Monday, April 25, 2011

Emergency Interventions of Various Types

I hit up the town over the weekend.

I hit it up thrice.

It was much-needed, for a whole litany of reasons.

1. Silas has entered a new season in life in which he is either
a) being held by me while I "walk, Mommy"
b) out-of-his-mind hysterical

2. I did no non-essential house-leaving last week. Zero. None.

3. I was starting to talk to myself.

4. When I talked to myself, I was starting to say things like, "You've lost your gourd, Shannan."

5. I dreamed about a girl I barely know and in that dream, her son was named "Sissy". I didn't think it was weird at all. I assumed it was a perfectly sensible homage to Sissy Spacek.

Do 5 reasons count as a litany?


On Friday I met up with my friend Stephanie.

I am a Martin. She is a Troyer. This sign was a...sign. Of...something. Something...good?
(I'm Ron Burgandy?)

Background on Stephanie: She was one of my first non-Sarah friends my Freshman year of college. She was interesting and kind-hearted and funny and...odd. In a good way. She wore the best, baggiest American Eagle flannels and rocked Malibu Musk like we all wanted to, but never quite could.

When we got into disagreements we learned to settle them by passing notes under the door. Apparently 5th grade was the new Freshman in College. But it worked. Still does, in fact.

We began an etched-in-stone tradition of calling each other random names and sometimes even animals and/or edibles, such as the ever-popular "Mini Muffin" or "Small Lamb".

To illustrate my point, I have combed my archives for an excerpt of an email from Steph, dating back to 2005. (It's the best I can do, but trust me, this type of genius hails from all the way back to 1994.)

So in summary I'll leave you with a sweet melody...God will make a way...where there seems to be no way...He works in ways we cannot see...He will make a way for me!

-Salad Suzy

All of that to say, when you find a girl like her, you keep her around.

So, we ate two baskets of chips and four bowls of salsa between us, and I told her, among other things, about my inability to stop crying at our Maundy Thursday church service.

After lunch, we hit up an antique mall.

The light was low.

The camera-person was unfit for the job. And her hair was very flat on account of the rain and the laziness.


After innumerable failed attempts...

We appropriately memorialized the day.

Later that night, I was given a proper introduction to that vampire kid.

(And I wasted $3 on the worst soft pretzel to ever fall upon this good earth.)

The following morning I ate over-priced pancakes and sorted life out a little with Holly.

Then I tried on two bathing suits.

Then I rued the day that women decided to stop swimming in this.

We had our big family Easter dinner later that afternoon and stuffed ourselves to the gills.

And on Easter Sunday?

We had lunch at McDonald's.

In a gas station.

Isn't life just a head-scratcher, sometimes?


  1. We already know I am a bit off my rocker tonight, so do not get your feathers all perked up with hopes of an epic comment here.

    1. I believe you have litany confused with mutiny. They have worked you out of house and home. You stepped foot out the door and there was a celebration behind you. With salsa.

    2. I believe nary a word you say about Silas. He is peach cobbler with an extra scoop of whipped cream on top. He has you right where he wants you. Again, mutany.

  2. Cute pics with Stephanie. Sounds and looks like you had a great time. Loved the Salad Suzy from 2005 ;) And if you were at M I must have just missed you? Bart and I were there Saturday night. Anyways, you, I'm certain, look amazing in any bathing suit you put on. I'm positive of that :)

  3. Oh, I wish those bathing suits were all the rage now! We had tacos and fajitas for our dinner. Ha!

  4. Drove my kids to my mom's one Christmas, not realizing that McDonald's was actually closed on Christmas Day. We ate burnt pizza at a gas station/convenience store at an exit off the interstate. We now always refer to that exit as The Burnt Pizza Exit. These are the things traditions are made of.

  5. looks like a great weekend :) and my kids would probably LOVE eating at mcdonalds on easter sunday!

  6. Oh is life ever, so very much like this?.....I do believe it is. Life is so very, very random, isn't it? And the best moments happen when you're not even looking.

  7. You have to love a friend that you share memories of passing notes under the door with. And McDonald's on Easter...well, whatever works, right?

  8. i like you. and your litanies. and your camera skillz.

    i've been caught talking to myself in "the publix." by a grocery store employee. who(m?) i see every week. yep.

  9. Looks like you filled in the blanks with all of the necessary stuff...(a good friend and the antique mall). Did either of you get the sign?

  10. I always want to call it Maundy Tuesday. Because I am a huge nerd.

    Get it?


    So Shel and Si might be going through the same exact stage, if you throw "hitting, biting, screaming and temper tantrums" in with the wining. It's freaking us out...but we will not be overcome by a NOT EVEN TWO YEAR OLD?!?!

  11. You two are so cute together!

    Clearly..her hair..VERY flat. ;-)

    This post made me miss my old friend Stacey. We waitressed together at Ruby Tuesdays in our 20's. Sometimes I hated that job, but whenever she saw me she yelled "Oh my god! Bunny Rabbit, yayyy!" and over time I'd respond with "Lamb Chop!" or something else amazing and oh-so-original!

    If you thought you liked the suit above, you are gonna LOVE this one. It's all the rage in the middle east and was featured in Sex and the City Part 2:

    Love the Easter pic of the kids..Is Silas carrying a christmas bag/easter basket?


