Monday, March 7, 2011

On My "Style".

I was a fashion magazine fiend, back in the day.

I have always had a bit of a preoccupation with fashion.

And that includes my fourth year, when I took a shine to tucking my sweaters into my jeans.

If I know I will not be leaving the house at all, there is a good chance that I'll be found in sweats and old-lady socks. My hair will be in a ponytail. I will not dig into the make-up bag.

(Calvin once panicked when he saw me turn out for the day in jeans. "Mommy, where are you going???!")

Almost every night, I rock this look. Oh yeah, Baby. I rock it.

(Please notice the Lego sticker on my left clavicle.)

What I'm trying to say is, I'm no fashion plate.

But I think after 34 years, I've come to understand My Look.

For years, I liked to think that I was the quirky, patterned Anthro girl.

In reality, I am not.

I am jeans-and-t-shirt. I am one piece of jewelry at a time. I am flip flops and frazzled Payless boots. I'm almost never heels. Even on Date Night.

I'm on-sale and comfy.

I am short-sleeves-over-long, in a big way.

I'm a lotta-lotta gray.

I'm stripes in the morning.

Stripes in the noon-day (with crowns).

A hat when I'm even lazier than usual.

I'm denim with leather with wool with vintage with t-shirt.

I'm, "I've never tried this combination before!"

I'm a texture layer-er.

(This might be the only aspect of cold weather that I will miss.)

And as much as I love flowers, I'm just not very flowery.

I do, however, have an inner prep.

Toldja so.

I will never be voted Best Wardrobe or Most Creative.

I'm solids and stripes. Rinse and repeat.

And I'm ok with that.

What are you?
Inquiring fashionistas want to know.


  1. ...and you're gorgeous!

    I am yoga pants.

    All. Day. Long. :)

  2. I love *everything* you just wore :)
    still trying to nail down my own life/mom/wife look

  3. I am : this is how I look today..take it or leave it ,it's about as good as it's gonna get!!!.xx

  4. I'm ...umm....nothing yet. Help me. You are so stinkin' cute. Oh, I know what I am - I'm a two piece posin' in yer yard. Yep. OK - really - when I am something - I'm going to be kinda - hmmm...Martha Stewart meets Lauren Hutton.

  5. i'm kinda trying to figure that out too...maybe it'd be easier to tell ya what i'm not...heels, ruffles, pink. doesn't that make sense? i dig your look...very casual cute :)
    i'm a new follower and i blog stalked you for about an hour on saturday :) love your blog...i never did find the post about why/if you're moving...please direct this new reader...want to know more of your story :)

  6. I am jeans and a long sleeved tee in winter and tan capris and a white tee in summer.

  7. I think you're stinkin' cute is what you are. I love your style. :)
    My style varies from day to day. We'll call it a Variety Show. I always enjoy watching those.

  8. jeans. Shirt. Deodorant. flippy floppies.

    All my decorative necklaces have been broken by eager hands, so I only have my jewels.

    I ask you, are jewels appropriate for my line of work? Notsomuch.

    The Dutchess

  9. I was a little worried when I took a look in my closet and saw a whole row of black and blue. Black tops and blue jeans. What can I say? I love the pops of color on the runway, but I am most comfy in the black v neck t and worn blue jeans (pref. with flops) or fuzzy slippers. Isn't it fun just being YOU?

  10. I'm loving your style :) I think I'm just me. I'm not sure who that is. I guess I can say I know what I'm not better than what I am--I live in a small town in the middle of nowhere and it's big hair with highlights, big bling jewelry and jeans with rhinestones and white stitching. That's not really me. I think all of those ladies look pretty, but I couldn't pull it off. I wear a lot of neutrals and wish I could pull of the funky little twist that you do so flawlessly. I've learned it's okay to be me (whoever that is!). Oh yeah, and I wear a lot of cardigans and buy everything on sale. I’ve never met a cardigan I didn’t like.

  11. You're a whole lotta cute!

    I'm denim capris and gray t-shirt...everyday if I could be. I love being simple - no fuss.

  12. bootcut jeans, t shirt, and hoodie on most days. Flip flops as soon as it warms up. Long boho skirts with funky t-shirts. knits, knits, knits... comfy, comfy, comfy. I did buy some killer clogs today though! I'm getting feisty! I love your outfit in the morning. I was just looking at a shirt like that today

  13. I'm pretty much just like you....really. But, not as cute and skinny. I too LOVE to do long sleeve under short. I tend to wear the same shirt year round. When it's cold, I just put a long, tight tee underneath. :) Loved this post and all the pics.

