Monday, February 14, 2011


Well, for all of my yammering on about Valentine's Day, mine was, by all accounts, pretty typical.

We had big plans, yes we did, but sometimes plans fall through. Sometimes you have an opportunity to prove to yourself (again) that your love and your life is not leaning on any trappings.

Our day was ordinary, but I have learned that there is usually a little honey-dipped beauty in the ordinary. It's always there, somewhere. Sometimes it lingers and sometimes it flits.

Today it was a bit on the flittery side.

But even flits are meant to be shared.

Here's something you should know about me: I have a very dirty mirror.

Here's another thing: A dirty mirror + a blurry picture is my kind of wonderful.

You know what else is pretty wonderful? Finding a note addressed to me in the mailbox...from my honey. He left it in the mailbox, ya'lls. I happened upon it on the way to kindergarten drop-off; in the midst of my mundane.

I also found...


I'm always oddly excited to check the mail, usually for naught.

But today? Score.

We have a sick baby today.

I've held him most of the day. "I uppy!"

(That right there is beauty in the ordinary, in case you didn't catch it.)

Nana dropped off gifties.

I pulled a surprise for the kids straight from the Target bag - no pretty heart-paper, no hoopla.

We're kinda low on the traditional forms of hoopla around here.

So we make our own.

I braved the active yeast today.

I found the recipe in an advertisement. Who woulda?!

Oh, it was good. It was the only thing Siley ate all day.

And it made me feel brave and very Betty-esque.

Happy Valentine's, Ones I Love.

I cooked you a pot of soup.

I love our Ordinary.

Oh, and what are these? These are some vintage loveys from Cory's Grandma. I knew they were perfect for Valentine's Day!

I didn't really have in mind to keep them heaped up in a pile along with bills and notes and such, but here they are.

You know what? I still think they're awful pretty, stacked up there.

They still make me smile.

I hope your day was something special. I hope you felt around for it in the dark. I hope you plucked it out of the dirt pile and reveled in it - whatever it was.

And just so you know, I'm not nearly finished with this holiday.

Consider yourselves warned.