Thursday, April 7, 2011

Scenes from a Week. Ish.

This is Spring break week, and we've been celebrating by lazing around a few extra bits and eating lunch without Mommy saying, "Come on, Calvin. Hurry up! We have to leave in ten minutes!"

Even though I'm only dealing with half-day kindergarten here, there's just something about being on "vacation" that makes me want to party it up. It's just a feeling I get in me bones.

So, we threw caution to the wind and ate an unplanned dinner at Pizza Hut with our friend Robert, and I'll tell you something, I am a sucker for those diced tomatoes and the fountain drinks. Delivery is just not the same. It loses a thing or two in transit.

Tonight, our real vacation officially begins. Our quiet days were right-alright, but we landed in Ohio tonight and I expect things to take a decided turn for the festive & chaotic.

I'll keep you posted.

In the meantime, I have a few items pressing against my psyche, and I could use a little relief:

1. It slays me the way Ruby tucks her little feet up under her little hiney. It hurts my heart. In a good way.

2. Speaking of Ruby, she's taken to surprising me with custom slip-covers on the chair and couch. I have no idea where she ever even got the idea in the first place, but I dig it and holy cow, is she ever proud of herself.

3. What do you get when you cross a mid-sized, empty pasture with a passel of Crossing kids on Spring Break? You get 7 four-wheelers, a huge mud pit, and a husband who feels like he's a teenager again. (And who can't use his left arm for the next two days.)

4. This one. He has been tasked with learning to ride a big boy bike this week. So far, it's been....wrought with emotion and angst. Prayers are welcomed.

6. And this one? Well, in the time it took me to carry a load of laundry to the washing machine yesterday, he scooted a step-ladder across the kitchen, climbed up onto the counter and began unloading my junk cabinet. And then my spices. After we got that under control, he dumped a large box of Epsom salts on the bathroom floor while I was showering and covered his face with lipgloss. After we got that under control, I exited the bathroom to find Calvin attempting to chug Becky's leftover Hazelnut creamer from the bottle. Apparently, his aim isn't what it used to be, because half of the bottle was spilled all over the inside of the fridge. The dribbles on his chin gave him away.

7. Has anyone ever stopped to wonder why mundane nonsense doesn't cease to exist during Spring break? It seems like the least it could do.

8. A recent post of mine was re-posted on a super fun new blog, Fancy Little Things. A smashing group of women cover topics such as home, food, faith, style and relationships, to name a few. Go give 'em some love!

9. Have I told you lately that I love you?

10. I have?

11. Well, it's true.

12. Party hardy.

13. Excellent.

14. Wayne's World holds a special place in my heart.

15. I'm nostalgic like that.

16. I will never forget the day I learned that Bohemian Rhapsody was not a "new" song. Just when I thought it couldn't get did.

17. PS - My sister said we would be eating a lot of "nice and roodles". Oh, that sort of thing just never gets old to me.



  1. Oh my goodness....sounds absolutely, perfectly, wonderfully lovely. And I don't know about the whole Spring Break thing, since my only kiddo is a doggie, but I love the froggie rain boots. Just thought you should know.

    enjoy your nice and roodles!

  2. I hope you have the most wonderful time in Ohio! I laughed about your little epsom salt/hazelnut creamer spiller. He is adorable.

    Feet under the fanny tucks are just about the cutest thing ever.

    I want a little girl. Or even another epsom salt spiller.

    May the nice and roodles be delicious.

  3. Wayne's World holds a special place in my heart too. I can never forget the 'Asphinctersayswhat?' joke.
    Two year olds are just too busy. How blinkin' fast are they??? Yay for brooms and dustpans and wipes and paper towels!
    Hope you have a nice getaway. Thanks for making me giggle today. x

  4. Love your happy pictures. have a great vacation and party hardy. Excellent :)

  5. I mix my words like that all the time. You will love menopause girl haha! I am "sitting the hack" ;)

  6. #6 on the list? Yeah, I have one of those too. CONSTANT mischief. He sure has a cute smile though.

  7. Enjoy the remainder of Spring break!!

  8. First time here...popping in to say hello!
    I have loved looking around and getting to know you and your family a bit. They are darling.
    Have a wonderful vacation and a happy day.

  9. i love spring break. so much. especially in the mornings when we are not rushing around. we don't have half day kindergarten here anymore, at least not in public schools.

    but, mostly? mostly i am trying not to covet your sit down pizza hut. we don't have any of those anymore in our little southern town. we done scared them off, i guess. but, oh, how i love them. we used to go to the sit down (faincy!) pizza hut after every swim meet when i was growing up. so many memories flooding in just thinking about it.

  10. If you find yourself in the greater Cleveland/Akron areas of Ohio, I'd be happy to have your brood over for a nice homecooked meal this weekend!

  11. ahh, the old "turn your back for 2 minutes on a 2 year old..." shesh... what are we giving our kids. He is up and he is ready. No slushing around the house like I do when I first wake up. I wish I knew what mine was running on... I would love to bottle it up and take some. The trouble he can get into in an instant.
    Oh and I love Wayne's World. When I realized that Bohemian Rhapsody was sung by the same group that sang my favorite song as a 2 year old (Another One Bites the Dust) well, I think I listened to nothing but Queen for quite some time!
    have a great time.... good luck on the big boy bike!

  12. nice and roodles?! awesome!! oh and i completely embrace random...sometimes i feel like it's all i post :) enjoy your vaca!

  13. Forget those crazy, party-ing spring breaks.. I'll take yours. Dreamy. I know what you mean about the big kid bikes. Once you all get it, watch out! good times ahead. :)

  14. I love reading your blog. Our children are grown up with children of their own, but you sure make me think of those happy times. Enjoy them-savor them-the time goes soooo fast. Happy Spring break!

