Monday, April 18, 2011

Look at pitty lights.

Siley in action.

I apologize to all of you non-video-watchers. I very often do not watch videos online, so I understand. The thing is, we now have a point-and-shoot that takes decent videos and we know how to upload them to Youtube. We're reals smart like that. Some might call us a double-threat.

You'll notice Siley absentmindedly pretending that the clip-on strap to one of Calvin's many briefcases is a "pitty light". For the most part, anything that keeps his attention longer than 3 seconds morphs into a pitty light.

Also, this is a game!

A game, you ask?

Yes, a game.

It's called "Name Those Tunes".

There are two of them, hiding betwixt homeboy's version of "singing", in which he sings the tune whilst inserting any combination of consonants that suits his fancy at that given moment.

He's quite a singer.

He's quite a lazy singer.

Whoever guesses both tunes correctly wins $1,000 betend dollars and a virtual dessert of his or her choosing. Please submit virtual dessert requests along with your entry.

One entry per household, please.

Entrants under the age of 18 must be signed off by an adult.

I am tired.

I'm tarred.

But you probably already guessed as much.

Sweet dreams, Homies.


  1. Oh Snap. I know the first one is Jesus Loves Me...the second I was thinking might be Zaccheus was a Wee Little Man, and yes I'm too lazy to google how to spell his name.

    He talks like Sheldon. It's like they invented a language, and you better learn it SUCKA!
    I am tired too. I'm pretty mostly cranky as well. I won't tell you what I've been doing.

  2. well so obvious plain as the nose on your face he is singing Yes Jesus Loves Me in Korean I do believe!!!! What a hoot this little one is. Nancy Settel

  3. "Jesus Loves Me" and "Zacchaeus"

    That boy melts my heart. Oh. My. Word.

    I won't believe nary a tale you tell on him in the future.

    I'll take whatever pie you are serving up with a side of salsa and chips.

    I'm bringing the young'uns with me, so make plenty.

    I'd also like to thank the Academy for winning this award...

  4. I never watch videos either, but you tell such sweet stories about your kids that I've watched your last two. Tonight's does not disappoint-what a cutie pie! No idea on the song, though.

  5. Jesus loves me and the Oscar Mayer song...(hee)...I don't know what the second song is but it sounded like..."My bologna has a first name...I'll take blueberry cheesecake please ;)

  6. jesus loves me fo sho for the first. second one sounds like zacchaeus as some others guessed. cake and ice cream combo for me.

  7. double threat...nice one :)
    for sure, that was jesus loves me in korean. amazing! :)

  8. He was for sure beatboxing at the beginning, so I'm going with the beatboxing version of Jesus Loves Me and then I have no idea. Chocolate chip cookies are my fancy.

  9. That is just precious!! :) I know the first one is Jesus Loves Me and I, too, think the second sounds like Zacchaeus. How about chocolate cake?

  10. oh my goodness.
    A D O R A B L E
    what a way to end my night!

  11. Jesus Loves Me and Zaccheus... am I too late to claim a virtual key lime pie? What a weird craving...
    He's a doll!

  12. Jesus Loves Me, that's a no brainer, and I'm pretty sure number two is the Dillon Lion's fight song.
    As far as dessert goes, I think you should talk the Coopster into making another batch of honey cookies.

  13. I knew the first one right off..Jesus Loves Me...I'm not gonna lie and say that I got that from any words he was singing...but I could hear it in his hum/sing. TOO CUTE!!

    The second song? Could be any song. I have no clue. Rhinestone Cowboy? The Gambler? Bobby McGee?

    No matter. He is precious!!

    At that age, my nephew was basically tone deaf. He would yell songs and they weren't pretty. Silas has good tone. It was pitty.

    I wonder who will win the betend money and virtual dessert? My virtual dessert choice would be peanut butter cup pie. I realize I'm not in the running...but just putting it out there.

    Goodnight and thanks for the sweet entertainment! :-)

  14. Oh! You tired funny girl!

    It took three repeats, but I'm pretty sure that first one is the classic "Yes, Mah-nah Mah Hee!"

    "Zacchaeus" must have been like the fourth or fifth verse or something, because I didn't know the words.

    I'll be waiting for my betend check in the mail.

    Dessert? A pan of yellow Lego heads please!

  15. He had me at pitty lights.

    Love his versions of Jesus Loves Me and Zacchaeus.

    We are well-known in our family for changing the lyrics to familiar tunes to fit our fancy or to cause someone else to laugh-snort.

    Funny story: when Sethie was a bitty thing of two years old, I had been singing "You Are My Sunsine" to him before bed for months. He decided to take over. And he decided to change the ending of the song from "Please don't take my Sunshine away" to...

    "P'eas don't take my underpants away."

    He thought his joke was very funny.

    He was very right.

