Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Tale of a Dress

I had a big, high-falutin' wedding to attend a few weeks ago.

And nary a dress for the occasion.

Enter: Shabby Apple.

First of all, can we take a moment to appreciate just the name itself?



Honest to goodness, the name alone told me most of what I needed to know.

Then I hit up their website, and it was all over.

I was drooling on my keyboard over the women's dresses. The variety was amazing, the photography was fun, the models were pretty and relatable and the styles were unique.

But my favorite part of all?
Shabby Apple contributes 5% of all sales towards offering microloans to women in India.
Read some of their stories here.

In no time flat, I found a dress that was perfect for the soiree.

I've always been a bit of a sucker for eggplanty plum.

And can I just say: It's awfully fun to pick out a dress for a special ocassion.
It spoke to the Prom nostalgia in this 30-something Mama's heart.

The dress was super sheathy, which made me feel all zipped-in and sophisticated.

The material had just enough stretch to make it comfortable.

I felt good in the dress, and that's saying something, because I had exactly 8 minutes to get dressed and ready that night.

Sidenote: In the middle of the wedding ceremony, Ruby (who was positively glued to the whole hoorah) leaned over and whispered to me, "Is Mindi wearing glath thlippers under her dreth?" I said probably not. She had never looked more perplexed.

Now, I'm finding that I want to buy 5 or 6 more dresses, just for the thrill of it all.

I'm sure a girl like me has ample opportunity for a whole wardrobe of fetching dresses, right?


Black Oak

Who couldn't use a ruffled-up LBD?

I could.


And hello!

Stripe me up.

I'm yours.

Close this window
Fifth Ave.

If I was Ivanka Trump, I would so work this giraffey print.

Close this window

But I'm not Ivanka, so I'll settle for this one.

I was made for this dress.

The stripes!

The blue!

The green!

The name!

Champs Elysees

Ditto everything I just said, minus the stripes.

(And the green, I suppose.)


Finally, this.

Here's a fact about me: To this day, I regret that I did not get married in an eyelet wedding dress.

I have always been smitten with eyelet.

It's in a lifelong dead-heat with seersucker and oxford stripes.

Why didn't I include all three in my wedding?

Because I was too young to bother.

And if memory serves me, I only had eyes for my Mister and was more-or-less unconcerned with the whole wedding planning stuff, which may explain why my dress was 3 inches too short for me...

Now, go meet and support the good people and fantastically charming dresses at Shabby Apple. In addition to women's dresses, they have retro-y swimwear, accesories and unique little girl's dresses.

For 10% off your order, use flowerpatchfarmgirl10off at check-out.

I hear party season is right around the corner...

It turns out life is more than holey sweatpants,


  1. A: You are look smokin' in all your eggplant glory!

    B: I loveeeee their little number. In fact, Miss Lucy is wearing one of their dresses for Easter this year!

  2. You are so skinny and pretty. WOW! : )
    Glath Sthippers.
    Shut up that is the cutest thing ever.
    I wish you a wonderful week filled with much loveliness and only a few pair of holey sweatpants.
    Love, Becky

  3. I love you Farmgirl, and your little dress too.

    I shan't tell you that I just drooled over the keyboard looking at Shabby Apples.


  4. Girl, you are rocking that dress!!! I have a few dresses picked out meself at Ye Olde Shabby Apple. I do indeed.

  5. oh, and can I tell you how proud my mother would be if she read that you too are now using nary. Now you just have to work in cotton. I love using nary, cotton, whilst and shant. Is there any other way to talk? Should shant be shan't? I never do know - I don't cotton to grammar. I nary had a lesson. I always daydreamed whilst my teacher taught.

  6. The dress you have on is amazing. And since I'm a sucker for basic black, I really love the black with ruffles too. I'm heading over to the website now.

  7. Yes, to Jayme's comment. Work in those other words and you'll be set.

    Shall I tell you that my bridesmaids wore eggplant dresses? They did. And that was nearly 31 years ago.

    Glath tlippers? Perfection.

  8. shabby apple. amen.

    girl, you are a stunner! love the color and style on you! and all the others you are lovin' are beauties too!! wowza.

    ps my sister was married in white eyelet.

    pps i hated my wedding, but love my man-he blinded me. i shall re-do it later, maybe for our tenth anniversary or something...whatevs

  9. Gorgeous!! I'm so glad to see another fashion post. Has it been a while, or is it just me?
    Ivanka Trump is my new idol. I even made her my Facebook Friend. I know, I'm pathetic, but is she not the most elegant woman in the world? Heading over to Shabby Apple now to dream.

