Sunday, February 13, 2011

Six On Sunday - Movies - 90's ed.

Oh, Court. You broke my heart, Court. You broke it in so many ways.

I've seen this movie ten times or more, and I cry every time, in the same ol' places. There's just something about the era, the weathered farm house, the sleeping porch, the banging screen door. This movie? It's my soul mate.

This scene is ripe as week-old bananas for a weep-fest:

Matthew: Now, Dani, you and Maureen are gonna be sisters for a long time. Maureen's been good to you all your days. Remember that.
Dani: Don't ask me to forgive her.
Matthew: You got a right to be upset. You got a right to be hurt.
Dani: You don't know what she did.
Matthew: I know enough. But I also know that Maureen's hurting real much as you...maybe even more. And if you get so involved in your own pain that you can't see when someone else is hurting, you might as well crawl into a hole and pull the dirt right in on top of you 'cause you'll never be any good to yourself...or to anyone else.
Sniff sniff.

I love you, Court.

Love you too, Dani. I'm gonna go out on a limb and say -You've got big things in your future.

This was hard-core early-high school sleep-over material.

Prissy girl.
Rough-house guy.
They hated each other.
They skated.
They still hated each other.
They skated.
They started not to hate each other with quite so much intensity.
They pretended to still hate each other, but we all knew better.
They skated.
They fell in love.
They kissed.

My friend Sarah, due mostly to these 2 hours of altered reality, believed for quite some time that the love of her life would initially come in the form of someone she couldn't stand.

Then Rick came along and he was actually quite lovable and the rest is history.

But we're not here to talk about a true love story.

We're here to talk about an oafish hockey player and a figure-skating actress that is pretty, but not so pretty that 16 year-olds hate her.

Final thoughts:

"Don't say we are not right for each other, for the way I see it we might not be right for anybody else." - Doug Dorsey

Whoaaaaaa - Man.
She was a thief.
You gotta believe.
She stole my heart and

Mike Myers, you prove that funny can cover a multitude of ills.

Also - you rocked that bowl-cut. Totally rocked it.

"It-ly? What're you doin' in It'ly"

For reasons I can't articulate, this is the quote I remember when I think of this movie.

RDJ has that effect on me.

This movie prompted within Sarah and I the desire to watch every movie he had ever been in. The next one we rented was "Less Than Zero". It was a real downer. And he's teeth were kinda funky, and we just really weren't prepared for that.

This movie? Utter perfection.

If you've seen it, you know exactly what I'm talking about.

The women. The quilts. The Dermot Mulroney.

I cry every. single. time.

Sophia + diving board = No further questions.

Oh, and Glady's mosaic of betrayal? Priceless.

Every woman should watch this movie.

And most men.

1. V-squared.
2. Cute little guy named Calvin.
3. Joey Lauren Adams = quirky and normal.
4. Weathered farm house.
5. Spaghetti sauce from the jar.

And that's all I have to say about that.

So tell me, what am I missing??


  1. Oh Shabsalot - this list is so you, I could have done wrote it meself. And regarding the funky teeth? I do be longing for the days that the Hollywood folk had their own chompers. I don't like all this veneering that is going on now a days. Whippersnappers. That's what they are. You are missing Moonstruck, you are. Now imagine my embarrassment if I Google it and find out it was the 80's. You still need to watch it.

  2. Well, I think that I have only seen one on your list... So I Married An Axe Murderer. And the reason I missed all the others is because I was watching it over and over. It is a crime I haven't seen Man In the Moon. Let's see.... I adored Sister Act (1 not 2) and Dirty Dancing. And She's Out of Control. Was Princess Bride in the 90s? If so, then that one is definitely missing from your list.
    Love this post!

  3. Court-dreamy! In my mind he was my boyfriend, now he's on Celebrity Re-hab, but it could actually be his twin hmmmm. Dazed and Confused would have to be on my list, a little Mathew, a little Ben!

  4. oh man in the moon....i too have watched that movie a hundred times. its my favorite next to Somewhere In Time....which i will say i still own both on vhs. :)

  5. I'm a big fan of You've Got Mail. And While You Were Sleeping. Habegger and I watched WYWS enough while we were in Ecuador that we quoted it in our sleep. No lie. Okay maybe it is. But it sounded good.