  16. Was your boy beat boxin' at the beginning of the video? Sounds like.
    His rendition of Jesus Loves Me is probably the best I've ever heard. :)

  17. What a precious little guy you have! I'm gonna agree with most everyone else and say "Jesus Loves Me" and "Zachaeus"..I really did think that before reading everyone else's comments :) And how about something gooey and chocolatey and caramely for desert???...surprise me! ;)

  18. The first one is really easy Jesus Loves Me and the second I cheated and read Zacchaeus from the others b/c I am a wee little wo-man and a wee little wo-man is too tired to try to figure it out. I'll have some chocolate cake please.... with a pecan pie chaser.

  19. I am not sure but the cuteness factor is hight

  20. OMG he is too cute!! Jesus Loves Me on the first and not really sure on the 2nd.

  21. Oh, Jesus Loves Me and Zaccheus never sounded so sweet! You must be a little southern if you're "tarred". Or it could be tiiired - emphasis on the i - and still be southern. And that means you were beyond exhausted. Hope you get some rest.

  22. And you just reminded me of my cousins who grew up in the boonies and say tire, hair and fire all the same - tar, har, and far. Seriously.

  23. well...jesus love me. for reals.

    the second song was more elusive...i heard some zaccheus and a little bare naked ladies.

    i might be wrong, but just in case, i like my betind money in monopoly. and i would love a virutal cupcake white with strawberry frosting.

    and love you to the moon. that is all.

  24. My little man (2 yr. old) is loving this video! He said "I moe (more), Mom" so we've watched it a few times. Now he's belting out his own tunes "Waa! Waaaa! Waaaaa!".

    So precious to capture these moments! We are going out this weekend to buy a simple video camera so we can record our little man and our newest addition that is coming in just three weeks.

  25. ack! so good.
    he is a doll for sure!
    (and i love all the videos that come up after his. silas is in a tough youtube category. haha)

  26. Oh. My. Goodness. How can you tell that little boy no to ANYTHING. He is all kinds of cute!!!
    Jesus loves me and Zacchaeus.
    I would like something w/ chocolate please. =)

  27. LOVE THIS!! Sounds just like my little brother used to when he sang those songs. Zacchaeus was his all time favourite. "ZACCHEAEUS... YOU COME DOWN!!" haha Awww your boy is adorable.

  28. I got the biggest kick out of this! Jesus loves me for sure and then it went off into the beginning stages of the rap version - I think! :)

  29. My daughter watched this with me. The first thing she said is he's singing Jesus Loves Me. Then she said, "He's SO cute. He looks exactly like my doll." :-) He is a doll.

  30. i got the first (along with everyone else), but for the second i was thinking 'bingo'...clearly, though, i am making things up since everyone else heard zaccheus was a wee little man.

    this could be the new rorschach test.

    ps s says 'bible' cuter than anybody. period.

  31. Oh, I was so excited when I saw it and just KNEW it was Jesus Loves Me and Zaccheus. Then, as I began reading comments ahead of me, I realized everyone else knew it, too. Oh well.

    Is a black tie mousse cake too much to ask when you're like #109 who guessed correctly?

    That boy. He kind of stole my heart on this one.

  32. :D ::grin:: I noticed that the "similar videos" on video were in swahili or something.

    So dashed, danged cute. :D

    Jesus Loves Me. I'll take a virtual Reese's Peanut Butter cup please. :D

  33. Jesus Loves Me!!! That's all I got, but man is your little man adorable!!

  34. Super fun! love the videos. You know what gave me the biggest crack up? After your video finished, guess what youtube suggested I watch next?
    "Silas Mkumbu sings Lika Lango Moja Wazi" (an African dude playing electric guitar singing in Swahili). I should get more than a betend dessert for that one! :)

  35. I believe that would be the Korean version of Jesus Loves Me...but I'm a little shabby on my Korean :)

  36. Your kids are just so gosh darn cute! Silas sounds like my cousin's boy when he sings.. I swear that little boys have their own language that no one else can understand!

  37. Well, I got Jesus Loves Me for sure. And I think the other one was... Rumpshaker. Or Ice Ice Baby. No, definitely Rumpshaker.


  38. O my! You just sent me over the edge. I could barely stand how cute this kid of yours is! And I love his version of Jesus loves me. I think they should change the words officially.

  39. First one is Jesus loves me and the second one I couldn't work out til I read everyone elses answers. Der Kylie! Zaccheus was one of my faves when I was a wee munchkin.
    Can I have at least half a dessert for my efforts??? Cool
    I'd love some vanilla icecream with a spoonful of nutella please.
    You can keep the betend money and put it towards singing lessons for Silas. He's gonna be a star. Come to think of it, he already is!

  40. Well, I have to say I didn't hear a word because once I saw those eyes of his I was mesmerised..Seriosly CUTE!!!!!!

  41. Just wanted to let you know, Kaitlyn just asked to watch this video. She remembered watching it, obviously a few months ago, and wanted to watch it out of the blue today! LOL!
    -Kim Bell