  14. I a... as cute as I can be while being completely comfy. I like a few accessories to fake being put together.

  15. p.s. Stickers on your clavicle sounds...risque.

    Is it just me?

    It's me.

    Over and out.

  16. Right now I'm "These clothes have been worn for so long I know I have holes but please don't point them out and yes I know I have that stain but who really looks there and please just ignore it and tell me my hair looks nice"

    But some day, after grad school and itty bitty paychecks that go to feed my enormous dog, I plan to be, a tailored, casual, sweaters/button-up/jeans/vintage-T/pencil-skirt/sassy-boots/flip-flops-when-available/cowboy-boots-any-time type of gal. Or sweats. I could always live in sweatpants.

  17. You're just plain cool. I think I'm a little quirky. I love leggings, with boots and comfy long shirts. I love pops of fun color. I love hats and scarfs and CUFFS:) But to be honest I rock that same look every single night...sweats, pony and no make-up. Actually I rock that look most DAYS too:)

  18. I'm a flannel-pajamas-as-late-in-the-morning-as-I-can-get-away-with-wearing-them girl. Other than that I am a jeans and long-sleeve tee girl.

  19. SO cute! I'll take a clavical sticker over the finest of jewels any day. :) I would definitely love a 'layering' lesson from you-- great style!!

  20. You are the cutest!
    I love your random layering and peek-a-boo belts. Plus you're skinny so everything looks super cute on you. :)

  21. Love your look as it's real and it seems effortless. I LOL at the "I've never tried this combination before!" combo/pic AND you gave me some new ideas!

    I am lazy. I love yoga pants and I love to cut them off at the knees or just above for the summer. I wear them until they are literally worn out. I just brought my fave pair to Mexico on vacation and while wearing them asked my hubby "Are you going to be totally embarrassed if I walk around in these?" (they are ONLY for hanging out now and bed!) I love cotton t-shirts, IF I put jeans on it means I'm going out. I love flip flops, comfy boots in the winter, and as this winter in Minnesota has been horribly long- I have taken to rocking my yoga pant look with fake uggs, my bathrobe (I work from home!) and on a good day~ a cute shirt WITH the yoga pants and boots.

    My hubby calls this look "You are very cute."

    Now that is love!

    Shannan, you're adorable!

  22. It doesn't matter what you're wearing - you're gorgeous, girl! And your eyes are all twinkly, too :)
    I hate to say it, but most days I rock really ugly t-shirts from (gulp!) elementary school & junior high, which is really sinful considering I'm almost through with college. They're just so comfy, though...But on days that matter, I like to say my style is a mixture of country girl and boho with a little bit of Anthro for good measure.

  23. You're darling!
    I, oddly enough, love vintage and lace. However, I'm black shirts and jeans. A lot. I have three identical black shirts, but only one pair of jeans. Ugh.
    And an apron. Always an apron if I'm home.
    I'm sitting here with a pile of lace all tangled together and dreaming of what I could do with it all. But I know tomorrow, I'll wear another black shirt and my jeans.

  24. I LOVE your style! It's modern mom all the way! I have no style! I used to think that I did. Turns out I was wrong. I pretty much wear yoga pants and a t shirt every day. I feel ya though on the love of grey. Me and grey are tight!

  25. i'm a no bra, yoga pants, pony tail 5 days a week. gauzy, flowery girly the other two...

  26. I absolutely love your look!! I love to wear a little bit of this and a little bit of that, combined to create a cowgirl/chic/vintage/back-of-the-closet/revamp-cause-the-budget-is-tight/borrow-the-hubbies-button-up/homemade t-shirts type of girl.
    As long as its clean and fits (somewhat) I will wear it!

  27. Wha? You are too cute! I'm a "wear 'em till they bleed" gal.

  28. I'm a jean and t'shirt girl that is barefoot except when it snows, then it's minnetonka moccasins season...My bling however is all ways southwestern jewelry and I have various color stones in pendants with matching earrings

  29. I have a diploma in fashion design but not the confidence to make my own clothes. So my 'style' is whatever I can find in the cupboard that covers-kinda-compliments a body that seems to be happy to stay in post baby 7months down the line. And my clothes at this point are mostly, at least 5 years old (if not longer-passed by my sister who has the cutest clothes). So my current look normally involves a brown canvas belt just under my bust. It has knda re-invented things. Just ranting a bit, my husband won't see the comment so can't get hurt and I have to get dressed in a bit, so not looking forward to that cupboard stare down.

