Sunday, March 13, 2011

Do Not Try This At Home. No, really. Don't.

It's March Madness, ya'll'uns. (As my friend Benny likes to say.)

And in my world March Madness does not involve a bracket, or a "spreadsheet", as some might say.

It involves 2 birthdays.
1 Gotcha Day.
2 Weddings.
1 Church Pictorial Directory.
1 exciting out-of-town-visitor.
And the general mayhem of my everyday life.

As I'm prone to do, just when I can't handle any more Madness, I create some, out of thin air.

Or, out of a Funfetti cake mix, as the situation were.

Behold, the Lego Head Cake Pop.

Have Mercy, Marvin.

These cake pops were very nearly the death of me.

Dumb Legos.

Even worse? I wasn't planning to make them.

I went browsing for a hum-drum Lego cupcake topper and stumbled upon the idea, quite accidentally, quite tragically.

(I just attempted to link back to the original site, and it seems the site is down. You'll thank me for that.)

I wrestled these wily dudes until 2:30 in the ayem.

The following morning Calvin ran into my room and said, "I love them! Are they snowmen?"


The melted candy was gloppy.

The cake was mushy.

The sticks were unruly.

The painted faces were rage-inducing.

But homeboy loved them.

Especially when he figured out what they actually were.

We took them into his class and they were a hit.

There was a moment where it seemed that they may crack a few kindergarten baby-teeth, but in the end, everyone made it out unscathed.

I love that my boy loved them.

I also love the outfit he chose for his Big Day.

But I do not love these yella fellas.

And neither should you.

Not Bakerella