Friday, April 8, 2011


When I'm on vacation (so to speak), I do things like eat 2 lemon raspberry muffins back-to-back at midnight.

I sleep in.

I let Silas wear his worker-guy pajamas and his green froggy rainboots for the entire day.

I also read magazines.

Have I ever told you how much I adore magazines?

Well, imagine my unbridled joy upon seeing a new stack of magazines awaiting me. And these weren't just any magazines, these were fashion mags.

Oh, it's been a long, long time.

But this much I know for sure: Lucky Magazine is officially back on my radar.

Brandon Holley, the just-plucked editor, (yes, she's a she) wrote a pitch-perfect Letter from the Editor detailing some of her recent changes in a relatable mix of humor and "Good Ol' Girl"-ness. And with that, I was hooked.

Here's the thing: I don't shop often. I spend precious little on clothing myself these days, but my interior is partially lined with Repressed Fashionista, in a fabric that changes according to the season. As such, I want to know, if only for a laugh, that harem pants are a current trend.

I pored over every single page, with the exception of the "Places to go in Seattle" (I believe the magazine titles it something a bit catchier...), simply because I'm not PNW-bound anytime soon.

In short order, I realized that I might very much enjoy a retro-inspired Marc Jacobs two-piece and my love for meanswear-leaning looks was reaffirmed.

I saw the newest bottle of Daisy So Fresh perfume with its plucky floral topper (it's true, I am smitten by all things Marc Jacobs) and made a mental note to give it a sniff the next time I find myself in a mall.

Absent was the snooty air that often pollutes the high-brow glossies. The fashion here seemed particularly accessible, due in part to the fact that regular girls with a flair for personal style were often featured.

"I’ve developed a healthy sidelong glance at the fashion industry,” she said. “I love fashion and I love clothes and I love the way people dress, but I don’t cry at a Marc Jacobs show.” - Brandon Holley (I love this quote, for a couple of obvious reasons...)

There was also a short (but inspiring) "home" feature, and, possibly my favorite of all, a back page dedicated the the stylish real-life moms of real-life girls.

Clearly, everything old is new again.

So, it's true, my own style will remain largely rooted in the locker-room-meets-back-forty vein.

But that won't stop me from enjoying the eye-candy stocked from here straight up to the rafters.

Long live fashion mags.

Long live Ms. Holley.

*I recently found these super-stealthy photos in the archives. This was me, the night before I left for Blissdom. I have no idea what compels my favorite stalkerazzo, but it makes for intriguing pondering...

*These are my humble opinions, straight-from-the-heart. No compensation or arm-twisting was involved.


  1. I love Lucky Magazine too !! I don't seem to buy many magazines anymore though. Every penny goes to childrens books and art supplies now. Although, as summer approaches I will indulge a little so I have some simple reading to pass the time with as I catch some rays.

  2. I LOVE fashion mags especially Lucky! I adore my magazine moments... it's my all time favorite treat. I especially like to smell the new pages & I think it's crayon related ;)

    Do have a fun weekend!

  3. I swear (sorry, Mama) every time you go to Ohio I go and get myself jealous.

    Every. Single. Time.

    I shan't even believe the fact that you just called me stalkerazzo right here in front of God and everybody.

    Law. I need a muffin.

    Please go home.

  4. I subscribe to Lucky, it's to cheap not to. And I love to enter the giveaways online. I love lucky!
    and I have daisy perfume, but when I saw the new daisy perfume with the pink daisy on top, I about died. adorable. and and and..... I GASPED when I read you eat TWO muffins back to back at midnight (only on vacay of course) YOU GO GIRL!

  5. I am drawn to lots and lots of ruffles STILL. I just snatched up a blazer in black of course with lots of ruffles. I need to find me some color.

  6. Lucky is on of my favorites : ) I don't know why I peruse as I wear black pants and black shirts approximately 99% of the time...but I do! Now, my favorite magazine for picture inspiration? That would be Elle. And I have a big thick copy waiting for me tonigt. I am about to peruse it this instant! : )

  7. i haven't read a fashion magazine in FOREVER! I don't know what I have in common with them they feature any sassy sweatpants?