  30. Let's just say that I'd like to give a big ol' award to whoever invented flannel.

    : )

    Julie M.

    ps Ahhh...that expression on Ruby's face is excellent!

  31. I am...embracing the boho look of the moment! Old Navy has some some darling (did I just use that word??) dresses and skirts right now. This past year I had become a jeans and T mommy and I want to jazz it up a bit now! Where I live in rural Indiana, well, it's not exactly fashion central around here! Let's just say that the local CVS carries 2 week old US weeklys as the new one! Love it here!!

  32. I'm a long sleeve under short sleeve girl, too. With jeans or comfy pants. But mostly jeans. I am a tennis shoe/clogs/ballet style flat kinda girl. Never heels. Never.

    I am the sister who gets the "disapproving look" from my older sis (the one I see every other week...she happens to be an ann taylor loft kinda girl all the way. But me? I like cheap. And comfy. And preppy. So, I don't mind the disapproving kinda lets me know I'm still doing my "little sister" job (even at the age of 32).

  33. I'm jealous!

    If only I could look that good in.... in anything!

    I'm 5 foot ZERO, so that kinda finishes me off as a fashion look. My favourite 'feel' is 3/4 trousers (I guess you call them pants!) and a shirt - but a collar-less shirt, cos the collar irritates me. 3/4 length sleeves are my favourite because short ones show my arms, and long ones are too long! I do love the tight sleeve and a short one over it though.
    So we do have *one* thing in common ;) x

  34. I love your style! I have been experimenting lately, but I always come back to the tee shirts and jeans! I love your short sleeves over long sleeves. I haven't successfully pulled that look off yet.

  35. I'm boots in the winter, with long skirts. I'm big sweaters over blouses and tees. I'm zip-up hooded jackets and brown vests. I'm knee-length skirts and flip-flops.

    And you, dear one, are some of my best inspiration (clothes-wise and otherwise). xo.

  36. I still don't know what I am. That's why I'm printing these pictures out and taping them to my closet door.

  37. I think you are adorable and I love the textured layering. What I love even more though, that you said "frazzled payless boots" because I am SO that girl. But mostly, I think I am just learning. You've given me something to ponder though.

  38. I believe there needs to be a formal fashion name for your style. You see, my style is SO much the same.....I'm a gray-er(big time), and a granny sock wearing sweats gal(bigger time). I was big into jeans tucked into boots, but I'm tying to find a new spring uniform. I'm also a sale and comfy gal. Loved your photos :)

  39. I am comfy all the way; jeans year round, but shorts when they are appropriate; long sleeve tees or mock turtlenecks in cold weather, tee shirts or polo's in warmer months; croc sandals in warm weather, fake fur lined croc to keep my cold tootsies warm; and I am all for easy and comfy and what feels right versus ANYTHING you see on a styling show. When they live my life and have to live with my non-existent budget, THEN they can tell me what to wear! {sigh} That felt good, Shannan, thank you!

  40. I rock yoga pants and a t-shirt or other forms of exercise wear Monday-Thursday b/c we start our day at the gym most of those days.

    If I'm going somewhere....I'm a very jeans and cool blouse kind of girl...or jeans and t-shirt cute shoes..they can make a whole outfit! I love accessorizing with scarves and jewelry.

    I also love wearing fun skirts and dresses in the summer months....

    come 7's back to the yoga pants with a ponytail and no makeup and most definitely no bra. the girls are definitely unleashed as soon as possible.

  41. I'm thrift-store-skirt-with-$5-t-shirt-and-hand-me-down-cardigan, coordinating eclectic accessories, and Crocs flats but not flip-flops. Lots of color. *Not* matching. Layers for all-weather comfort.

    The Mom-style is more fun! All creativity, little expense, and no pressure. Lovely!

  42. I've resorted to fat girl jeans.....
    and i can't wash them or they will shrink and i'll
    have nothing left that fits.

  43. Your style is classic! I wish I could pull it off! Isn't it funny how we think we have no style and then someone says, "oh, I love the way you dress!" Someone said that to me as I was standing in front of them wearing my "uniform"--Old Navy long sleeve t-shirt, jeans and flip flops. Seriously?