  6. The Man in the Moon, don't know how I'd missed it all these years, but I saw it one day a couple years ago on TV. OH. MY. WORD. That was one heart wrenching movie. And, Reese was perfect for it, and all the cast was just so PERFECT for this movie. The banging screen door was also one of my favorite things and that sleeping porch. I haven't seen the rest of your recommendations, but I will click over to NETFLIX right now and set some of these up!

    My recommendation for you is RUNAWAY BRIDE. It just barely makes the cut, coming in at the tail end...1999. BUT THE PUNS (they are wonderful! I mean "CURL UP & DYE! how cute is that?), the quirkiness, and the hilarity! But it still has a serious message and that was BE YOURSELF, not someone else! I still think that movie and the message of it will stand the test of time! And Julia Roberts was POIFECT for her part and I liked that she worked in a HARDWARE STORE, as did I when I was young! And I even loved that old hardware she worked at, and yes the customers are sometimes THAT annoying!!!
    (Fun post, m'lady!)

  7. Oh, The Man in the Moon is probably my all time favorite. I watched that on VHS so many times that I literally broke the tape. Thanks for bringing back the memory!

  8. Legends of the Fall was/is a favorite of mine. I can't quote you any lines (and I'm hard pressed to remember character names!), but every scene is imprinted into my brain. This was at the height of Brad Pitt hotness, it's too bad much has changed since then!

  9. To be honest, I was too busy having babies in the '90s to watch very many movies. But I have seen two on your list. "The Cutting Edge" . . . stupidest movie ever (my much-younger sister told us to see it so maybe it's a generational thing), but my husband and I laughed our way through it. The dialogue alone will just make you fall over laughing.

    "So I Married an Axe Murderer" is a family classic around here. Now my teenagers are watching it and quoting it. Love that one!

  10. SLEEPLESS IN SEATTLE! That was my movie in the 90's. My best friend & I watched that over and over and over until we wore out the tape. And then we got another. I can still recite it from memory. Ahhhh.
    My sisters & I loved Man in the Moon too. We watched it ALL THE TIME! Oh and My Girl! We watched that a lot too.
    Wow this is a fun trip down memory lane!

  11. I was one who caught Man in the Moon on TV and wondered how I had missed it. Legends of the Fall, yes. Others that I'm not thinking of because I'm not good at remembering movies unless they are Ann of Green Gables, Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility...get the picture?

  12. #1:i actually wanted to name one of our boys Court!
    #3:loved the parnets
    #4: liked it then, watched it recently and was utterly disappointed. though Bonnie is always a joy.
    #5: never liked. love the idea...just not the follow through (i.e., her cheating, etc.)
    #6: never seen

    you left out Bed of Roses which was my 90s love. although now it rates with Only You. Kinda pathetic people in a screwed up romance.

    ah fun to revisit. and promptly return!

  13. My dear friend who walks along the flower patch. I can raise my hand and say seen them all. Just watched Man in the Moon couple days ago on the boob tube. Must have been 101 times for me. Love it, but never think about it as boyfriendish. Cry like, oh I love my sister too. I could see myself, being the younger sister that I am, laying her head in my lap and letting her cry. Believe me when I say, I cried watching it just last week! Great list!

  14. Ten Things I Hate About You. Predictable but cute. Love the Shakespeare tale. Watched it so many times!

  15. I don't know, all that comes to mind, for me, is 80's flicks AND I'm still thinking about that sleeping porch...

  16. How about "The Sure Thing"? John Cusack at his best.:) LOVED The Cutting Edge! Two words- Toe Pick.:) I have not seen a Cool, Dry Place but you know I will now. Thanks for the great movie picks!:) Lori

  17. I've never seen Man in the Moon. How could I have missed what so many of you loved?!? Sleepless in Seattle, You Got Mail,and While You Were Sleeping are some of my favorite movies, but I still think the oldies are better.

  18. Oh how I extra love you for this.

    My middle name is Danielle. After Man in the Moon I went by Dani for one solid year.

    Aaron has So I Married an Axe Murder memorized...and our children even know the "Harriet...Harriet" song complete with bongo.


  19. I don't think I've seen ANY of those movies!

  20. I also vote for You've Got Mail (her apartment is perfect...her personality adorable...her shop...makes me want to own my own...) and While You Were Sleeping...this was in Sandra Bullocks earlier acting days and I loved her 'girl next door' appeal...

