Monday, April 25, 2011

Emergency Interventions of Various Types

I hit up the town over the weekend.

I hit it up thrice.

It was much-needed, for a whole litany of reasons.

1. Silas has entered a new season in life in which he is either
a) being held by me while I "walk, Mommy"
b) out-of-his-mind hysterical

2. I did no non-essential house-leaving last week. Zero. None.

3. I was starting to talk to myself.

4. When I talked to myself, I was starting to say things like, "You've lost your gourd, Shannan."

5. I dreamed about a girl I barely know and in that dream, her son was named "Sissy". I didn't think it was weird at all. I assumed it was a perfectly sensible homage to Sissy Spacek.

Do 5 reasons count as a litany?


On Friday I met up with my friend Stephanie.

I am a Martin. She is a Troyer. This sign was a...sign. Of...something. Something...good?
(I'm Ron Burgandy?)

Background on Stephanie: She was one of my first non-Sarah friends my Freshman year of college. She was interesting and kind-hearted and funny and...odd. In a good way. She wore the best, baggiest American Eagle flannels and rocked Malibu Musk like we all wanted to, but never quite could.

When we got into disagreements we learned to settle them by passing notes under the door. Apparently 5th grade was the new Freshman in College. But it worked. Still does, in fact.

We began an etched-in-stone tradition of calling each other random names and sometimes even animals and/or edibles, such as the ever-popular "Mini Muffin" or "Small Lamb".

To illustrate my point, I have combed my archives for an excerpt of an email from Steph, dating back to 2005. (It's the best I can do, but trust me, this type of genius hails from all the way back to 1994.)

So in summary I'll leave you with a sweet melody...God will make a way...where there seems to be no way...He works in ways we cannot see...He will make a way for me!

-Salad Suzy

All of that to say, when you find a girl like her, you keep her around.

So, we ate two baskets of chips and four bowls of salsa between us, and I told her, among other things, about my inability to stop crying at our Maundy Thursday church service.

After lunch, we hit up an antique mall.

The light was low.

The camera-person was unfit for the job. And her hair was very flat on account of the rain and the laziness.


After innumerable failed attempts...

We appropriately memorialized the day.

Later that night, I was given a proper introduction to that vampire kid.

(And I wasted $3 on the worst soft pretzel to ever fall upon this good earth.)

The following morning I ate over-priced pancakes and sorted life out a little with Holly.

Then I tried on two bathing suits.

Then I rued the day that women decided to stop swimming in this.

We had our big family Easter dinner later that afternoon and stuffed ourselves to the gills.

And on Easter Sunday?

We had lunch at McDonald's.

In a gas station.

Isn't life just a head-scratcher, sometimes?