  10. You look fantastic in the dress...that is definitely your color.

    I am mad about the Shabby Apple website! I could own every dress. But I have restraint. A little anyway.


  11. That dress looks fantastic on you! Love the shape and style of it. Heading over to their site to see if I might find a white fancy dress for my 4 year old:) Thanks

  12. You and your dress are adorable!;) Hugs,Rachel

    French Farmhouse 425

  13. i love these dresses! now i want allll of 'em! thanks :) i just realized i don't own enough dresses...i need more. thanks for reminding me.

  14. You look amazing in that dress!! On my wedding day, I decided to kick the shoes, nix the veil, and misplaced my jewelry. But, hey, the wedding was in my parent's backyard, and I even managed to disappear after dinner to feed my 15-year-old cat. And yes, I was in my wedding dress!!

  15. I love your dress! I've been perusing over there too. I love Ruby!

  16. You my dear look lovely!!! I love shabby apple! I want a dress now! hugs

  17. You're beautiful in that dreth!!
    Ruby..... she's a doll!

  18. That dress fits you like a GLOVE! You look amazing. And all those dresses are positively gorgeous. Never heard of them, so thanks for sharing :)

  19. Alright.

    1. You look gorgeous.

    2. I wish I could rock the color eggplant.

    3. LOVE the website and their clothing!! Thanks so much for the heads up~ hooray!

    4. My heart went pitter patter when I saw the eyelet dress~ Driving Miss Daisy..sigh. Lovely.

    5. Is it sad that although I love the fancy dresses, that my pragmatic self says YES to the Da Vinci dress? If only my b/f/f could see me right now! Everytime I try to rock new things clothing-wise she laughs and asks "What are you DOING? You wear knits and cotton!" Huh?

    6. Alas, it is true as the hype around the Da Vinci (and what hooked me!) is this:

    "One part sweatshirt, one part puff-sleeved perfection"

    7. I WILL become their customer. Love the microloan part of their business. That is wonderful.

    8. Can Ruby be any cuter? Dollface!

    Night! :-)

  20. p.s. I would wear the heck out of this dress! http://www.shabbyapple.com/p-958-piazza-navona.aspx

  21. OH MY GOSH!
    I'm in love with two of those. Sadly I am not in a state to be ordering any gorgeous dresses. So, I'll just add my two cents: your code is freaking long!
    Not that I care. I just like to point out those little details. Remind me to buy that Champs dress when I can fit in regular clothes again. And yes, I will cry if it's gone.

  22. Did that last comment seem a little punchy? So sorry. I get that way in the evening hours.

  23. And another 'ting: I don't see why you can't rock some o those dresses every day. I just bought a rather comfortable maternity dress, and Q adores it and wants me to dance w/ him when I wear it, but I'm working on a way to hide my hips a bit more before I publish myself in it (what the heck am I talking about), so my point is, you can wear a dress on any regular ole day, providing it's comfy.
    And I adore Ruby's glass slipper comment. Aren't kids wonderful? I mean, really, really, really, wonderful.

  24. You look amazing in that dress! Wonderful choice! I have looked at Shabby Apple before too and am in love with all their things. :)

  25. You look simply gorgeous! I am checking out the site...I wanna rock egg plant......love the pic of you and Ruby- so pretty!

  26. You are a fashionista farmgirl and I love that about you.

  27. Oh dear! Introducing me to this site could be a very dangerous thing! I'm pretty much in love with everything! (And you look gorgeous in that eggplant number!)

  28. you look so good!! I have checked out their site a few times and would love a fabulous occasion to need one :)

    happy day xo

  29. I totally agree about the eyelet. I looked high and low for one that was somewhere near our budget. No luck.

    But I do love Shabby Apple, and as soon as I have a reason to wear a wonderful dress, that's where I'm headed!

  30. Holy how have I never heard of Shabby Apple before?? Amazing stuff. I was expecting outrageous prices...along the lines of J.Crew, but no! Very affordable stuff! I especially like the red striped dress. The south pacific line was all very cute too:) You looked amazing btw:)

  31. My dearest farmgirl friend, who cleans dirt out under fingernails after planting flowers. You clean up real purity! Can I say enough that I love and adore pics of you and Ruby River together? Well I do!

