Sunday, March 13, 2011

Do Not Try This At Home. No, really. Don't.

It's March Madness, ya'll'uns. (As my friend Benny likes to say.)

And in my world March Madness does not involve a bracket, or a "spreadsheet", as some might say.

It involves 2 birthdays.
1 Gotcha Day.
2 Weddings.
1 Church Pictorial Directory.
1 exciting out-of-town-visitor.
And the general mayhem of my everyday life.

As I'm prone to do, just when I can't handle any more Madness, I create some, out of thin air.

Or, out of a Funfetti cake mix, as the situation were.

Behold, the Lego Head Cake Pop.

Have Mercy, Marvin.

These cake pops were very nearly the death of me.

Dumb Legos.

Even worse? I wasn't planning to make them.

I went browsing for a hum-drum Lego cupcake topper and stumbled upon the idea, quite accidentally, quite tragically.

(I just attempted to link back to the original site, and it seems the site is down. You'll thank me for that.)

I wrestled these wily dudes until 2:30 in the ayem.

The following morning Calvin ran into my room and said, "I love them! Are they snowmen?"


The melted candy was gloppy.

The cake was mushy.

The sticks were unruly.

The painted faces were rage-inducing.

But homeboy loved them.

Especially when he figured out what they actually were.

We took them into his class and they were a hit.

There was a moment where it seemed that they may crack a few kindergarten baby-teeth, but in the end, everyone made it out unscathed.

I love that my boy loved them.

I also love the outfit he chose for his Big Day.

But I do not love these yella fellas.

And neither should you.

Not Bakerella


  1. you are hilarious. 2:30? You are also crazy. And probably tired.

  2. also? I think they look pretty good, but I'm no lego head expert.

  3. they look great-- i totally recognized them! what a great break from the typical classroom brownies or sugar cookies.

  4. As long as everyone's teeth got out unscathed so that great big toothy grins could be captured celebrating the fun - that's all that really matters....right?

    xx Felicity

  5. Lego Luke would LOVE those. So I mustn't let him see. Also... check our Lego Luke. He and homeboy have similar taste.

  6. Those are a-doreable! Do you have the Lego head sorter for all those pesky little legos? LOVE it!

  7. E - Lego head sorter? Lego head sorter? Must. Find. Now.

  8. Someday when you look back at pictures of those lego heads you will love them, and you will love yourself for having done it all for your sweetums. You're a pretty awesome mama for making those yellow snowmen!! ps I like their expressions!

  9. Love your blog, love you, love the cake I made for my little guys 3rd bday this week- check it out! Something all mom's should have in their back baking glove! I will link you to my baking post and then todays's post shows the "cut into" picture- awesome! Think the neon pastels for a girls version.

  10. Hello, I have read your blog for sometime and love it and your wonderful photos. I have a question for you. I am asking a few blog momma's who I think have some great photography skills (sadly I DO NOT):) if they would be at all interested in getting a dress/outfit/gift certificate from my little online boutique that you would take a picture of for me to use on the store site. I donate a good chunk of my profits to various causes...orphan care, adotion fundraisers...wherever I feel led that month :) and need to cut back on things like photographs so I am hoping a few people would love some fun clothes in trade for come cute photos!! Let me know if you are interested and you can check me out at Beautiful Brown Eyed Girl Boutique

    Thanks so much!
    Many Blessings,
    Amy Ruston

  11. TOO funny! I love that Calvin thought they were snowmen! His comments always crack me up!


  12. I completely sympathize. Totally.

    I made these once...

    They were the hit of the potluck, but it'll be a long time before I attempt them again. Cream-cheese 50-some-odd pitted olives... seriously? Thinly slicing red peppers and tying them around little penguin necks... are you kidding me?!? My brain musta be on some-odd that day!

  13. Hilarious. I give myself the same crazy punishments for every single big occasion. It's stupid... alas I do it every time! Glad the munchkin loved them!

    And Amy, I do photography on the side and I'd love to help. I have a 10 year old daughter and two nieces ages 1 and 2. (almost 2 and 3) I happen to think all 3 of them are pretty darn cute. Let me know if you are interested in having me do your photos!

  14. Those were just the cutest things evah! Oh how I miss homemade treats at school. They don't let us do that here. See it's good to live in the boonies;) Can't believe I'M exciting...YAY!

