase down some peace today. Cut yourself a break, if you need one. Find a daffodil and notice all over again how pretty and new it looks.


  1. Sometimes you just need a reset button, a moment to stop, breathe, and just be. My Molly is known for beckoning me over with her brown-saucer eyes, just begging me to stop what I am doing and cuddle with her for a bit.

    And naps, well naps can cure anything.

  2. Your use of the phrase "ordinary day" prompted me to ask - have you ever seen this? I love it, and wanted to share:

  3. Usually I am just a silent stalker but tonight I feel compelled to say... I never get tired of your words and even though we are complete strangers, you are one of my favorite people. Seriously. I hope that didn't come off too creepy.

  4. lovelovelove!
    and that last picture?
    sheesh. you guys are so blessed. :)

  5. It IS amazing what a little nap can do! Ordinary is good:) Those are the days to just stop and enjoy your surroundings, family and be thankful for the wonderful life we are able to live. And you've just reminded me to do just that with your words:)

  6. Happy to know that my kitchen is in good company. Seems like the dishwasher is full most always and empty never. I vote for a blanket and a nap over dirty dishes any day.

  7. thank you so very much. my dreary exhausting day nearly won me over. instead though, i finished positively(although a bit weakly). and now, here you are encouraging me further. praise him.

    i think i love you;)

  8. I love so many things about this post, I don't even know where to start.
    Thank you.

  9. Love, love, love hydrangeas. Are you planting them afterwards? I would never take a picture of the mess I'm known to leave in my kitchen. Oh, I get back to it eventually, but still. The bike riding pictures are my favorite.

  10. The picture of your kitchen, mess and all, is beautiful.

  11. oh, shannan. i wish i could hug your neck.

    yesterday was the pits. and i am tired. and i still have work things to do and a hill to climb until saturday.

    but i am reminded here that it doesn't have to consume me. little sparkly wrapped gifts of joy are all around me.

    i WILL notice them today.

  12. first time this post!
    perfect one for me to land on today.
    i will find the beauty in today and think of you
    have a happy day

  13. A mess in the kitchen? Never...ahem...and I have no pictures to prove otherwise.

    And blogging? It does make you see the black tie mousse cake rather than the over baked lasagna...metaphorically speaking, of course.

  14. You had me at hydrangea:) I'm headed to Aldi this morning and sitting here making a list and they are definitely the very first item!

    I kinda love the kitchen picture. The pretty light and backsplash and open shelf and perfect contrast of the island - so lovely. I think I'm so used to our own messes around here that I didn't even notice yours for a minute because I was looking at the pretty details!

  15. oh i so know days like this...and you're right, sometimes they're the best. because you realize it's not so bad and you're force to suck in the good :) hope you have a great day!

  16. This is just what I needed today. I'm going to find a flower to bring in the house and I'm going to thank the Lord again for the little blessings in the midst of the chaos. Have a great "seeing" day today!

  17. I am having a series of those days. And I agree with you. It is easy to overlook the good. I think I will go find some now :)

  18. kg would be proud of your flax purchase! Any day that starts with a hydrangea (which is like the best word to say aloud) is a good one! I'm glad things brightened up! The kids are SO cute. I love the one of Ruby in motion.

  19. Such beautiful images and what gorgeous children you have!
    I love your story and your writing style is just as wonderful as the images you share to capture your stories.
    So glad I found you today!
    Your newest follower,

  20. I'm glad you found the good. Hydrangeas are my favorite. Although those pictures of Silas & Ruby on the bike are pretty sweet too. And I love that you guys open your home so regularly to have people fill up your dinner table. It speaks to the state of your heart even in the midst of dirty dishes & headless Ken dolls.
    Re:the interview - I may have said this before but just in case, I really do love your blog. It's my very favorite. But it makes me sad to know you are a Buckeye. I was born just north of there where "Buckeye" is a bad word & the colors scarlet & gray should never, ever appear! :)

  21. Goodness gracious, the eyes on all your children!! They are beautiful! I enjoy your blog and loved the interview. Thanks for keeping it real. :)

  22. Naps are good. Tidying up can always wait!
    Blogging helps with perspective for sure.
    And taking photos of your kids - and watching them sleep - great ways to refill your jug!