    Side-note: my husband saw the 'Axe Murderer' picture and exclaimed, "I LOVE that movie. I want it on DVD!" :)

  21. Can you believe I never saw any of these movies??!! Apparently I didn't watch many movies in the 90s. haha!

  22. My Mama wouldn't let me watch movies like this. I've only seen two on your list. Sad. My husband says I lived in a bubble. I had a sleepover at a friend's house when I was in the 10th grade. We watched Dirty Dancing and Beaches over and over all weekend to make up for the fact that I had never seen them in Jr. High with the rest of our friends. Sad. My Mama did me no favors, here. I stink at movie trivia, which we all know is important. And just so you know, I was to mary Court. I was. How sad. You wrote a lovely blog here. I feel like I need to renew my Netflix subscription to go and see what I missed.

  23. Hmmm, the only thing that pops into my mind is The Wedding Singer! Doesn't really fit in with your list, but being a child of the 80's, the music and the clothes just crack me flat up. So spot on.
    I have not seen The Man in the Moon. I'm thinking I need to remedy that situation, pronto.

  24. Girl, I am with you! You had my heart at "oh court"

    Years of memories came flooding back when I saw the title of that movie. It's been years since I've seen it and when I did last watch it, oh say 20 years ago, I watched at least thirty times.

    I'm ready to get my hands on it again and bring back some memories.

    Yes, yes and yes to the rest of em'.

    You have forgotten one...

    Oh, Johnny...{Dirty Dancing} or maybe that's just me;)

  25. Yep, when she goes back to the pond and sees him jump into the water (you know when I mean), my heart breaks in two. Seriously. Gosh. Makes me sad just thinking of it. I think you hit my two 90's faves with that and Cutting Edge. Love this post!

  26. I've seen them! I know you missed some, but my mind is like mush. Why when posed with a question every thought flees to the hills. GEESH!

  27. Ok - Man in the Moon is an all time favorite! I may be in the wrong decade, but Big, Moonstruck, Emma, Sense and Sensibility, Dirty Dancing,Legends of the Fall,Hunt for Red October, Dances with Wolves,TOY STORY!!!,Babe, and the list goes on. I love me some movies, and I don't care who knows it!

  28. Okay I cheated, I looked up movies in the 90's. Pretty woman, Sleepless in Seattle, Nottinghill...The Wedding Singer...Jerry Macguire. Those rock too. Now I feel better.

  29. Oh, and When Harry Met Sally!!! I wanted to be Meg Ryan in those days - of course, now I want to be Doris Day during the That Touch of Mink period!

  30. I was obsessed with The Man in The Moon and another movie called Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken. Thanks for bringing back such good memories. It reminded me of rewinding VHS tapes over and over just to see my favorite parts. My husband and his friends can quote almost all of So I Married An Axe Murderer. Here are a few of my 90s favorites. I just couldn't get enough of Hope Floats, You've Got Mail, Sleepless in Seattle, Notting Hill, Steel Magnolias, Sense and Sensibility, Pretty Woman...this list could get long so I'll stop now. Fun post!

  31. When Harry Met Sally tops my list.

  32. I've never seen any of these movies, in fact I think I've only "heard" of one... where was I? I guess that's what happens when you have a two year old and a new baby in 1990 and a husband that doesn't like movies, at all. I think I missed that decade completely. I'm feeling like I may need to get some of these on netflix, especially the Robert Downey Jr one.


  33. Oh my, The Man in the Moon, wow, that movie was HEARTBREAKING!!! I remember bawling my eyes out as my sister and I watched it together.

  34. You continue to prove to me exactly why we would be such good friends in real life.

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  36. Never heard of any of these - where was I??? Having three babies maybe! I think I was watching Four Weddings, Sliding Doors (LOVED that, was it the 90s - think so!), Jerry Maguire, Titanic, While You Were Sleeping, and the Merchant/Ivory films are what come to mind first. Now I have some others to look up!

