Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Mercies Made New

Well, yesterday wasn't one for the record books.

I take that back. It may have, indeed, been one for the Most Spills In One Day (don't ask) record books.

But other than that? I'm quite happy to have turned the page.

We did have a stellar 5:30-6:30 hour. So there's that.

But once the kids were in bed, I found myself in a most pitiful way, without an ounce of joy or vigor.

I took to my bed, at 8:00 in the pea-em.

I read for a while and then Cory came in and told me all kinds of stories that made me think and laugh.

Then he brought me an orange and I ate it. In bed.

Then Silas woke up crying so we brought him down and sandwiched him between us while we time-traveled back to our trip to Charleston, two years ago.

He was interested to see Mommy and Daddy in the photos, but even more-so to see the wide variety of light fixtures. Or, as he might put it, "De pitty lights."

Our trip to Charleston* wasn't really one for the record books, either, now that I think about it.

No offense, South.

But it was chilly and rainy and expensive and all we did was walk-walk-walk.

We had fun. We relaxed.

But there was no hot sun, and in my book, a true vacation requires one Hot Sun. And two books.

Alas, as is always the case, these sub-par memories age so well, and last night I found myself wistful for those 3 Carolina days.

The Spanish Moss.

The Willow Edging.

The hours and hours of walking on sidewalks like these.

The gorgeous homes.

The quirky bits.

Fort Moultrie.

OK - that was a lie.

I am not wistful for Fort Multrie.

But the Camellias!

Oh, how I pine for the Camellias.

Hours and hours and days and days of hanging around with this guy.

(All of these photos were taken with my wimpy ol' point-and-shoot.)

(Cory took lots of fancier ones with his beast.)

And speaking of fanciness, I took my first photo in Manual mode yesterday:

It's a stunner, no?

Ha ha ha!

I still have no idea what I'm doing.

But it entertained me for about 36 seconds.

This photo has no bearing on anything in this post, except for to illustrate why my days are sometimes difficult. And she travels in a small posse.

The moral of the story is this: Not every day can be a crowd-pleaser.

But, if at the end of the day, you find yourself under an electric blanket with an orange in hand, those rough edges do file down a bit, just as they did for the dreary vacation.

And if everything you more experienced Mamas say is true, I'll one day look back on yesterday with wistfulness. I like that.

Tell me - what was your orange-in-bed from yesterday?

Instructions for Africa dresses coming tomorrow!

Pinky swear.

* Youn's are worrying me up in the comments! Yes - LOVE the Carolinas. I love them both! We simply got buggered with unfortunate weather. my mind, there is a sizable difference between a "fun trip" and a "vacation". This was more of a fun trip. I will most definitely go back again. I cherish the thought...of always having you here by my side, oh Baby I cherish the joy, you keep bringing it into my life.

(That goes out to you and Charleston.)