Monday, April 4, 2011


One of us always goes up to check on the kids before we go to bed.

Usually, we both go, because we're suckers for the many varieties of sweet cheeks resting quiet and calm and kissably cute.

Last night, Cory went.

As the story goes, he kissed Ruby and said "Ni-night, Ruby. I love you." She was sound asleep. Until she sat bolt-upright, that is. She looked straight through Cory, then stood up. He asked her where she was going.


He followed her down.

At the very last step, she plopped down, in all her circa-2000 J Lo Grammy dress glory, and fell right back into a deep sleep.

One can only guess how long she may have slumbered in such a condition.

Alas, Daddy carried her back up to bed.

And we all slept peacefully, ever-after.