Monday, March 28, 2011

Short and Sweet

So, I finished my Africa dress.

I finally got a wild hair and hauled everything out to Get. It. Done.

I declared that I would not rest until that last stitch was stitched.

This would not be my Waterloo.

I sat at the machine with much trepidation, my fingers shaking.

Exactly four stitches in, I ran into a most dire situation.

The bobbin was empty, ya'll.

And I have a legendary fear of threading the bobbin.

Darkness loomed.

I almost called the whole thing off.

But then I remembered my earlier decree.

And I really did hope to rest at some point that night.

I had to find a way to press on.

I decided to call my Mama.

Cory's response? "This will be just as bad as trying to walk your dad through logging on to the internet over the phone."

He had a point.

(He also clearly had a lot of extra time on his hands.)

As it turns out, my Mom is the Bomb-Diggity.

She hooked me UP.

And, I must say, the spirit of Mrs. Blevins was upon me that night.

It all came back to me, minus the 7th grade tote bag and the strange, 8th grade sweatshirt.

And yes, I chose to make a sweatshirt in 8th grade Home Economics.

Whaddya have to say about it??

I believe it was royal blue.

In the end, the dress was finished, by way of many, many run-ins with the seam ripper.

I felt like I could conquer the world!

Or at least another Africa Dress.

* Thank you, CMB, for the dreamy photos, although that last one seems a tinge show-offy. Maybe it's just me.