  23. I agree with you about blogging... it has definitely made me notice more around me, take more pictures and even be more outgoing!

    I also enjoyed reading your "interview"... and I love that you kiss your babies every chance you get! Something we should all do more often!


  24. Oh, to curl under the tiny fleece blanket and find 40 minutes of blessed nap. Hope today started off good. My dad started off wtih snow.

    Can't wait to read your interview. I should interview you. I have probing questions. :)

  25. You've got us "looking at the world with a smiling eye!" :)

  26. I'm in love with your driveway.


  27. From the looks of things, your day turned out far better than Ken's.

  28. Oh post some good ones, girl, just when I need 'em!

  29. I love you Shannan. You just know what to talk about and when!

  30. I blogged about you. Hope you don't mind.

  31. Thanks for kicking my butt...again.
    Love ya girl!

  32. i just have to say how badly i'm diggin' your kitchen blacksplash! i need that in my kitchen. what is it? tin? please tell me, i'm dying to know!!!

  33. I had a day just like this today. I even laid on the couch and I never do that! But it was good, just like you said. :)

  34. Looks like Ken could use a nap too. What an awesome group of photos, Farmgirl. They tell the great story of a beautiful day.

  35. I love this post. Sorry you had a rough day, but it looks like all turned out good. Such great photos! Congrats on your interview!!

  36. Girl,
    That kitchen mess doesn't hold a candle to what mine looked like today. Food. Papers. Clothes. Backpacks. Cleaning products that obviously weren't getting used. :)
    But, then you look at the freckles, and the sweaty little boy hair, and the pile of dirty clothes... and thank God that you are the one who gets to wash them.
    You and your family ~ precious!!

  37. All those pictures looks so lovable,I really adore the first one coz the flowers looks so fresh and beautiful .. I hope Ur kids are having a very good time..I'm glad that you've just reminded me to do just that with your words...

  38. $2 Hydrangeas from Aldi??? No way!

    I don't like those kinds of days and find that I do have to just walk away sometimes and face it all later. :)

  39. This may very well be my all time favorite post of yours. Can so relate. Rock on Farmgirl!!
    love you!

  40. Reading your posts always feel a bit like peeking into your soul. And somehow, a bit like peeking into my own as well. People have more in common than we ever realize I think.
    Thanks for your many wonderful posts... I read every one! I just gave you the versatile blogger award over at The Executive Mom.

  41. from your interview: "I want them to believe that God is more than the most important thing – He is the Only Thing."

    love it! how perfect is that. a great, great interview.

    ps-that is the cleanest "messy kitchen" I have ever seen :)

  42. Spring seems to be the perfect excuse for procrastinating, doesn't it? And actually, I think it should be a required element for fully embracing the change of season. Love the Hydrangea, boo hoo, they won't grow in Houston. Naps, aaaaahhhh. Kids, the best ever.

    Love to you and yours.

  43. Sometimes I have to grab joyfulness by the throat! It's a battle. I'm in the trenches with you.
    Joy! JOY! JOY!!!!!

  44. It does my heart nostalgia-good to see Ruby & Calvin walking that bike together. And Ostriches, I love your battle cry, girl.

  45. That's what I love about blogging, too, it causes me to notice more, to look, to see the blessings in the mundane. What a lovely day, and lovely blog. I found you at Wonder Woman Wannabee! blessings.

  46. Dang girl. I like your style.

  47. This is probably a bit late, but I just read your interview with Wonder Woman!

    It was really interesting to see how you came to be a blogger and why you do it. I totally GET the why...but it was interesting to hear you tell it.

    GREAT interview! I especially loved your tips for parenting..kissing the babies when you feel the urge, being the person you'd like for them to be, etc.


  48. This is my first visit to your blog, and this post alone ensured that I will be back. You had me at eating out to avoid the bowls of crusty oatmeal. Thanks for the dose of real, and the glimpses of beauty amidst it. Bless you!