    I'm a solids kind of girl. Don't tell anyone but I'm kind of a color coded closet kind of girl. I don't know where the patterns or stripes would go :)

  44. love your 'style'
    I love t-shirts over longer ones too. You can wear your favorite t-shirts in the winter!! Love that~

  45. You and your style are ADORABLE! I kinda lack in the whole style department. I wish they would make garanimals for adults so I'd know what things to put together.

  46. Isn't it the most comfortable thing in the world to know what "are?" It make looking at clothes so much easier. You can appreciate something that is cute as a button on someone else and know that you will never buy it. Not to waste your time or money. I think that the older you get, the more you can settle into yourself in so many ways. I don't know what I am yet, but I do know two things I am NOT. One is the "mom uniform" and the other is the "southern girl."

    The mom uniform is mom jeans, walking shoes and the same t-shirt just repeated in different colors day after day. Not that there is anything wrong with this, it's comfy, quick and easy...I love ALL of those things. But I also LOVE variety, a dress, a skirt, something from the other side of the closet.

    The southern girl...just can't do it. This is the coordinating capris and top/blouse. Shoes that match your purse...changing out your purse to match your outfit...oh heavens...just can't do it. Again, it looks so very well put together, nothing wrong with it. But this just doesn't fall under the category "easy" to me.

    So there you go. I guess I'm variety mixed with easy...whatever that looks like!!

  47. i like your style, especially the outfit with the ruffles and pin stripes and gray and a jacket.

    i am the funky pattern girl. always have been. most of my life that was misdirected which resulted in flowered stirrup pants at one point. but i loved them and i was totally committed. hoping, hoping, hoping that i've reigned that in and learned to edit a tiny bit!

  48. Shannan!!
    You could be a stylist for so many fashion companies! You have a serious knack for color and texture! Impressive and *gosh* you are pretty!
    I just loved this post! and.... Neat Lego's just hanging out over there on your shoulder. ;)


  49. I'm "I want your style" but my style is good by me. Let's see.... I currently have purple in my hair just to make me smile in the dreary winter months.... I love knee high socks with my brown, worn boots.... I'm layers and texture... and often, whatever is clean :) Oh, my two and four year old little girls tell me I'm pretty and they like my dresses... that holds the most water for me.

    I sometimes wonder if it is a good thing that my high school students compliment me on my "style" or if I weight should be given to the awkward foreign language teacher that gives me a chuckle when she sees me more days than not.... I'm going with the students. :)

  50. I had to laugh when you made the comment about your son. I'm not a mom, but until a month or so ago, my dog started to panic whenever she saw me getting ready or wearing "real clothes." I do at least now have a comfy pair of jeans that I hang around the house in and can do my housework. But as for my style? I'm pretty plain this time of year (I'm wearing a coat whenever I go out anyway). But come spring, I'll be wearing dresses galore...

  51. To the girl who has flowers on a farm, I love your style. I love it because you can wear a belt and look so good styl'in it. My style is haute junker couture. On any given day, no matter if I'm dressed up or not, you will see some dried paint on my clothing. Usually white paint because everyone wants their furniture painted white. I have come to believe white goes with everything, even if it is splattered on my clothing. :)

  52. I try try try to wear cute little shirts, but they wear me and the collars stick up wierdly. Sigh. Would love to wear them, you look cute in yours.

    I am a layers all the way girl, usually grey and white, so we do have that in common. Wear jeans far too often, or denim skirt with boots. Slightly tomboyish - waistcoats,leather jacket and biker boots but never at the same time, but am blonde and girly so don't look like a real biker!

    Love to dress up for a party though! Like heels, but only wedges. Rock a wedge heel. Would love to wear slutty heels now and again but am strangely thick of ankle ( nice!!), so it isn't gonna happen! Fun post, but frankly, you'd look still look fantastic in a sack, so pretty are you!! xxx

  53. I love the layering you do! And I'm a one piece of jewelry girl also?)

  54. You are so cute, I love your style. A little funky, casual, comfortable and very creative...I want to be like you. Most days I am a jeans and t-shirt kinda gal, but I love to look pulled together with fun clothes and interesting jewlry. Most days I wear one necklace, studs in my ears, and a pony tail. Not very exciting! I am loving my jazzercise clothes...soooo comfortable!

  55. You are so darn cute, and photogenic! I love your style. I however, have no style. Baggy old pants and shirts around the house. Decent pants/jeans and shirts outside the house! Plus I loooove my cowboy boots.

