Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Our 60 Minute Vacay

I've had a load of clean laundry in the dryer for two days.

Something is awry.

And it's not even whites.

It's the "fun colors". You know exactly what I mean, right? It's the polka-dotted little girl leggings and the 2T feet-pajams covered in blue and orange dogs. It's snowflake knee socks and panda bear boxers. It's a basketful of smell-good nostalgia. I love that load!

But this week sucker-punched me with a surprise, 1-day-only head cold and a husband who's been MIA. And then there was last night's project...but I'm just not ready to talk about that yet. I completely spaced a deadline and I'm up to my pits in church goings-on. I just don't know what else to say: I've gone all willy-nilly, as a result.

I've lost my will to enforce order.

The natives are a quarter past restless.

Yesterday I found myself hankering for a doughnut. Normally, I would appease myself with PB&J or something similarly carby and sweet and free, but being a Mama means knowing thyself.


You gotta know when to scold 'em, know when to fold 'em, know when to walk away from the doughnut and know when to RUN.

So we loaded up the van and we hightailed it. We raced the shy sun and we drove until we saw the sign.

There was a sketchy posse of about 12 Seniors holding down the fort, only these Seniors weren't daydreaming about Prom. They were more of the loud-talking, coffee-drinking, baby-staring, clackitty-teeth variety.

It wasn't exactly The Ritz...

But we were in the Impromptu Vacation frame of mind.

So, We.



After our snack, Siley made eyes at a much older woman and she randomly opted to tell me how much her children loved to drink water when they were young'uns.

As if on cue, Silas spilled his cup of water.

Then, she told me how having 3 kids in 4 years "tore her insides up" and it felt very rude to walk away in the middle of that conversation, but I had no choice, because Ruby screamed, "Thilath ith leaving!"

Yup. He sure was.
(This is actually a picture of him arriving, but you get the point.)

We made it safely back to the van and drove around town for a while, even though it was already 4:30 and dinner was supposedly just around the corner.

Right around here, Ruby conked out.

Silas started slow-blinking near the cows.

We pulled in the lane just in time for me to scrape something together for dinner before rushing off to Mother's Night at Ruby's pre-school.

Honoring our loosey-goosey attitude, I let them watch Wild Kratts during dinner.

What's become of us??


One last thing: I have loved, Loved! hearing about your style sense. I cannot possibly communicate to you how happy youn's make me. You're a funny bunch. I love hearing from you.