Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Groovy Like That

The bigger kids and I made homemade lava lamps.

I got the idea here.

I was all excited to tell them what we were about to do.

Lava lamps!

Blank stare.

We're gonna make some!

Wrinkled brow.

Oh yeah, I barely know what a lava lamp is.

But homestacks are always up for some groovy fun.

And if a trip to Dollar General is in the cards?All the better.

This is all you'll need.

Find step-by-steps here.

Your kids will morph into mad scientists and scientistas before your very eyes.

Behold - the power of the lava lamp.

I have to admit, I had trouble looking away, too.

In fact, I just decided: I'm on a mission to Bring Back the Lava Lamp!

La-Va! La-Va!

Come on, join in!

It's like a peace protest only...for lava lamps!

Bring 'em back, Jack.

You know you want to.

After all, what else could command this sort of rapt attention?

What other chemical reaction could inspire a pint-sized interpretive dance?

He digs, she digs, we all dig the lava lamp.

Far out.


  1. So fun! We made these with the kids a few years ago. Let me rephrase...my super cool husband made these with the kids:-)

  2. Oh my goodness! That sounds like SO MUCH FUN! Totally putting it on my list of things to do with the kidgets this summer! Thank you for the inspiration! You are a blessing!

  3. these ARE cool! i love a good science/craft project...and a groovy one to boot!

  4. I am here on behalf of the Siley-myster.

    You. Are. So. Wrong.

    He can dig lava lamps like the cabinet in the craft room. He puts a whole new meaning to the term GROOVY.

    He dreams about lava lamps in his backward pajama-lamas whilst sleeping in his crib.

    He does. I just know it.

    If he needs any further assistance on his behalf you know where to find me.

    Do not make me drive over there. You have no idea how much salsa I can consume.

    Other than that, it was lovely. Rubes and Cal rocked the blog with their dance skillz.


  5. Oh how fun!! Looks like you guys had a blast!!

  6. This is a blast from the past! I'll send you mine.

  7. This made me laugh out loud!!! I love the pint-sized interpretive dancing! You're the best mommy ever!!

  8. oh glory....the beloved lava lamp. target has them on their endcaps in the home section. deanie asks three times for one each time we go. :)

    i love watching your kiddos in action...they're adorable! and this does look like a fun project.

  9. Very cool... my kids would have loved this when they were young. I remember the volcano with baking soda and of course, my personal favorite, the rubber egg!


  10. What fun you takin me back to times spent with my kids *sigh* I dont guess my daughter would wanna do this now being 20 and all lol! :(

  11. We had the kids make these exact lava lamps at their 4H meeting....they loved them! Sounds like your kids did as well:)

  12. I laughed out loud at the "La-va, La-va" hahahahha. How fun are these? You come make these with my kids and I'll make silk tie dyed eggs with yours. :) lol

  13. Giosmama26@yahoo.comApril 27, 2011 at 1:53 AM

    Gurllll you truly crack me up. The La-Va part had me LMAO.

  14. Haha! They're really cool!

    Oh, just one thing: how are your shoes and boots kept so NEAT?? Answers, pleeeeease!

  15. LOVE this idea and have always loved lava lamps since.....well..let's just say back in the day and leave it at that! ;-)

  16. pray like nobody's business that they don't open those babies up and let that yummy food color adorn your beautiful home!

    very cool project....

  17. You took me back to 1970 or so - my grandparent's house. My granddaddy had two or three lava lamps! He was groovy like that. In fact, there is still one of those lava lamps at his house. It doesn't work anymore, but no one could bare to throw it out after his death.

    I have to do this with my youngest who also has no idea what a lava lamp is! Thanks.

  18. This looks like fun! I should do this with my kids. There's a lava lamp at a little coffee shop here and my kids love looking at it. Cute photos of the kiddos!

  19. I love it and might be trying it myself (even though I don't have children and hubs will think I've lost it) ha ha.

  20. What beautiful sweet memories you are making with your children!!!These are great!!!
    Have a pretty day!

  21. Yay!!! Shannan you just made my day :) Thinking about jumping up to do the happy dance right now - seriously!! So glad you guys had fun with it, more fun ideas headed your way real soon {Big Hug}

  22. What fun! This is the stuff of great memories.

  23. Okay that is one craft I have never tried with my kids. I'm saving this for a rainy day when everyone's feeling a bit ornery - love it! I think I need to score a disco ball and some John Travolta Saturday NIght Fever music and we'll be all set!
    Your kids have an awesome mama!

  24. so cool! what a fun project for your kiddos-they are such sweeties! xo

  25. We actually rock two - count em - two lava lamps here on the farm. One for my middle son...actually, that one is at his apartment, and one for the hubs. We're psychedelic like that.
    I wish they'd had all these fun activities making the rounds back in my boy's day. The Flower Patch Farm is such a fun place to grow up!
    Peace out.

  26. Love the Lava! Will be doing this with my den of 9 crazy and rambuctious cub scouts. We might even orgainze a sit in ~ LA VA, LA VA ~ we are with you! Bring the lava back!

  27. very cool! we'll be coming back to this post!

  28. Yep.

    You dig. I dig. We all dig the lava lamp.

    Seriously, how FUN!

    Do your kids LOVE the dollar store? It's like a golden place for my little nephew. He also loves what we call "Science Saturday"~ when he and I are together on a Saturday. We take out bottles from the recycling and basically..try to blow things up with what we have or don't have in the kitchen. It usually ends with "but WHY don't you have that?? We NEED that to make the rocket ship!"

    So..thanks for the lava lamp idea!!

    I'm doin' it. Maybe just for myself. :-)

  29. Pretty sweet dude :) What a fun thing to do when the weather is cruddy like it has been this whole month.

  30. Cute! My girls would love this.