  56. I'm mostly a jeans and t-shirt with maybe some earrings and my hair tied back kind of girl. I so wish I had style, but I've tried and it's too much work!

  57. I'm definitely a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl. In summer I add flowery skirts, tanks/t-shirts, and sandals.

  58. I am a been-raising-five-kids and now-the-baby-is-two so I-can-buy-realy-clothes-again mommy. Long dresses, short skirts, sweaters and cute tops. It feels so good to have a style once again!

  59. Definitely a pony-tail, over-large-hooded sweatshirt, baggy sweatpants, socks and crocs. Yup that's me in a nutshell. or rather on a Tuesday afternoon.

    I am lovin' the state shirt over red-checks. Probably my favorite of your styles. It just looks so comfy.


  60. Well, call it what you must, I like it.

  61. This is fabulous inspiration for a blog post.
    I'm a PJ's on the minute I walk through that front door, bun in the hair, glasses on, kinda girl on the inside. On the outside I'm a wannabe trendsetter who is not very trendy at all, the skinny jean wearing, suede shoe wearing, (either mocassins or boots) T-shirt lovin, always havin a sweater like a grandma, comfort over trend kinda gal. I love personal style and yours is Fabulous!

  62. I'm a cozy, comfy girl at home, pjs on at 7:30 pm, but skirts & t's, dresses, flip flops, and lip gloss kind of girl out in public. BTW, the way, you can find me in the same stripped socks you're wearing in the 1st picture...and they're not old lady. Old ladies still wear their knee hose even when at home! :)

  63. I'm all that but mostly the gray and on sale with a healthy dose of exercise/yoga pants. Uh-huh, and that ponytail happens most of the time, too. Love ya flowerpatch. I've been a fan for awhile but usually don't comment. Oh and I think I've heard you're from too :) Grew up in Huber Heights and now live further south in Springboro. Lots of family in Tipp City and of course love the Mum Festival. That's where you're from, right?

    Have you been to the Greene in Beavercreek? 'Cuz let me tell ya they have have a store there, Charming Charlie, super, duper cute with great prices. Picked up two adorable sweaters there yesterday for...$9.99 each! Seriously, they are waaay too cute for this almost 33 year old mama of three. But I'm coming to grips with rockin' 'em out in the minivan. I tell myself I can pull it off....and I got THREE compliments from the ladies in our small group (go me). You gotta check it out.

    Angie...from Ohio :)

  64. Jeans and t shirt, baby! White cotton v neck, and blue that fits just right. Could totally live in that for evahhh!

  65. I'm totally in love with your style! I do wear a LOT of gray, love to layer t-shirts, love to layer period - but in the South that is fairly unpractical most of the year. Love stripes, flowers, more of a ruffles and romantic kind of look. If I feel good in it - then I love it :)

  66. For like two weeks I've been thinking about doing this kind of post! I even took a few pictures. I'm so afraid that I'm getting stuck in a look and making myself seem older.

    I'm pretty much a t-shirt (long/short/layered) with a cardigan or a jacket (I have denim, kacki, cord). In the summer, I'm a cotton skirt with a tea shirt. Like every single day. It's all the same with me. I just shed the jeans and sweater in summer.

    Very fun post and I really like your look.

  67. I like your look! And by the way T-shirts over long sleeves is just smart, it practically doubles your wardrobe!

  68. And you're beautiful!
    Creative,Id say..very!
    Love your do it very well!
    Im a blue jeans girl with simple hoops and bracelet for jewelry, a mist of Cliniques' Happy and Im good to go!
    Not complicated at all..just simple living and simple style..mostly whatever I feel like wearing :)

    Deborah xo

  69. t-shirts, jeans and flip flops just might sum me up!

    love the 'prep' too

    do tell where you found your grey 'state' shirt...i'm looking for one of those!

  70. Love your style! I definitely have a different thing going on while on maternity leave. Work will change that but I'm enjoying my no-heels, ponytail days. I smiled when Calvin asked you where you were going. Anytime I have a shower lately, Deaglan asks me where we're going. How embarrassing. Maybe I need to shower more often. Or not:)

  71. I AM TIRED OF MY MATERNITY clothes! But, yet I still love my "M-Jeans" I used to be called a fashionista. And disliked that stamp. It made me feel like I had nothing better to do than dress at my best. But, a lot of my clothing came from Europe (I had just moved from Holland to the US. So our clothes looked different...)So I decided to go to church in old overalls and that shocked everyone, but took care of it.
    Now I am a "shoe" person (Is that bad? Hubby says I can only wear one pair at the time. And love to make clothes for my girls. By the way, I too get asked by the kids where we are going if I pull something unusual out of the closet. He He he he he he. I would never leave home without make-up on. 5 kids later I love to leave the home without make-up. Funny... ;)

  72. Oh, I forgot to add...
    I AM ME!! Nothing more nothing less. Dress as I feel or seize the day! The only way I can be ME.