  15. I love your posts its like I can feel the love you have for your family and it makes me love you guys - does that sound odd?

    Thank you for making me smile and look forward to being a mother one day.

  16. Oh friend,

    I should comment every time I read...because you always encourage me. Always. I laugh, cry, and carry on when I read your blog. It's my fav...and I hardly say anything because I don't know what to say. You are the best!

  17. Have a great break! Love the four wheeler action!

  18. oops sorry about the creamer...little stinker. tell me you didn't get rid of the orange chair? i was in love with the orange chair!

  19. I love you too. I love your life and your sweet little mischief making, decorating, lipglossing littles. Beauty Full.

  20. I wish me and Siley could spend the day together. I love his challenge.

  21. so glad i'm not the only one with a kindergarten boy who is full of angst over learning to ride his bike. our dude is just not a fan of learning something so...shaky.

  22. These photos are beautiful and your children are darling. You've certainly got your hands full! In a good - I know you wouldn't trade it for anything - kinda way. You are blessed and so are they.


  23. the feet tucked up like that, I know, oh my things like that get me too.

    I am amazed sometimes how much your pictures of Calvin remind me of Jack, the way he has kinda dry skin on his little round cheeks-looks just like Jack.

    have fun, have fun, have fun!!

  24. if you ever come on over to oregon again, i will happily become your bestest friend. i truly read Jesus between every line of yours, even the nonsensical ones;)

  25. Enjoy the vacation!

    Your kids are so amazingly cute! And talented! Ruby is a little interior designer in the making..Silas is CLEARLY almost flying in that picture and Calvin....he's completely moved beyond having coffee and headed straight for flavored creamer ONLY. Smart kids.

    Your photos of them makes my heart smile. Sending prayers for Calvin's bike riding....

  26. vacay!? LOVE IT! :)

    Have a blast!!!

  27. Enjoy your time! I hope your mundane makes you smile as much it makes me...

  28. I'm hopelessly behind in reading your blog. I'll just come and see you and get caught up - k? K. I just have to say - Silas is cracking me flat up.

  29. The best thing we ever did for our kids to learn how to ride a bike was to buy a "walking bike"- they are also called "running bikes" or "balance bikes". We recently bought a new one for our newest little one to learn to ride a bike and it was a pretty good deal on the "Prince Lionheart Balance Bike". After a few weeks on the bike without pedals, they will be off and riding with no training wheels and no help from mom. Anyway, sorry for the random thought. My kids have loved their "wood bikes" as they call them so I try to share the idea with everyone who has a little one learning to ride their bike.

    Love your blog by the way!!!

  30. That is so adorable that Ruby made you custom slipcovers! I also loved the cape! My oldest always wore a cape from age 2 til around5. Traci

  31. Love your photos and feel like I live next door to you!
    My chief mischief maker who is now 12 climbed up on the roof today. Mmmmhmmmm yep just for fun. Aren't our kids amazingly creative in how they entertain themselves? And that cape - man that brings me back to towels safety-pinned to little superheroes!

  32. #6 Oh, dear!
    #4 Maybe Ruby should help him. My little bro and I helped each other to learn to ride bikes. We were 4 and 5. One of us would pedal and steer. The other would sit on the seat, legs out, to keep us from falling. All this in a gravel parking lot. In one day we both had learned to ride.

  33. what a wonderful break!
    miss ruby needs to come give me her design advice. my sofa needs help;)

  34. You always make me smile! What fun - totally get the husband reliving childhood thing. Aren't kids great?

  35. Good luck with the big boy bike riding. I taught my stepson how to ride last spring and it was tough but the look on his face the first time he rode by himself was worth it. My stepson's problem was that he was afraid of falling. Once he got over that fear by falling over and I had him get right back on the bike it was smooth sailing after that. Good luck to you and Calvin!

  36. First of all, am I the only one fascinated with those cereal bowls with built in straws? I've never seen those!
    My 7-year old son learned to ride when he was 6 also and the best thing my husband did was to take out the pedals. He got the idea on some website. They actually sell bikes with no pedals but who wants to waste money on that one and then buy another one with pedals??? Just unscrew the pedals, find a grassy, slightly down hill area and he'll be good to go. Make sure the bike is low enough for Calvin to reach the ground. If you knew about this method already, sorry for the long comment.
    By the way, I'm tempted to send Calvin a GIANT bag of shrimp chips when he masters bike riding. I may or may not have a giant (half empty) one in my pantry right now. :-)

  37. blessedlife: That very plan is in the works for later this afternoon! I watched the video last night, too. It's all kinds of genius. Fingers crossed! I'll keep ya'll posted.

  38. #6? Oh, that makes me laugh!

    We broke our last cereal bowl with the straw, so now it's on my buy list. My youngest can't eat his cereal without the straw so I've resorted to just handing him a plastic straw. Does the job, but it's not nearly as cute.

    I remember the year I was 12 Bohemian Rhapsody came out. I heard it for the first time at a sleepover at an older girls house who had just bought the album. I thought it was the weirdest thing I had ever heard, but loved it. It was re-released in 1991 after Freddie Mercury died. I imagine that's why you thought it was "new"? Believe me, I'm old, it ain't new!

  39. I'm commenting for only the second time ever, but I sure do love your blog. it's always entertaining to read what your kiddos are up to. And the fact that you mentioned "Fancy Little Things" practically forced me to comment. The relationship gal, Danielle, is one of my closest friends. Our children will marry someday. Seeing you on THEIR blog brought a smile to my face since you are friends with my friend Jessica Flores. It's weird when 2 very different parts of my life collide.