  12. i just have to comment on the vampire kid.... he is a kid! (i just looked it up & lordy, i was 16 when he was born) you had to see something else he's in to believe. for sure he's adorable & can actually act, but those vampire movies - i'm sure bram stroker would be appalled at & anne rice has had more than a few good laughs over them... sorry ladies, but they are so cheesy! i liked him in "remember me", put it on your netflix, you won't regret!

  13. Just send Silo out my way. I'll put him to work planting zinnias.

  14. Dont you love it when you can hang out with those friends that make us laugh,smile and remember *sigh*

  15. Love the note thing. My favorite freshman memory is of having a (play) fight with my friend Angela over whose dorm room we'd meet at for class. It was very mature involving phone calls with hang ups and notes slipped under the doors and hurled into dorm rooms. And that shelf of old children's books had me drooling.

  16. what a great, hang-out time! Bathing suit shopping.. don't get me started on that. Here is my new rule to bs shopping: DO NOT try on suits with a 6 year old daughter and a 9 year old daughter in the dressing room. The comments from the peanut gallery are very. very. damaging.

  17. this harkens me back to the days when steph would show up at practice with her hair swept perfectly beneath a terry sweat band. still to this day the rest of them team is trying to work out her secret formula of sporty-fierce gorgeousness. (if you get the scoop, email me.)

    ps so glad you had a sanity-rescuing weekend.
    pps and amen on the demise of swimming fashion.

  18. Sounds like a pretty fabulous weekend! Love your photos. I can never take a picture in a mirror. Never. I wanted to let you know that I will hosting Fiction Fridays on The Domestic Fringe. I don't know if you're interested in participating, but I'm going to try my hand at writing fiction. I'm trying to spread the word. All are welcome to participate!

  19. what ever did happen to fashionable swimwear?!
    your town shopping sounds delightul, darling friends make it so don't they;) xo

  20. Lisa in CaliforniaApril 26, 2011 at 11:56 AM

    Since you mentioned a dream you had....A couple of weeks ago I had a dream that I ran into you in a hardware store, and you were with your blonde haired, blue eyed youngest son. I woke up thinking....does she know she's going to have one more child? Random comment from a fan in California!

  21. Sam entered that same phase about two years ago and I haven't left the house since.

    No really.

    Oh, and litany is one of my favorite words. :)

  22. Swimming suits. Really? Already? I can't, I just can't do it. I'm wondering when it will become fashionable to wear a wet suit (you know the chin to ankle, thick, girdle like things) to the pool. Maybe I'll try and start a fad this summer. I can see it now: frizzy haired mom of three enters the pool area. All stop, stare in awe of her genius. They whisper, who is that, that hot (and I mean temperature here...those things will melt you if your not in the water), GENIUS woman. People will ask me where I shop and if I'm related to Albert Einstein because I look so wicked smart. Either that or someone who works at the pool will ask me to leave because they think I have some kind of skin disease...why else would someone dress like that in 100 degree weather.

  23. Okay, I feel like we're friends. Mainly since you've met people in person that I'm friends with in person... so.... I must tell you...Your friend's hair is the cutest hair cut I've seen for that length of hair in a long time. I need to take a photo of some type of style to my hairdresser next week so that I can explain to her what I want her to do to me. (I'm growing out this stupid inverted bob and spent two hours sifting through google images last night-for real-only to click on one that gave me some stupid virus and caused me to give up while my man ran some scans etc, thus leaving me with NO cute hair pics.) My point. (Oh and Happy Easter) Is that I'm either going to steal and print out this photo of her at the bottom....(may I?) or see if you have a photo of the back or side of her head you can also send me? Doesn't hurt to ask right?

    This is the dumbest comment I've ever left anyone.

  24. I am laughing out loud after reading Lemonade Makin mamas post, seriously it is funny! Alright I agree your friends is adorable though even if her hair wasn't so cute. Also, I am so happy you got a chance to enjoy yourself. It made me want to go find my journal from high school my friend and I would write notes and exchange it in passing time. :)

  25. Listen hear Peppercorn...its as if people are thinking that you are deeming me the one who was lazy and had flat rain could you?!! You were sitting right across from me at the restaurant as I was hot rolling my hair...I guess we will now have to cancel our trip down to Hidden Vally Ranch.

    Love, Lucille

  26. So, talking to yourself is a sign your off your rocker?


    I don't do that, by the way.


  27. that outing looks like a great way to re-gain your wits! :)

    i feel ya, girl - recently started reading a new book in response to my own 'mr. particular' who regularly makes me feel like i'm walking a continual egg shell laden path...i'll leave a link - it's been a been a great source of comfort and encouragement with my guy :)


  28. I have several friends like your stephanie...and I treasure them each and every one!

  29. love the part about your easter lunch in mc'ds
    isnt it crzy sometimes the pressure to have the magazine cover spread meal on china for spcial holidays? we ate off paper plates on the porch, leftovers. glad you had some refresh time. love and hugs

  30. if you write your novel anything like you write your blog you'll have a bestseller on your hands, girl. love you.

  31. Okay, so who exactly is the one with the flat hair? Because I'm not seeing it. You're both way too cute. And swimsuits are a problem? WHAT? I'm sorry, but I don't think we can be friends anymore. :)