  37. GREAT list! minus one - and i'm only saying this cause i have to be honest here. I did not like How to Make an American Quilt. i WANTED to love it, I wanted to put it on my fave list! while watching it, i kept TRYING and telling myself, its a good movie. but in the end, i just couldn't like it! maybe i'm just a sucker for predictable goodies! Shocked you didn't mention Sleepless in Seattle OR You've Got Mail! Two of my Meg Ryan faves for sure:) A post above mentioned Hope Floats and oh yes, how I adore that movie too (and its soundtrack which i still own and listen to!). How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days makes me laugh every time. And Dirty Dancing is just the classic of all classics in this category:) Lastly, i could not agree more on Man in the Moon. Love Reese Witherspoon - after all she is from TN, my home state! and this movie was fabulous.

  38. What a fun list. Cutting Edge was a huge favorite for my sister and me. I still have it on video. I've never heard of the last one!

    Other fun 90s movies: What About Bob? Joe Vs. the Volcano, Much Ado About Nothing, Little Women . . . I'm sure there are many more!

  39. Man. Gives. Birth. It's a fact! So happy to see that one on your list. Classic.

  40. Great selection!! One of my all time favorites is Return to Me. Check it out~

  41. Stellar selections! Couldn't have picked better ones myself. Also glad I enjoyed so many of them right there along side you. Oh remember When a Man Loves A Woman -- how could we forget? Remember how "wrecked" I was in Janet's dorm room after we watched it! Also - cracked me up what you wrote about the Cutting Edge - SO true!! It was my daydream! I remember you always questioned my thinking!

  42. Hope Floats!

    Oh, how did I forget that one? That scene where the little girl is crying super hard tears me UP!

  43. GASP! You commented on your own post! :) I LOVED Hope Floats... And for some reason, the VHS I watched a TON that came to mind when I read this was Dumb and Dumber. Definitely not the romantic "chick flick" like so many others have suggested, but definitely a favorite and one offensive movie that I still find time to quote. Happy Valentines Day friend! xo

  44. thanks for the suggestions now i have a few more to add to my netflix. :)

  45. oh man. i'm so glad the axe murderer made the cut. seriously didn't mean the pun. um...what about she's all that or 10 things i hate about you? quirky but 90s.

  46. OOoh! I LOVE So I Married An Axe Murderer and The Cutting Edge is in my home right now, thanks to Netflix. I know they're not 90's, but my go-to's are Two Weeks Notice and The Holiday. Oh, and Say Anything!

  47. OMG...I can't believe that you love "Man in the Man", it makes me cry every stinkin' time and I never tire! It also started my love affair with Reese Witherspoon, is that allowed?! We need a date soon and I am pretty sure it needs to involve watching this flick, because girlfriend I can always use a good cleansing cry :-)

    -Heather P.

  48. You had me at The Man in the Moon. But you already know about my love for that movie. Top it off with The Cutting Edge (Oh, D.B. Sweeney, you beautiful hockey playing man...) and Only You (RDJ? HELLO!) and your list is much like mine!!

    I'd have to add to it... You've Got Mail (Meg pre-plastic surgery), When Harry Met Sally (90's?) and For Love of the Game. (Minus Kelly Preston it would've been perfect. Was that in the 90's?)

    Now I want to watch romantic comedies all day! :)

  49. oh man, i have only seen two of these movies! the man in the moon and the cutting edge! but, the rest sound good.

    and i totally am ALL THE WAY IN, if the movie has dermot mulroney. he is just way too cute! i have the wedding date saved in my dvr so i can watch it whenever i want. he is just too adorable in that movie. i don't care that they gave it only 1 star, it's still really cute!!! i would for sure have had that on my list!!!


  50. Loved So I Married an Axe Murderer! To this day we say "Head! Move!" to anyone who walks in front of the tv. lol!

  51. I LOVE that you love So I Married....
    I quote it daily.

    We were meant to be friends.

  52. Man in the Moon!! It was my fav! Little known fact about me: I renamed my husband because of that movie! Everyone called him Courtney or Chuck (yah, Chuck...who wants to date a guy with that name?!hehe)So, I said, "I'm calling you 'Court'" Not many can say they named they husbands.

    I don't think I watched these other movies. My other 90's favorites are (were) Ghost, The Bodyguard, For Keeps, 8 seconds (mine and Court's first date), Pure Country....I'm sure I'm forgetting some good ones. I think some of what makes them good is watching them with friends and having good memories watching them. I'll have to check out your other favorites and see what you were really like in HS. :)

  53. Oh I do love the 90's! I was born in the early 80's, so all those movies were total middle and high school slumber party material. ooohh....I'm a mush for a good chick flick. It's been awhile. They make me happy--even if 90% of 'em make me weepy. It's good to have a good cry just for the heck of it every once in awhile!

