Saturday, April 23, 2011


I find myself veering even harder towards juxtaposition, these days.

Its true, I've always been a floral-with-plaid sort of girl.

I've always secretly wished that I could rock the pinstriped-suit-with-Chucks look that J Crew never tires of peddling.

There's a mile-wide mean-streak of hodgepodge in me. It makes my world go 'round. It causes me to cock my head a little to the side and reconsider what at first glance looked a bit... accidental. Mistaken. Just plain wrong.

I like a reminder that it's all, all good; that the tattered and bruised elevates the boring to cozy and the just-fine to drop-your-jaw fantastic.

Make my life a patchwork quilt, please. Make it the postage stamp kind, where I get a 2x2-inch square of every single thing. Stitch it together and fold it up. Hand me king-sized grace, so large that there's room for everyone.

Because I probably would have driven right past these daffodils, were it not for the busted-up, has-been dream.

The grab-the-camera-and-turn-around jolt would have passed me by, if not for the dull pang of lost chances hovering.

It took both things for me to notice.

Life has its fair share of shaky floors and neglected, wayward window treatments.

Sure, I'd like to shove my way through a rusty, bolted-shut gate or two.

But you know what? The flowers keep popping up and though I should know by now to expect them, they never fail to captivate me.

This is life, friends.

Turn around and grab your cameras.


  1. amen. life indeed. praising jesus always, and earnestly this weekend. thankful for all the surprise gardens he has ordained in my journey.
    i love the quilt visual-i am the same way.
    happy easter, beautiful bloggy friend!! xo

  2. Wow. And thank goodness Jesus makes all of our little 2x2 patches work together so beautifully. Sometimes we might not think it is working together, but in the grand scheme of things it is working just about perfectly.

    Happy Easter.

    Love, Becky

  3. I find it truly amazing how photography can help one find the beauty in Every Thing:) Happy Easter to you and your family:)

  4. That house... oh. It just captures me! Thank you for capturing it so it could capture me... or whatever that means. So wonderful.

  5. And life is most beautiful when the patina and rust shines through, when time and age tells a story.

    Life and all its beauty.

  6. I want to move right into that house and give it the love it needs. It's beautiful.

  7. You surely think of me when you see these things and know I would want to see them too.

    I imagine the ghosts of the past sitting on that front porch smiling with pride that you see the beauty that they once saw.

    A home. A life. A family. Forgotten.

    I have to go now. I made myself tear up.


  8. Truly beautiful...the old place...and the post. :)

  9. What a beautiful post, and I see a message here on this thougthful Easter Eve: life survives and there is extraordinary in the ordinary. You see these things...

    That's why I like you.

  10. We're you following me the other day? :) I was out taking pictures of old barns, taking a break from chasing chickens, goats and kids, when I stop to take pictures of a falling down house. What struck me was all the daffodils and hyacinth surrounding it. I wonder who had planted them, what her life was like, and what happened. The flowers bloom on.

  11. Sigh.

    Such a beautiful post. So true. So graceful.

    When I look back on my most interesting or life changing experiences, it has always been the ordinary things and the everyday events, not anything super natural or dramatic, although those times have been fun.

    I love anything mildly broken down that tells a story, has a history and calls out to you quietly.

    Hope you're still working on your book, I'd LOVE to read it!!

    Happy, Happy Easter!!

  12. give me the broken, the sub-par, the old, the rusty...i'll take the ones that still need lots of work. nobody wants perfect. love this post, all of it!

  13. I get it...totally.
    Beautiful photos, beautiful words.
    Happy Easter!

    He is risen!

  14. I go to nature to be soothed and healed, and to have my senses put in order.
    quote by
    John Burroughs

  15. i have a sickness that make me want to move in there and do things. big crazy remodeling kind of things. this is the problem with eyes that see potential... :) oh the work.. oy vay. but OH those windows. :) and come on.... all the most interesting have to get to know them better kind of people are quilt people. :)

  16. I often think the same things as you, but when I try to put them into words they come out all crazy and bananas, and when you do it, it's like a poem from Anne of Green Gables with a scoop of quirk.
    I'll try not to be jealous.

    After all, I do like bananas.

    AND? I love this post. It's zactly how I feel.

  17. Love this.
    Happy Resurrection Day!

  18. Serenity! Beautiful post, love the last part. Beautiful pictures. I'm taking my camera with me everywhere I go, too.

  19. Wow - amazingly beautiful pcitures!!

    Sarah from The House That Ag Built

  20. That brough tears to my eyes. So many days I feel like that battered building, and as you've shown here, I need to remember that the flowers always bloom even when life has handed me some hard blows. What a beautiful testament to grace and goodness. Thanks for this. :)

  21. Thank you for the words in inspiration.

  22. Beautiful post, I think alot like you and love how well you expressed yourself, Happy Easter!

  23. alright shannan, this has nothing to do with your post...i'm looking for a kickin ham & beans recipe...happen to have any? i've got a leftover bone with a good amount of meat from easter lunch and a hubby who would think i was the best wife ever if i transformed it into something as delish as warm ham and beans!

  24. Beautiful post and beautiful photos. x

  25. Beautiful pictures! I'd be the one buying that has-been house in order to give it a second chance.

  26. As the daughter of Larry, of course I love these photos and this house! Swoony!

  27. My heart feels a connection to this post....

  28. I just REALLY LOVE this post!!!

  29. LOVE this post...maybe it's because I am going through a juxtaposed stage in my own life.