  73. I'm with you in the gray.
    Love to add pops of colors.
    Love cardigans and soft jeans.
    Nothing too fussy.
    You could be my style guru!
    xx Suzanne

  74. Love, love, love the red plaid shirt with the gray state t-shirt.
    Love it.
    And that last pic of you in the green v-neck? That is quite possible my very favorite picture of you evah!
    Such a pretty Farmgirl.
    I am, without a doubt, jeans, white tank with a hoodie. And probably Converse kicks. Flip-flops for sure if it's nice and my pedi is somewhat updated.
    Fun post, Shamu!

  75. I'm so missing you and our random emails here and there. I am in "crunch" mode these days and graduation creeps towards me.

    I love your style...maybe b/c I share so many aspects. I heart my long sleeves under my short sleeves..and yes..grey/gray is my favorite splash of color. I am a solids-a-holic with a twist of neutral blandness...I call it classic.

    I am a wishful JCrew/Banana Republic wannabe that easily falls for the sparkle of the red clearance tag at Target.

    I want to be friends with an Anthro girl in hopes of looking more chic just by association...which is probably why I claim you as a dear friend...oh and maybe because your soul is also pretty darn spiffy too. :)


  76. Well, I dig your style. For reals.

    I'm a skirts and flip flops kinda girl. If I could talk my hubby into moving someplace warm 365 days of the year, I would pitch every single pair of pants, and never look back . :)

  77. You're so cute! With that bod you could totally wear anything! I'm a great-fitting-pair-of-jeans kind of girl. Everything else is negotiable. I mostly like button-down shirts and cowgirl boots. But I am also a flip-flop gal (can't beat the price!)You will rarely see me in shoes with laces, I'm lazy like that. Oh and don't forget a great support for the gals. After six kiddos I shore need one!! No skimpy for me! For now my style is whatever I can find for a good deal and fits. :-) xo j

  78. one thing that I do know you are and that is really beautiful! are super duper gorgeous Shannan.
    I feel like I have finally found what I am or perhaps it is what I am not...I am not one to look all perfectly know with the blow dried hair and the gel nails and the coordinated outfits. I take my time buying one or two pieces in the spring and the fall that make me feel a little current and they go with all my good stuff that I've had for 10 years. I'm about messy hair and little jewelery...seriously who has the budget to buy all this jewelery?

  79. I just love and adore your wardrobes and outfit choices! It certainly compliments you!

  80. I just adore and love every outfit you wore! They all look pretty and stunning on you.

  81. You have fine-tuned your style. Weeded out the things that don't flatter, don't make you feel good or just don't make you happy to wear. That's when you look your best!

  82. You are gorgeous! I am a lot like you. I have had my boys wonder where we are going just because i got dressed that day. I am trying to figure out my style right now after purging all the stuff that was hideous. I am figuring I'm am a bit prep/classic because of my love for nutrals and stripes. I love on peice of great jewelry at a time too. I love your style. Love the skirt with the button up under the shirt. And I love you stripes (on the bench) AND that belt with that green sweater. I also love your plaid, but I can't seem to pull plaid off very well.

  83. Man, I hate when I don't check my spelling...=]

  84. I am reclaimed-wool-and-cashmere-sweaters from Salvation Army worn over a long-sleeve, round-neck t-shirt, paired with Levi's 526 slender-bootcut jeans.

  85. i really like your style! is a distinct look...and you look great in it!..cudos for finding one that works so well!...i am a jeans and yoga pant kind of girl...although i know i tend to go the yoga pant way when i've been overeating...(with absolutely no yoga in sight) i've been making myself wear pants with waist just realised that my "fashion style" has at its roots fallen so far that my only criteria right now is pants with no elastic waist bands...oh man!!!...

  86. Its been fun watching my fashion plate daughter evolve. Now I enjoy watching my pumkin pie make her mark in the fashion world.

