Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sunday Confessions

1. I feel like I should subdue myself just a bit and push this further down the list, but I just cain't. John Rich is surprisingly dreamy.

2. There, I said it.

3. "Don't you ever call me boy!"

4. You might as well know, we have seen at least part of every episode of Celebrity Apprentice this season. Nene is smart and makes me laugh.

5. My heart twinges for Gary Busey. I can't explain it. It might be the teeth.

6. Or this:

7. Yep, I think that's it.

8. I just ironed 10 shirts for Cork. 10. T-E-N.

9. Every time I do this, I believe in my heart that I deserve some sort of Wife of the Year medal and/or crown and/or commemorative sash.

10. I should be planning our weekly dinner menu right now. Any ideas? Please?

11. I have a big, ol' puffy-hearted crush on my life right now. I'm all keyed up over it.

12. Except for the "accumulations expected tonight" part.


  1. dinner ideas: PW enchiladas, baked ziti, pesto pasta with shrimp and feta.

    and really? snow? not fair!

  2. um, ironing 10 shirts needs a medal.
    though i have to say, i prefer ironing men's shirts to women's. darts are not fun to work around; men shirts are just nice and blocky most of the time.

    puffy-hearted crush. i like that:)

  3. 10 shirts? WOW! : ) My husband wheres t shirts tomorrow. I pat myself on the back if I have 5 folded nicely in his drawer on Sunday night : ) Someday I will be cool like you!

    Also love Gary. Sad to see him go tonight!

  4. I made a tomato quiche tonight that was yummY!

    And I think you're pretty darn spiffy for ironing all those shirts!

  5. I love to iron, and feel like I want my hubby to look pressed and nice for his job as a 'design engineer' I have ironed for hours, catching up.
    Soup is always good, homemade chicken noodle (I use the reame frozen noodles), I also made a good bean soup, using about 8 cans of variety of beans, (white, kidney,chili, etc) put it in a pot with sausage or hamburger add some tomato sauce and onion and let it simmer for about three hours. Just a few ideas.

  6. Quinoa with Roast veg. Roast a pan of pumpkin (maybe called squash in America?) and sweet potato chunks for 30 mins then toss a head of broccoli and a couple of capsicums cut up into chunks for another 15 mins or so. Pan fry chicken pieces in garlic, chilli, tumeric, cumin and salt until cooked, stir through some spinach. Toss through quinoa with fresh corn, olive oil a little garlic and chilli and lemon juice. This was delicious for us this past week.
    Kudos on the shirts too.

  7. Accumulations expected? I feel for you! We got snow just last Thursday... not funny in the least.

    And if I were you... I'd get the crown... you might have to iron the sash and the crown would be sparkley :)


  8. I just watched the last 20 minutes of Celebrity Apprentice and all I can say is WOW. I know what you mean about Gary Bussey--poor man.

    Dinner ideas? Hmmm. (I have a bunch of recipes on my blog.) Funny thing is, we JUST had this conversation at lunch. My husband suggested meatloaf. Really? My middle daughter would be happy with cereal every night. And we all love pizza. Real health nuts, aren't we?? :)

  9. 10 shirts! awesome girl! now come over and iron for me :) i've got enough for a few more medals.

  10. I'd say you deserve an award of some sort for ironing 10 shirts! I do that many over the course of like a year.

  11. My dearest friend who not only grows flowers on a farm but irons her hubby's shirts, I'm sending you a ol'puffy-hearted hug tonight. Thank You! Mr. Builder and I just turned the te'le' off. I know Mr. Builder can see I like John Rich, but he's so kind he never say's a word about Hope. I have a crush on my marriage.

  12. For some reason my mom (who lives seven hours away) and I have decided to text almost every Sunday about this season if Apprentice. NeNe cracks me up. And I like that they call Meatloaf just Meat.

  13. HAHA! We've been watching it too... John Rich kissed me on the cheek once. He's not as "dreamy" in person, but I for sure used to, and I guess I just did, brag about the kiss... ;)

  14. I'm so glad you said you feel a little sad for Gary Busey. I do too! Something about him gets to me. Poor guy!
    (seriously! why do these shows suck me in like this?!?)

  15. wishing you zero accumulation!
    i hereby name you "wife of the year". please accept this virtual crown, commemorative sash and my admiration as your deserved prize.

    also, you are cute as a bug.

  16. You wild ironing woman - I'm impressed!
    Number 13 tonight. That's the finale, in case you're keeping track.

  17. Gosh, 10 shirts would take me forEVER! You must try this Chicken Marabella good!

  18. Regarding numbers 8 & 9 , if the sash, medal, trophy deal falls through, I'd be happy to throw a parade in your honor. Cuz really, that's the least you deserve for ironing.

  19. i've never seen any part of celbrity apprentice. donald trump makes me want to rip my face off. but on a lighter, less violent, note.. i think sashes should make a comeback. there are defintely not enough award sashes in the world today. we will start with you and your mad ironing skillz...because 10?!? wowzers. and then we will award one to the person who tells the donald that no, he can not run for president because i like my face and would like to keep it in tact. okay that's all. ;)

  20. You do deserve an award for ironing 10 shirts! I can't even tell you when the last time I ironed a piece of clothing was. I really only use my iron for sewing (and even then it's only when I HAVE to).
    Here's what I am making this week, maybe something will sound tasty to you. Chicken stir fry, meatballs, taco salad, adobo glazed pork chops with mango salsa (super tasty Martha Stewart recipe - probably too spicy for the kiddos though).
    P.S. I have started meal planning 2 weeks at a time instead of 1. It's nice to have a break from doing it every other week, plus I find I have been saving money at the store doing it this way too! :)

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  22. Simplest roast ever, and the gravy will totally make you swoon. It involves a can of coke. Seriously. You will love me for sharing this with you; I kid you not. Ready?