  32. You look beautiful in your pretty plum dress.
    The glass slipper conundrum has me beaming.

  33. wowza! You look great! Love the dresses you picked out... especially the Gondola!

  34. I wore yellow eyelet to my senior prom and eggplanty-plum as mother of the bride. I'm a-feared my dress was a few sizes larger than yours however. Sigh. You look lovely. Going to check out the website now. Happy to spend my money at places that are committed to doing good. I would buy the Champs Elysees dress just on account of the name.

  35. ok. i am checking it out. your dress... smokin'!i have my 20 year reunion this summer and am already channeling my 38 year old-prom dress-self. But, I won't get dyeable shoes this time. Yikes. Love these dresses. I love your Ivanka reference. You are right on her with the giraffe print. I can see her standing next to the Donald in it, for sure.

  36. eeep! i wish you hadn't led me there. it was a big mistake...i can't let this day go by without the primavera dress. and your own coupon code?!? amazing!

  37. what a little hot tamale you are!

  38. Oh my gravy... their vintage inspired collections!

  39. You look amazing in that dress! And now I am going to have to go shop as I love several of those!

  40. Ooohhh...I want to go window shopping! Thanks for introducing me to Shabby Apple. Your dress is gorgeous and you look beautiful in it.

  41. LOVE LOVE LOVE the dress! It's fashion swoonery!

  42. Oh no! Danger Will Robinson! I'm a sucker for a great dress site. And the name is dreamy.

  43. I totally forgot about Shabby Apple! And I've been looking for cute work dresses. Thanks for the reminder (and the discount code)!

  44. Stop. The. Press. That dress is fab and looks amazing on you! I've always been a sucker for plummy-egglplanty goodness as well. I'll have to check it all out.

  45. You look so good in that dress! The other dresses are so pretty too, but I don't like to wear dresses that much... I'm definitely going to do some window shopping anyways!

  46. Faithful reader, never commented, never really comment on any blogs...had to today...That dress was MADE for you!!! You looked amazing:)


  47. Just did a giveaway for Shabby Apple,and the only thing about it that nearly killed me was the fact that I couldn't win the dress!!!! Love your purple knockout number. So pretty.

  48. i've decided we can no longer meet in May unless you show up in holey sweatpants. (Holy Sweatpants, Batman!) Because if you show up wearing that purple number I am going to be fighting off paparazzi and ducking around the corner to find something more suitable for my own self to wear!

    :) I think ruby and sam have the same lisp...?

  49. Lovely dress! jus' FYI though, microloans don't work. They work hypothetically, but in reality, they just don't work. Believe me, I majored in Poli Sci. :)

    Not to rain on your parade. I hope 5% of your money went someplace good.


  50. You look absolutely stunning. I think you really need to get the GONDOLA, it screams fun and sassy but still classy which totally suits you! Now I need to keep up with the weight watchers, after I will buy myself a pretty dress! I couldn't bear to buy one now...lol.

  51. i do say, you look fetching in deep plum, windswept curls and all. but then again, you look fetching in everything. i think it's a benefit of being you. :)

  52. You look stunning! I'm going to check out their website. I've already bought my mother's day gift (yes, I buy my own gifts and it works well for hubs and I). I would love one of these dresses. The LBD ruffle dress is stop-and-stare gorgeous and the Gondola--just makes me want to go to Venice ASAP. I love the microloans part, too. We support missionaries in India. The harvest is truly ripe in that nation.

  53. oh... you!! thanks for dropping by my blog. well, you ought to now i always come to your blog for a bit of inspiration and direction and a good laugh. you are such a light in my life and i`ve never even met you or commented in this space- though i won't be such a stranger anymore. you look divine in that dress and i believe shabby apple ought to hook ya up with the gondala dress. its perfect for spring and spinning and a mama that has to chase after kids (:

  54. You and your girly are gorgeous!! What a precious picture of the two of you - please put that in her room!

  55. Wow! You look awesome. Thanks for sharing the sight - very cute stuff!

  56. a beautiful woman.
    inside and out.
    that's you.

  57. Loved their stuff! Thanks! And did you SEE their swimwear?!?! Modest AND sassy AND affordable - which is so hard to find. Thanks for your blog - I love it and am always encouraged by it :).

  58. Girl, you are rocking that "eggplanty plum" dress! It was made for you.

  59. Um, hello?! They need to hire you on to model those dresses! Beautiful!!