Thursday, March 3, 2011

Items Too Important to be Labeled "Miscellany"

First of all, can I just tell you how much I loved reading about your oranges in bed? There's certainly something to be said for getting fun comments, but peeking into meaningful, personal slices of your life brings it to a whole new dimension. You guys fill me up, all the livelong day.

So. My pal Lindsay worked her tail off last night to bring you easy-peasy, step-by-step instructions for the Africa Dresses. You'll find them right here.

And that brings me to something else I love about allay'all: your hearts.

So many of you asked how to get involved, how to sew up a pillow frock, how to host your own party, where to send the loot. This is what makes the world go round. It's not fancy kitchens or Louis Vuitton bags or even a pretty meal, come dinnertime. It's a heart cast from paper mache, painted up with every color in the swatchbook, the hurts and heartbreaks of others Mod-Podged straight onto its surface. I've never lived better than when my heart began to break for the boy walking down the street alone, or the man living in a tent on the riverbank. I've never understood joy more clearly than when I started to pluck up pain from beyond my own circle and staple it right next to my own. And I have a feeling you understand exactly what I'm talking about.

Also, this project is actually called "Dresses for Africa", but I have a feeling Ruby will be sporting one come June and I was ear-to-ear when I saw these beauties, with their twinkly eyes and shy smiles and yardages of bed linen. While you're looking at the lovelies, take a few extra minutes and read the words. Homegirl shuts it DOWN with this post (in the best possible way). It's a must-read for anyone who's ever considered adoption or believed that we really are commanded to care for orphans.

Finally, I bring you this.

My friend Emily is so many things that I struggle to list them here, in this moment. I have been fond of her from afar for years and only recently had the privilege of meeting her in person. In that fleeting moment, she offered unabashed encouragement and insight. She made me tear up and cried right along with me. She has a way of pouring truth stirred up with love, just when your glass is found empty. She is the real deal, and Sister Friend can write.

Watching her talk about being a Good Girl was sort of like looking into a mirror. (We even have the same eyes - but that's not really the point.) Click here, and I imagine you'll see yourself in there right along with us.

You can pre-order her book here.

Happy Thursday, Loves! I am currently sporting a Home Depot apron, courtesy of Silas. I spent the morning purging and Cory's hideous Bush Administration mock-turtleneck was the first to hit the chopping block. Freeeeeeeedommmmmm!

And the icing on the orange? I'm having dinner with Sarah tonight - at Mazatlan. Woot!


  1. Okay Girl! Now my heart is turning in high speed! I took a peek at that blog - Haiti.....Lord willing, I'm spreading my wings and landing there come August! I must get busy locating some beautiful cases and sewing, sewing, sewing! I'll have to go back and read the blog - how many tears will I shed those precious babies....

  2. um? just...thank you. I don't know what else to say about your support and encouragement and wonderfulness.

  3. I'm so not sure I could ever help with sewing a dress. I wonder if I could supply cute pillow cases to people who actually know how to sew. I have a machine, just no sewing brain. I find it funny that I never took home ec 'cause I was gonna be a "career girl" and now I'm a crafting fool who wishes she could sew.


    I heart you. owe you an email. want to meet emily too. so happy you did. off to read her post now!! :)

  4. I love this... and I'm realizing all the blogs I regularly read are very interconnected with friendships: Emily, Courtney, you, another Emily... I like that. :)

    I was also thinking after reading this, loads of girls will now get cute little dresses, but what about the boys?!? I found a great tutorial online for bandana pants/shorts that will fit boys ages 4-10, if anyone's interested: I know what I'm buying on my way home from work today!! :)

  5. you are so gosh darn right. i love what happens in our heart when we release our demands from thi life and dedicate ourselves to leaving this world better. wether that is sewing a pillow dress, really BEIN there for your baby, or passing out free smiles out purpose. it's a beautiful thing. aaaand... can i just say-- ruby and i both may be caught wearing something similiar this summer... i wonder where i can find an extra long king size vintage pillowcase??? ;)

  6. ok, i need to go back because i'm a little behind, but
    i love that you & emily met.
    i think ya'll are both beyond awesome

  7. I love Emily too. Man she can write is an understatement. You are right in that caring for others fills me right up and over the top of my cup. Love you girl!

  8. I'll have to check out the links
    hope you have a great weekend!

  9. Beautiful words! Just beautiful. That line about taking others pain and stapling it next to your own? Loved it! I read it over four times. Good, good stuff. I have some pillowcases in my sewing basket waiting to become dresses. Thank you for sharing this!

  10. I love your heart sooo much, I don't know how else to say that. Your words, your love, your care and sweetness for those with less just makes my heart ache with a happy and blessed rhythm. Thank you for always being so real. I went over to the Hatti blog, my heart just breaks for those sweet babies, I am right along with the masses that say "I wish I could..." Her post was very insightful, wish I new how I could really impact those sweet kids lives. I hate they don't have a Mommy or Daddy, and I wish I could be one to all of them. My arms are just not long enough, but my heart sure is big enough. Thank you for bringing their faces into my home, my prayers now have a face, smile, brown eyes, and lovely brown skin to attach to! Enjoy your girl time tonight!

  11. Amen, lady! To the thoughtful pillow casers, and for your Emily comments! The second I saw those dresses, they reminded me of the ones my mother used to dress my older sister and I in, matching, of course, when we were kids. I so wish my sewing machine had not broken...4 years ago...

  12. Wow. Thanks so much for sharing. I have pre-ordered my copy. The dresses are adorable. Love your blog and your sweet heart. Be blessed :)

  13. Love the dresses and love seeing you share about Emily. :)

  14. Gotta say it. I love this blog! I've been reading and not commenting because I'd be gushing and rambling. But I need to say it: Love it here! Truly!

  15. I just so happened to come across not one, but TWO vintage pillowcases while I was PRE-Spring cleaning and baby nesting today! Lordy, mercy they are just what I need to make two snazzy little dresses like this!

    I'm taking this idea, stealing it and running like the wind with it farmgirl!

  16. I love Emily...and those dresses...and your inspiration. I have a sewing machine that is fixed and an excuse to actually shop for something that isn't food or toilet paper! Thank you.