  15. I'm laughing, because I just bookmarked these on Thursday to make them, but I didn't find yellow melts at Joann's.

    I still have to try, because my boys saw the photos today on the original site. However, we will use those edible markers, because painting faces would be the death of me as well.

  16. my boys would looooove these! but i agree...they look very trying on the ol' sanity button. and legos in general give me anxiety, so i try to think about them as little as possible. what a good mama you are :)

  17. i really think they looked insanely cute. at the end of the day your little guy was happy and you know that the other kids in class will think you're the "cool" mama!! nice work!

  18. Wow - I am impressed!! They're adorable. And kudos to you for working on those until 2:30 am. Holy cakepops, batman. And that look on your little guy's face? Makes it worth every minute, I'm guessing. :)


  19. OMGsh FPFG!!! You have saved me tremendous heartache...I literally just licked the last seal of LEGO birthday party invites and these were definitely on the agenda for favors and school treats (though I was leaning toward the marshmallow version, which I confess I will likely still try). I know exactly the webiste of which you speak. Cute stuff, but thank you for sparing me the grief on this particular detail!


  20. ...That would be yellow snow!..and we never eat yellow snow...sweet innocence of youth!
    Your Lego Pops are fabulous!..What a great idea!
    I must admit I have had my fair share of Starbucks ones....aggghh.
    You are right one should never start something so cute they are addictive and adorable!

  21. Dear Not Bakerella, I'm impressed you even tried them. I might have been tempted to place an order for cake pops at Starbucks. But they wouldn't have been little Lego heads.

  22. Oh my goodness cute! What a mama.

  23. Very cute! You'd think making them would be a snap! waha! Get It? Snap?

    : )

    Julie M.

  24. You made your son's day...I love that! You're a good mommy!

  25. I love that the faces were rage inducing to you. Exhaustion sister. I've been there. Up all night making a bug cake! Oh lordy I thought it was going to be the death of me. Well, I have to say I'm impressed. I did a post a long time ago about these little cake pop thingamajigs.

  26. I will NOT show this post to my 6 year old son, who LOVES Legos. But he would probably want some sort of Star Wars Lego pop. I think yours look fabulous! You made your sweet son's day:)

    Here's my Cake Balls post. Sick name I know. :)

  28. Giosmama26@yahoo.comMarch 14, 2011 at 12:32 AM

    I asked my 7 year old what they looked like to him & he said, "Legos" right away so you did yourself a very good job there little lady.
    And I'm just loving your little mans response!

  29. Oh, the things we do for our children. God bless you, Sister.

  30. Oh the things a momma will do for a smile like that!

  31. My attempts at cake pops very nearly sent me to the mental institution.

    Not Bakerella Either

  32. Oh my, they turned out really well for being such trouble! I too despise baking, I just don't have the steady hand for it, sigh. Job well done in my book though!

  33. She makes them look so possible. I hate these cake ball things. Well - I love to eat them when someone fancier than me makes them stunning. I think you are under estimating the cuteness of the lego men all lined up. They really are adorable. And look at that happy face on your big man. Too cute.

  34. oh but I HAVE to try them!!!

    I just can't help it!

    You would be held higher than myself in this house if I showed my boys this post,

    which is why I am turning the computer off STAT!!

    Sorry :0)

    lovely to hear from you on my blog BTW




    ~happy Monday~

  35. It is odd to say those Lego cake pops are such a beautiful testament to a mother's love for her child? Some of my fondest memories from growing up are of the sweet sacrifices my parents (and most especially my mom) made for me. He may not appreciate or remember such specific things now or ever, but selfless love is certainly something not easily forgotten.

  36. My BFF is the owner of the CakePop Cafe. When you see Riley's birtday late June, know that she made his Lego Men, not his Mama. Incidentally, I am going to go and have a lesson of sorts on cake pop making. She needs an assistant for her big jobs. Homegirl pops out around 500 cake pops per weekend. Law.

    You done good, Shannan. It's a over but the cryin'. Now, you can be done with that too.

  37. I made cake balls ONCE so I can sympathize. The dipping was horribly frustrating. It looks so simple, but oh what a headache! Isn't great that the little ones don't expect perfection like we do? I highly recommend the food markers-I've used them on sugar cookies so I didn't have to do all the piping.

  38. Oh, but they are SO CUTE! My kids would adore these, but I don't think I'm a good enough mama to take on a cake pop. You did good though. Very, very good.

  39. They are absolutely the cutest things I've seen in a long time. Calvin's comments always crack me up! Snowmen?! Yellow?! - hahaha

    Well done!