    1 roast
    1 can of condensed mushroom soup
    1 can cola

    Dump in a crock pot and cook on low for 6-8 hrs (or low for 3-4 hrs). If you feel really adventurous (or like you want to cram as much into the crock as possible to save even more prep time later), add a few chopped potatoes and onions along with the roast.

    Best. Gravy. Ever.


  23. You can NEVER go wrong with breakfast burritos for dinner....and if you don't already--sprinkle the potato and egg mixture with a bit of Slap Ya Mama or Tony's and your taste buds will sing.

    Homemade pizza dough with toppings so the kids can help "decorate."

    And I'm always a huge fan of stir fry and rice...make a double batch and the next night make fajitas with the left overs!

  24. 1. I'm rootin for Meatloaf.
    2. Kites and Busey just don't mix.
    3. I've never ironed 10 shirts in my WHOLE life!
    4. Black Bean Burritoes. It's what's for dinner.

  25. I haven't done my weekly plan yet, but I know it's going to revolve around asparagus, lettuce, and rhubarb.

  26. thank goodness my husband claims her prefers them wrinkled ;)

  27. Unfortunately, crowns are now reserved for fitful, sassy-mouthed toddlers who wear obscene amounts of make-up and own more clothing and jewelry than the law allows.

    Miss America 1972 refuses to part with her forever-browning, moth infested sash. Mainly because she stills sleeps in it. Every. Single. Night. And wears it while she prepares dinner and cleans her home. Every. Single. Day.

    As for the medal, you really probably do not want to wear that and have to keep up the outlandish expectations of owning it on a daily basis. Really, are you going to be able to keep up with ironing TEN shirts a day for the rest of your life? I. Think. Not.


  28. 1-7.
    Oh girl I am SO with you. Big & Rich always made me smile, but I had no idea that John was such a smart, stand-up man. (Definitely not a "boy"!) And Star Jones...oh my. I'm glad Nene doesn't take her guff.

    Gary is a loveable goof, but I can see how he could make you c-r-a-z-y! (I think that accident might have tipped him a little "sideways".)

    10. 2 Ingredient Italian Beef.
    4-5 lbs stew meat, (I get it at Sam's).
    16 oz. jar pepperoncini, do NOT drain.
    Dump both into the crock pot and cook for 8-10 hours, til tender.
    Serve on 'sturdy' rolls. (Better use the mild peppers for your little ones, tho we like it with the hot ones...)

    12. An inch here and still coming down. Not funny!

    Gracie's Cottage

  29. I'm a new reader to your blog and I think it is just lovely. I've got that same crush on my own life right now and your description is just perfect. :-)
    This week we are doing grilled cheese with tomato soup, chicken and broccoli, and now probably meatloaf and baked potatoes because of the discussions here.

  30. the ironing, oh the ironing! I feel the same way when I iron a bulk of shirts like that. hehe..

  31. Um, as for the ten shirts, you totally do deserve an award. And a metal. And a crown and commemorative sash and you should wear them all at once, all the time, every day... because ten is precisely how many shirts I have ironed in as many years, which I'm pretty sure makes you better than me on just about every level.

    Well, that and the fact that you say things like "big, ol' puffy-hearted crush", which pushes your cool-factor just right on over the edge.

    You make me smile. :)

  32. i am not sure i've ironed ten shirts in my thirty four (and a third) years of existence. you deserve an entire parade.

  33. LOL. I also love watching Celebrity Apprentice! Thanks for the "forgive" acronym as well! Too funny. I can never remember it so my hubby reminds me on a regular basis. I also have come to love John Rich! I kept telling my hubby "I think the men are going to win and Gary will continue! He kept getting out the brand!" You did not mention the kite story, Shannan! ;-)

    Ironing shirts: I was bad at ironing my own shirts in my past corporate life. I bought a lot of spray starch to aid my journey back then. God bless you, I despise ironing of any kind.

    You DO win an award! Thanks for making me laugh.


  34. Snow is now officially a four-letter word around here until November when it is supposed to start falling! SERIOUSLY!

  35. I am with you on John Rich. I am loving him on this show.
    I think they should do a spin off to show how Gary can turn a thunderstorm into a rainbow. I'm glad to see him go.
    Can't agree with Nene. She is only slightly better than Star but both of them grate on my last nerve. The type of insensitive, ego filled, hateful, mean spirited person I can't stand.

  36. I'm totally not a good dinner planner (or maker for that matter) but I did make two delicious things for dinner last night that I'm still dreaming about.

    Roasted Sweet Potato soup and Mushroom Bruschetta. (You gotta be a mushroom lover though). Here's the link. :)

    Good luck!!

  37. If I even ironed a few of my husbands shirts he would wonder when the world was ending. Fluff from the dryer and hang is my motto.

  38. Gary's not turning storms into rainbows or unicorns here...but he was being tracked by the Conan blimp before The Apprentice...


  39. Here's a really cheap and easy meal. Nothing fancy, but it's really good! Brown some burger and mix in either bar-b-que sauce or some ketchup and mustard (some people's version of homemade bar-b-que). Open a tube of biscuits. In a muffin pan flatten out the biscuits and mold into the cups. Fill each one with the burger and top with shredded cheese. Bake for about 13-15 minutes. My kids and hubby loved them!

  40. I found your blog a while ago and came back tonight because I remembered you had the word " farm" in your title. Which always intrigues me. My husband is from rural Ohio- I think I might have some of those same pics in our iphoto! Your sincere words are like summer and refreshing....Thanks.