Monday, February 14, 2011


Well, for all of my yammering on about Valentine's Day, mine was, by all accounts, pretty typical.

We had big plans, yes we did, but sometimes plans fall through. Sometimes you have an opportunity to prove to yourself (again) that your love and your life is not leaning on any trappings.

Our day was ordinary, but I have learned that there is usually a little honey-dipped beauty in the ordinary. It's always there, somewhere. Sometimes it lingers and sometimes it flits.

Today it was a bit on the flittery side.

But even flits are meant to be shared.

Here's something you should know about me: I have a very dirty mirror.

Here's another thing: A dirty mirror + a blurry picture is my kind of wonderful.

You know what else is pretty wonderful? Finding a note addressed to me in the mailbox...from my honey. He left it in the mailbox, ya'lls. I happened upon it on the way to kindergarten drop-off; in the midst of my mundane.

I also found...


I'm always oddly excited to check the mail, usually for naught.

But today? Score.

We have a sick baby today.

I've held him most of the day. "I uppy!"

(That right there is beauty in the ordinary, in case you didn't catch it.)

Nana dropped off gifties.

I pulled a surprise for the kids straight from the Target bag - no pretty heart-paper, no hoopla.

We're kinda low on the traditional forms of hoopla around here.

So we make our own.

I braved the active yeast today.

I found the recipe in an advertisement. Who woulda?!

Oh, it was good. It was the only thing Siley ate all day.

And it made me feel brave and very Betty-esque.

Happy Valentine's, Ones I Love.

I cooked you a pot of soup.

I love our Ordinary.

Oh, and what are these? These are some vintage loveys from Cory's Grandma. I knew they were perfect for Valentine's Day!

I didn't really have in mind to keep them heaped up in a pile along with bills and notes and such, but here they are.

You know what? I still think they're awful pretty, stacked up there.

They still make me smile.

I hope your day was something special. I hope you felt around for it in the dark. I hope you plucked it out of the dirt pile and reveled in it - whatever it was.

And just so you know, I'm not nearly finished with this holiday.

Consider yourselves warned.


  1. Sounds like your day was just perfect in it's ordinariness. Happy V Day to you too Shannan!
    Love those doilies! They are just gorgeous!

  2. Hope your sick kiddo is feeling better. Your ordinary sounds pretty great to me, except for having a sick baby :(

  3. I whooped the day up by making a batch of yucky pink candied popcorn. The chickens will feast.

  4. i package from your honey in the mailbox and that bracelet just bumped you out of ordinary girl! AND you made an awesome dinner.

    can't wait to see what you have up your sleeve to carry on the celebration of love....

    and (hugs) to your little sweet in his jammies. sorry he's sick :(

  5. I had the best day! I took my littlest to the doctor and then the lab, but it was just him n me, Derrick had the THREE year OLD. Then we all met up at costco where I was wooed by bags of perinials and Miracle Grow. I went there for fruit, FYI but I left with bleeding hearts and Asters. It's a disease. Don't cure me.
    Then I spent naptime until sunset gardening and fertilizing and watching my husband pull out a rotten to the core tree with a rope and his truck.
    I can't move now, my back is broken, but roughly 1/12 of my yard looks nice. Happy Valentine's day! I thought of yous whiles I was weeding.

  6. My first day out in a week since coming down with the flu was spent in the doctor's office with my youngest. He now has strep. So our day was unusual. I love your perspective on your day. Hope your baby is better soon.

  7. was that comment all about me?
    Oops. I tend to do that.

    Let's talk about you.
    I love your sicky. Him and his jammies. So cuddle worthy.
    I also check the mail in great anticipation every day. I think I need a pen pal. OR I need to buy more things from Amazon. OR I need to find random checks written out to me in the mail, so I can buy things off of Amazon.

  8. Thirdly, I hate it when you show off some yummy food and keep the recipe under your hat.
    I can't even tell what it is. Pizza casserole?

  9. I agree with Ostriches look Funny ....that recipe looks delicious!! Happy ordinary, heart day to you and yours. Hope your little guy feels better too.

  10. You are so sweet! I hope poor little Silas feels better soon. He wanted uppy, that's a good thing.

  11. favorite line, "I Uppy". Miss that. SO thankful he just wants his Mama ;)

  12. poor sick siley. i hope he's feeling better very, very soon. happy hearts day to ya!!
    p.s. love all those horizontal photos ;)

  13. OH as much as I hate having a sick baby I just love those extra cuddles that are reserved for those days. We had a Target surprise straight from the shopping bag too - but little ones don't care about the trimmings, really. That is what I told myself, anyway. :) Your ordinary sounds happy. :)

  14. i love beautiful-ordinary best, i think. and you spin even this into treasure.

  15. The ordinary is the most wonderful!!!

  16. Boy, Farmgirl, you know how to pack a lot into a holiday Monday. Goodies in the mail, a cool green shirt, vintage grandma gorgeousness, lap time with your baby. Sounds like a perfect day.
    p.s. I made my heart triads out of scrapbook paper, but like your magazine garland better.

