Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My Life - Kitchen View

I've realized that the whole of my life, at least this week, can be summarized entirely by glimpses of just one room in my home - my kitchen.

We talk more and more about the unnecessary space we have, about the simple truth that most of our living happens in just a couple of rooms.

It's not that everything's eternally rosy in the kitchen. It's got its Dark Chocolate moments along with some soggy broccoli moments, to be sure.

Look to your left and you'll probably see this.

Look to your right, and the scene doesn't improve a single bit.

But the trick is, keep looking. Don't stop for too long on the dirty dishes or the box of diapers worth its weight in gold. Look past it, because there's more.

If grocery day means that my kitchen is a wreck? Well, I'll take a messy kitchen every single week, thankyouverymuch. I'll not complain about $1 pineapples and the limitless virtues of the ordinary lemon.

And it may be true that my table is so covered with paint and marker that I long ago gave up trying to remove it...

But I'll celebrate these people every chance I get, so pass me the blue, along with the widest brush you can find. Heck, get the glitter out.

Show me a cooped-up afternoon and I'll show you Pig Patrol, on display now for six days running.

In case you hadn't noticed, I'm having a bit of a moment around here. Maybe it's the birthdays or maybe it's the coming-nearer flutter of Spring. Maybe it's the memory of where I was exactly one year ago. Maybe it's my Girl saying the Lord's Prayer all on her own while I tucked her into bed. Maybe it's Truth raining down on all sides.

I think it's a little bit of everything, boxed up and tied with baker's twine.

It's the best dinner ever, with left-overs for tomorrow.