Sunday, September 18, 2011

Minnie Pearl

Ruby emerged from the bathroom, without warning, looking like this:

I laughed.

I mean, it was funny! And unexpected. And we like to clown around up in our hood.

But I knew in a split-second that it wasn't a joke.

And it chipped off a tiny piece of my heart.

She looked disappointed and a little embarrassed.

I felt like the worst Mommy ever.

So I quick-recovered. (You can do that with 4-year olds.)

I raved about her beautiful hair decor.

It is pretty stinking cute.

PS - This conversation occurred this afternoon, on a frazzled, last-minute Target run for Spanx and church shoes:

Ruby: Mommy, do you know that when people are printhetheth (princesses) they thumtimeth (sometimes) wear little white gloveth (gloves)? Or actually, long, white gloveth?

Mommy: Yes, I remember that! You know a lot about princesses, Ruby.
Ruby: Yep. And thkunkth (skunks).

PSS - I never, ever, ever, ever spell embarassed or occured correctly. Never. I'll leave the proof, in case you're inclined to not believe me.

I need a double-consonant intervention,