  40. LOL I soooo feel your pain. I got that idea to make those oreo truffle cake ball things for mothers day a couple years ago. Getting those stupid things to stay on the stick and dip stupid ;) Your little lego guys are cute though Shan! Good job.

  41. Agreed. They're delicious *but* not as simple and easy as they seem! If you figure out the trick, please share.

  42. Gibson just ran up and said, "Hey! Lego guys!" So don't stress too much! Plus it's the love that went in, right?! (ps i won't be trying them anytime soon)

  43. Very cute & I'm glad to know I'm not the only Mama who stays up LATE doing these crazy things..

  44. I made pumpkin pops like these. They were so yummy, but that's it. Pretty? NO. Yours are so much cuter! Really.

  45. oh thank you for giving me a what not to do...i have two birthday snacks this week. thursday and friday. i am crazy. why oh why did i have boys with birthdays in the same week?!? hope you are well sweet girl. xoxo

    ps happy birthday to calvin.

  46. Adorable, and your kiddo loved them-most important! Cake pops, while cute and yummy, are a pain, I agree.

  47. this is EXACTLY the sort of treat i would HAVE to make for my kid's big day, were it not for the pre-packaged-treats-only rule for school birthdays. (silly school health mandates.)

    nonetheless. there's always home parties to bake for.

    and apparently i am not taking your warning seriously. (but in my defense, you have the make the results less cute next time...the temptation is overwhelming.)

  48. You crazy creative girl. If there was an awards ceremony for moms, you'd be walking the red carpet. : )

  49. Rage inducing faces...thanks usual..making me laugh today.

    PS: They really ARE quite cute!

  50. oh dear Lord - they are so cute! That first one was being all fresh with me and winking! And making Calvin happy...priceless!!! So I'm assumin' that March not be a good month for thee ole CK to show up on thee doorstep!? Poo and Boo.

  51. Well, good lawdy law. Now I understand! Holy hairy.

    You seriously went above and beyond, miss thing. For real. You should be so proud of those heads!! :) Glad they were a huge hit!!

  52. They look cute to me! I hate when I get deceived by a baked treat looking easy and then I end up destroying it. Barbie cakes are harder then they look!

  53. Oh, the things we do for our kiddo's! Lets just hope that they remember when we're old and need cup cakes :).
    Happy Day to Calvin!

  54. Happy Birthday! This post made me laugh! :) We have been moving and I haven't had internet, so I'm enjoying catching up on all your posts. Have a blessed week! xoxo ,cat

  55. Aww these are adorable! I love the idea! I am one of your followers!

  56. Oh, these really are cute! I love that you gave them unique expressions and a few mustaches now and again.

    I have my own cake decorating at 2:30 in the morning story, and it does not involve anything as cute as LEGO heads. It does involve a friend's husband's 50th birthday surprise party, a full size sheet cake, and a gust of wind. (She may never ask me to help. Ever. Again.) But it does have a happy ending.

    Happy birthday, sweet Calvin Lee!

  57. They look awesome though! Two thumbs up for sticking with it :) March and April are chock full of celebrations within my family (2 nephews, 1 sis, our anniversary, all 3 of our parents, and countless other cousins/aunts too....) so I hear ya on this time of year being crazy busy! Best keep our heads, energy, and enjoyment up! ;)

  58. What, may I ask, is a Gotcha Day?
    And, did you know they make Coast Guard legos?
    True story.

  59. You can be MY Bakerella.

  60. yep... been there done that... they are SO hard!! and take a long time... but OH MY WORD... tasty! I figured out that less frosting is better... smaller cake pops are better... reading all the instructions six times helps... and practice makes you improve your cake pop skills... but this notsoBakerella chick will NOT be making cake pop owls ever again! ha ha! I like the plain ones!! simple is good! and your lego guys were cute!! and do you know you can buy cake pops at Starbucks now??! =) I about died! they are a little over a dollar!??

  61. Hudson stuck a yellow lego head up his nose once. You've given me plenty of reasons for never wanting to make these cake pops...but thinking of one up Hudson's nose seals the deal.


  62. I am impressed! You went for the shaped cake pops! I have tried making them once and I just dill balls. I will be making them again in a few weeks for Easter and my daughter Coco's birthday. I think I will stick to balls. maybe an egg shape for Easter... LOL that should be easy enough. LOL Hope all is well! Hugs~ Jackie