Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Groovy Like That

The bigger kids and I made homemade lava lamps.

I got the idea here.

I was all excited to tell them what we were about to do.

Lava lamps!

Blank stare.

We're gonna make some!

Wrinkled brow.

Oh yeah, I barely know what a lava lamp is.

But homestacks are always up for some groovy fun.

And if a trip to Dollar General is in the cards?All the better.

This is all you'll need.

Find step-by-steps here.

Your kids will morph into mad scientists and scientistas before your very eyes.

Behold - the power of the lava lamp.

I have to admit, I had trouble looking away, too.

In fact, I just decided: I'm on a mission to Bring Back the Lava Lamp!

La-Va! La-Va!

Come on, join in!

It's like a peace protest only...for lava lamps!

Bring 'em back, Jack.

You know you want to.

After all, what else could command this sort of rapt attention?

What other chemical reaction could inspire a pint-sized interpretive dance?

He digs, she digs, we all dig the lava lamp.

Far out.