  87. I can't believe Mama just mentioned Fashion Plates. I LOVED fashion plates. Now, my daughter does too. That's what your style reminds me of...a bunch of different pieces that in some artsy way just fit and go together whichever way you match them. I must say, since reading your blog, I've been takin notes. I've become a bit more brazen about mixing and matching some of my favs with the old and the new... I've come up with some fun new outfits, without buying a brand new thing...from Salvation Army. That's my style. Whatever's cookin at Salvation Army.

  88. Love your style, Shannan. I'd say it's jcrew....preppy, layered, and looking comfortable in your own skin. I'm.....mostly paint-smattered! When I get myself cleaned up: jeans, ruffly ts, warm wrappy sweaters. I'm looking forward to casual easy skirts and flip flops and short sleeves!!!! Fun post.

  89. I love your style and wish I could pull off the way you dress! I am most comfortable in jeans, t-shirts and flip-flops. I do love anything with a ruffle and it's pretty typical of me to buy the same shirt it multiple colors, which would really be brown, cream and white... boring, but they are my favorite colors!

  90. I've never rocked any look, but am just thrilled to death to be able to wear jeans, since it was NOT allowed when I lived at home.

    I am trying to figger out my look since I am a Nana now. Oh, wait, I already DO dress like a Nana! Hahaha!

    I have never been bejeweled, glitzy, pink and poofy, or manicured, pedicured, and made up with makeup in a regular basis....

    I guess you might say I am a plain Jane! Jeans + long sleeved tee and a vest and in the summer it's crop pants and a tee and floppy floppies, preferably with painted toenails and a farmers tan!

    I am

  91. You would be voted both. I wouldn't mind having your style. Actually, I'd settle for seeing your person....some day....soon.

  92. I am... super hot once a week for Sundays, sweats and disheveled hair the other 6 days. You know, no one would be impressed with Cinderella's makeover if she weren't wearing rags the rest of the time! :)

  93. your so cute it's ridiculous;)
    I'm mostly number 2 and 3 of your photos above and after that comes whatever the goodwill has to offer:)

  94. I used to think I was the most punky-retro fashion queen...and maybe i was. But now I'm a mom and I'm trying to still look cute, which involves some vintage but mostly dark wash skinny jeans and lots of gray tees and cardis. And turquoise cowboy boots which I'm trying to make go with everything, just cause they're so comfy:) Loved your post-you are adorable!!

  95. This is the second blog post I've read in the last month talking about personal style. Both have gotten me thinking...what is my style? So, I'll try to nail it down.

    I used to be more trendy and pulled together when I worked, but now that I'm a stay at home mom, it has changed to comfort and functionality. Currently I'm eight months pregnant so I'm wearing whatever fits and is comfy.

    When not pregnant, I'm jeans and tees (short sleeve or longs sleeve depending on the weather) and sweaters in the winter. I love knit skirts and dresses in the summer with flip flops. I like cute ballet flats and sneakers. I wear a lot of solids so I try to jazz things up with scarves and jewelry, but it doesn't always happen. I'm determined to better define my style once I don't have my big ol baby belly.

  96. loved this post! I think you've got fab style and I applaud your layering skillz!!
    I'm an on sale mixed with 1 splurge a year. Always mascara mixed with hat over dirty hair on my day off. I'm 'rather be over dressed than under dressed' who's married to "i'd rather be in hospital pants'. So, I haven't quite nailed down my style exactly, but I know if hubby and I look at 2 outfits, the one i like most will be the one he likes least...and I'm okay with that :)

  97. I liked this post & all the comments too. I'm a soft jeans, boots & flipflops, punch of color kinda girl. During the week I rock the dirty ponytail and black yoga pants except for Wednesday. I actually see people on Wednesday so I wash my hair and everything. :) I had dinner with friends a few weeks ago and Lacey asked me if I was going to church. Apparently nice hair & clothes = church.

  98. i just found you and I am so happy I did!

    it seems we share a love of lots of layers and lots of stripes!!
    Double happy dance!

    cheerio :0)


    Sharing with you the style of my littlest!

  100. Like everyone else here: always love your looks! I used to do the tshirt over the button down also, but it feels like every couple years I switch between basics and patterns....right now I think I'm a mix of everything! For work, I'm a pencil skirt or a dress...almost always baring my legs. On the home front, I've converted to the skinny jeans and tall boots with any sort of shirt up top. Always the Jcrew look at the target prices! :)