Friday, April 8, 2011


When I'm on vacation (so to speak), I do things like eat 2 lemon raspberry muffins back-to-back at midnight.

I sleep in.

I let Silas wear his worker-guy pajamas and his green froggy rainboots for the entire day.

I also read magazines.

Have I ever told you how much I adore magazines?

Well, imagine my unbridled joy upon seeing a new stack of magazines awaiting me. And these weren't just any magazines, these were fashion mags.

Oh, it's been a long, long time.

But this much I know for sure: Lucky Magazine is officially back on my radar.

Brandon Holley, the just-plucked editor, (yes, she's a she) wrote a pitch-perfect Letter from the Editor detailing some of her recent changes in a relatable mix of humor and "Good Ol' Girl"-ness. And with that, I was hooked.

Here's the thing: I don't shop often. I spend precious little on clothing myself these days, but my interior is partially lined with Repressed Fashionista, in a fabric that changes according to the season. As such, I want to know, if only for a laugh, that harem pants are a current trend.

I pored over every single page, with the exception of the "Places to go in Seattle" (I believe the magazine titles it something a bit catchier...), simply because I'm not PNW-bound anytime soon.

In short order, I realized that I might very much enjoy a retro-inspired Marc Jacobs two-piece and my love for meanswear-leaning looks was reaffirmed.

I saw the newest bottle of Daisy So Fresh perfume with its plucky floral topper (it's true, I am smitten by all things Marc Jacobs) and made a mental note to give it a sniff the next time I find myself in a mall.

Absent was the snooty air that often pollutes the high-brow glossies. The fashion here seemed particularly accessible, due in part to the fact that regular girls with a flair for personal style were often featured.

"I’ve developed a healthy sidelong glance at the fashion industry,” she said. “I love fashion and I love clothes and I love the way people dress, but I don’t cry at a Marc Jacobs show.” - Brandon Holley (I love this quote, for a couple of obvious reasons...)

There was also a short (but inspiring) "home" feature, and, possibly my favorite of all, a back page dedicated the the stylish real-life moms of real-life girls.

Clearly, everything old is new again.

So, it's true, my own style will remain largely rooted in the locker-room-meets-back-forty vein.

But that won't stop me from enjoying the eye-candy stocked from here straight up to the rafters.

Long live fashion mags.

Long live Ms. Holley.

*I recently found these super-stealthy photos in the archives. This was me, the night before I left for Blissdom. I have no idea what compels my favorite stalkerazzo, but it makes for intriguing pondering...

*These are my humble opinions, straight-from-the-heart. No compensation or arm-twisting was involved.