Monday, April 18, 2011

Look at pitty lights.

Siley in action.

I apologize to all of you non-video-watchers. I very often do not watch videos online, so I understand. The thing is, we now have a point-and-shoot that takes decent videos and we know how to upload them to Youtube. We're reals smart like that. Some might call us a double-threat.

You'll notice Siley absentmindedly pretending that the clip-on strap to one of Calvin's many briefcases is a "pitty light". For the most part, anything that keeps his attention longer than 3 seconds morphs into a pitty light.

Also, this is a game!

A game, you ask?

Yes, a game.

It's called "Name Those Tunes".

There are two of them, hiding betwixt homeboy's version of "singing", in which he sings the tune whilst inserting any combination of consonants that suits his fancy at that given moment.

He's quite a singer.

He's quite a lazy singer.

Whoever guesses both tunes correctly wins $1,000 betend dollars and a virtual dessert of his or her choosing. Please submit virtual dessert requests along with your entry.

One entry per household, please.

Entrants under the age of 18 must be signed off by an adult.

I am tired.

I'm tarred.

But you probably already guessed as much.

Sweet dreams, Homies.