Saturday, March 19, 2011

What A Girl Has To Do

I've skipped town.

Oh yes, I have.

I am currently hunkered down in the childhood room of my big brother.

(My old room was turned into the sewing room.)

(And yes, I am the middle child. Why do you ask?)

I have a cooler of my favorite snacks beside me, courtesy of my Mom and my sister.

I have a flurry of scribbled-down notes fanned out around me, notes I finally had the presence of mind to jot down.

My sister took me out on the town this morning for my favorite food (I don't really have to say what it is at this point, do I?) and an on-the-house massage.

I have been tapping at this keyboard for the past four hours and 22 minutes and I have something to show for it.


It's amazing how getting away can clear the noggin.

This Ohio air, it always does something to me. I could swear that it has a bit of a different sheen to it. It pushes against my heart in a different sort of way.

And, as it turns out, it inspires me.

Double Hallelujah What-What.

Buckeye-Statishly Yours,