  8. Your post are like getting a new magazine in the mail. Love them and look forward to them. I am a magazine junkie also - in fact most years I give up magazines for Lent because I'm so addicted :) Have a wonderful weekend.

  9. you described me! repressed fashionista, by circumstance only!

  10. is there anything better than a fresh magazine and 20 minutes to spare? so fun!

  11. Oh Girl! Great post!!!! I have neglected my "fashionista" mainly because I don't shop for myself. I NEED to!
    Have a pretty day!

  12. I'm sitting here dining on the most delicious stir fry I ever did make - without a tough bean in sight - and I thought I'd log on for a little Ohio love. Girl - you are so modelish...I cringe at fashion magazines - cause it feels so foreign to me - but you are going to help me transform into Lauren Hutton, right? I mean - I thought it was just an unspoken understanding thing....

  13. I hear you loud and clear. I spend very little on myself. Can you believe I managed to not buy any shoes last year?? The husband has now banned the three year old gold sandals. I was so exicted to find the almost twin of a blue drapy top that I have had in my closet and rarely worn in the Anthro catalogue! Yippeee!

  14. Before I was a farm mom, I was a full time hairdresser and was up on all the current fashion magazines, now I can't seem to fit them into my schedule {I read blogs instead now}but i sure do miss them:)

  15. a good mail day = mags in the box :)

  16. First of all - thank you for the park tip. We didn't make it there - partly b/c I didn't check my blog before I left and partly b/c it was cold and gloomy... but thanks to a detour that we didn't follow (seriously why follow those orange signs when you can just make your own up... of course you may drive 30 or so miles out of you way....) we did pass the zoo and the park - so next time I know where to go. We spent a good two hours in the mall play area instead.

    Second of all - lemon raspberry muffins sound incredible and I'm pretty sure since they have two kinds of fruit it's perfectly okay to have two or three in a row when on vacation. Hope you and your family enjoy every minute of the rest of your vacay. Take a page out of Silas's book and stay in your pjs all day if you want... I may wrap my break up that way. Yard work in pjs - nothing wrong with that... right?

  17. Two things, miss thang-
    1). Totally love the photo of you with hands on knees peering at the clothes to go. I imagine that you were talking to them as well.
    2). Don't count out Seattle. Seattle rocks. Really.

  18. I haven't looked at a Lucky mag since 2001. I may need to check one out again. I like the pics you posted with this.

  19. I'm just relieved that harem pants are in again. WHOOO!

  20. i subscribe to lucky. the only "fashion" mag i read. love it!
    the daisy perfume is divine-hope you can own some soon;) xox
    happy weekend!

  21. I'm not much of a fashion magazine kind of girl but on your recommendation alone I will check out Lucky. Also, I totally have my eye on the Daisy perfume too. I always was one to judge a book by its cover.

  22. You MUST plan that PNW trip though... so keep that magazine for when you DO come!!!! :) (Cause if you come... you'll get to see me... and isn't that why you'd come in the first place? I mean really... let's be honest... who cares about a stupid old space needle?)

    I too have a fashionista somewhere inside of me. I need to find her one of these days, but I'm pretty sure she'd throw my black yoga pants away and then we'd have to break up.

  23. Sounds like a great read---definitely much more realistic and approachable than Instyle for sure. ;) Nothing makes a great day like a regular day vacation. I too have a stack of mags (Whole Living, Mother Earth News, and Natural Home) waiting for me to tackle them. I keep looking at them hopeful for a full day to just lounge and indulge :)

  24. I love Lucky because it seems real and makes everyone feel like they can dress and on a budget! I'm in a black phase and not because of any depression. I'm as happy as a bird on a wire eating a french fry! But black is sliming and subconsciencely I'm hoping it is making me that way, lol!


  25. If I sat down and did the maths, I reckon that the sum of the amount of money I have spent on magazines over the past 24 years could well add up to a tidy deposit on a house. THAT'S why I'm still renting!
    So cute that you have a stalkerazzo.
    Loving your cowboy boots too.

  26. i the only one that totally heard napoloen dynamite's voice with the title?!

  27. I recognize Brandon Holley's name from my beloved JANE! ;) You know, I never got into Lucky -- I actually don't know if I ever have tried. Maybe you should save one for me! Btw, I have a Glam and MC to get through before passing along to you!