  17. I'm certain that "I Uppy" was a Very Welcome~~Valentine ...

  18. my attitude towards v day is stinky, which usaully makes the day kinda stinky, much to my loves disgust. We did have a special kinda ordinary time making dinner together at 9.

    Sorry about Silas, beautiful child, being sick.

    Your approach to life is really lovely, and this post is so special. And i heart the hearts, something i think i'd never really have said. Be blessed and I pray that as you love and pour out, you would be loved and filled up.

  19. Happy Day after Valentines...I can't get over it either, I like to pretend like every holiday lasts as long as the week it lands in. We also didn't do anything amazing, but it is in the simple morning of passing each other cards with the kiddos in our bed that I realized how content I felt. You see not but a couple of years ago I would have been hot and bothered if I didn't get treated like a princess on "my" day. Ha! Have I grown up!

  20. Love your little pile of grandmas' things...looks like they belong right there:)

  21. sorry your little man was puny yesterday. here's to feeling all better by tuesday right?!
    fantastic new cuff!
    love a love letter in the mail kinda guy
    yay you

  22. what beautiful photos of an 'ordinary day'...!...i like little corners of toddler helps rearrange any purposefully arranged areas i i try to find the lovely in unstaged (is unstaged a word?) beauty!...hope your little guy feels better soon...and does that pizza ever look good!

  23. I love the little hearts on the mirror, very cute! Simple and fun!

  24. Sweet. It sounds like a lovely day to me. I love me a sick little, when all they are good for is cuddling. I'll take that. That was a Valentine's gift in itself.

  25. I am so glad your day was ordinarily lovely. Mine was too. Now I feel human again.

  26. Glad you had a great Valentines Day - even if it didn't go just as planned.

  27. Your post reminded of that great Hallmark Movie "The Magic of Ordinary Days." Swoony Kerri and valentine's didn't go off as planned either, but still had unexpected goodness in it's own way - the kind where your heart is opened a little wider. ps. who's turn is it to cook for the other?

  28. Your ordinary was pretty extraordinary if you ask me:) So glad you got your love gift on LOVE day!

  29. Isn't there beauty in the mundane? If we miss it, we miss half our lives...that's what I say. Speaking of missing? I missed you.

  30. eh. Adam and I got in a fight. lol That's pretty typical holiday-that's-supposed-to-be-about-love for us. We don't fight the other 363 days of the year, but V-day and anniversaries... fuggetaboutit.

    It's okay though. we made up. He wrote a pretty song. And a funny one for me. It made me laugh. And I managed to stay away from the sugar. All in all, a winner. :)

    Love the vintage smilies and poor he feeling better?? :(

  31. Thanks for the warning, it gives me something to look forward too.
    Our Valentine's Day was a series of failures this year, but it was perfect just the same.
    We ended coming home together after work, we each pitched in at making supper (he makes the best mash potatoes) and laughed on the couch watching season 2 of The Big Bang Theory while eating the chocolates we gave to each other.

  32. I started my V-day at 12:30am by cleaning up my son's barf! Too many Thin Mints and fish tacos were an accident waiting to happen. My husband left for a business trip. But, my little happy perk was in enjoying the heart garlands hanging around my house. They made me feel "valentine-ish" on a day I needed a little perk! They were loads of fun to make with the kids during a snow day, and I enjoyed them again yesterday!!

  33. Howdy!

    I'm following you over from your comment and oh.mah.word. your site is totally darling. I'm smitten.

    P.S. I may be going crazy, but did you go to Blissdom? I remember my roomie, Melissa from A Familiar Path, talking about a blogger and I could've sworn it was yours.

    If not, please ignore. :D

  34. What a cutie!! I love the "I uppy"


  35. I LOVE your ordinary, it is so colorful! I am so glad you had a few special surprises! That bread looked amazing, would love the recipe or a link...whatever is easiest! I am glad you aren't done with this holiday, I am looking forward to more Valentine love from the flowerpatch. Hope Silas feels better soon!
    I am having a fun giveaway to show my readers how much I love them...would be honored to have you be part! Have a happy week!

  36. Sorry for your sick kiddo, but hey...the vintage is awesome.....

    love you!

  37. 1st, you have to share that recipe. 2nd, ours was pretty typical too and that's fine by me :) and 3rd, you have exceptional taste. Love the leather cuff. Seriously, what did you do before living on a farm???

  38. I feel the same way about the mailbox---that hope and excitement that comes and the joy of finding something unexpected....always a nice feeling. What a treat to find hub's note and that lovely bracelet with the perfect message for your current message to all of us fellow bloggers. Our day was pretty "ordinary" too which is exactly the way I prefer for a holiday to be. ;) A trail run together with the dogs after work and new dinner menu items cooked and shared together. Thanks again for all the prayers for us fellow strangers and bloggers alike. ;) Hope Siley is feeling much better!

  39. I caught it all wanting you to soothe his sick body, Siley soothed your heart.

  40. sounds like a pretty spiffy day to me:)

  41. That bracelet is nothing short of amazing.