    By the way, thanks for being my number one commentor on my blog as of late! :) It means a lot and I love ya!

  54. How about Untamed Heart? Orphaned, love-lorn, terminally ill boy lovingly stalks unknowing, flakey but loveable waitress? Both lives changed forever by their awkward, sweet romance. AND it's technically a Christmas movie too, which gets huge points in my book!

    And I saw The Man in the Moon once on TV from about a third of the way in a long, long time ago, and spent the next ten years wondering what the heck it was and wishing I could find it. I remember being so happy when I finally figured it out!

  55. I refused to watch The Man in the Moon for the longest time, because I knew after Jamie watched it, I knew it was full of tragedy and I didn't think my heart could handle it. It made me want to fall in love with a nice farm boy next field over (but then forbid him from doing any dangerous farming.) The screen door slamming is a vivid image from the movie for me. I want a front porch and wooden screen door.

    I LOVED all your picks. So I Married an Axe Murderer was one of the first movies Rob and I watched together when we were just friends and we laughed and loved it and quoted it for years. "Excuse me miss, there seems to be some mistake. I believe I ordered the large cappuccino. Hello!" Gabe just watched it with me (I sent him out of the room for the suggestive scenes) but he laughed until tears poured out of his eyes at the all the right spots. I love him for that. "Harriet. Haaaarriet! Hard-hearted harbinger of hagis...this" Bwahahaha!

    Additional 90's favs: While You Were Sleeping, Little Women w/ Winona Ryder, Robin Hood Prince of Thieves (awesome score! and Kevin Costner...Hello!), Fried Green Tomatoes, When Harry Met Sally, okay that's all I can think of for now. These are all movies I could watch over and over and still have most on VHS.

  56. My goodness! How I love your style. Yes, we can still be friends even though you love Valentine's Day and I'm semi luke warm on it. After today it's sizzling up rather quickly. I'm so glad you entered my giveaway, but to be fair I can only put you in the drawing if you're a follower of my blog. Total bummer I know. Good news is that only four people have entered so you have a REALLY good chance to win! Haha.

  57. I just realized a sad but true fact. I spent my nineties in med school. I have no pop culture memories for an entire decade. And I woulda missed Counting Crows if not for my Stevie. It's hard waking up and realizing you have a decade to make up for. I was 1/6 on that list. So sad. What else did I miss?

  58. These are great choices, there are a few I haven't seen in this list. I'll be sure to add them to my netflix list!

  59. Your list makes me a little uncomfortable. I'm not sure why. I think just maybe because I think your choices are weird and it makes me wonder if deep down we have enough in common to be true friends? Except for How to Make an American Quilt. Of course that is on the list. But I'm just thinking, this is the best you could do? I don't approve. And just so you know, I only added A Cool, Dry Place (which nobody has ever even heard of) because you said the words "Weathered farm house". I will report back soon.

  60. TOOOOEEE PICK! love that movie!

    love all of these - not totally in love w/ ax murderer, but 'heed. down. now.' & 'have you seen the size of the noggin' on that kid?' always make me laugh.

    faves of mine: clueless (saw it 6 times in the movie theater. what tha what?); excess baggage; blast from the past. wait - was i in love w/ alicia silverstone, or what?!

    love the blog, BTW.

  61. So I Married an Axe Murderer and Cutting Edge are awesome movies... I've downloaded a lot from the latter's soundtrack for my running tunes.

    However, my dear, you've totally missed Pretty Woman!! I know, it just barely squeaks in there being released in 1990, and in many ways it seems like an 80s movie, but 90s it is. I know some people balk at how it romanticized a less-than-favourable profession, but they did it so... romantically. And you can't argue with a man who's willing to let you buy yourself a whole new wardrobe... on Rodeo Drive... in one day.

  62. I just had to comment on this post. LOVE How to make an American Quilt, but you left off a few of my favorites!!! Friday!!! Dazed and Confused, Empire Records!!! All classics in my book! lol! Really. I loved those movies. Still do!