Thursday, March 10, 2011

Silas Park

This picture has taken a real toll on me today.

I am powerless against it.

He's looking so big and it seems that he might be sprouting some "kid" under all of that "baby".

So, because I'm totally smitten and because I'm also totally lame when it comes to my negligence in keeping a little notebook of cuteness like I did for numbers 1 and 2, I need to jot some Silas notes down, before I forget them.

*Homeboy gave himself the inaugural hair-notching on Saturday, while Calvin and Ruby were wrapping a birthday gift for their cousin. Can you tell? I actually think he wears it quite well.

* The ever-maddening, secretly (or not so secretly - depends on my mood) funny "Bolly Bobo" is still in full force.

* In a similar vein, I've been trying to teach him to say "No thank you" rather than barking "No!" nine thousand times a day. Yesterday I heard him hollering at Calvin about something but I couldn't figure out what he was saying. Turns out, he now barks a very angry "No Thank You!" when something - anything - displeases him. Only it sounds more like, "No! Deek! OO!" And he gives his nastiest glare when he says it.

* Until recently, he called kitties "tiggies". I miss the tiggies.

* He also called my mom "Gee" (as in green, nix the "r" and "n"). When pressed, "Say Grand!-Ma!", he would concentrate and then say "Gingle". A couple of weeks ago, he saw her in a photo and said "Gammaw". So proud! But I do miss Gee.

* He's still rocking his nap jammies every day. Two days ago I couldn't find his nappies so I put him in regular pants-and-shirt jammies in a pinch. The first time I checked on him, all was well. When I went to retrieve him 30 minutes later, he had thrown his pants overboard, removed his wet diaper and shoved it up his shirt.

* He remains the best-smelling child I have ever layed my nose on.

* A highlight of my day is getting him from his crib in the morning. He always says, "Meening, Mama! De pitty light!"

*His inexplicable preoccupation with lights of all varieties persists.

*He adds countless exasperations to my every day.

*I can't imagine my life without his little monkey body.