Friday, February 18, 2011

I Promise This is the Last of It

I forgot to show you this extra-special Valentine that was left for me on the Big Day.

Honey Child's got mad scissor skillz.

And an odd sense of humor.

And maybe a wonky love-language.

But I love it all.

We took a "non-edible take-home treat" for the kindergarten festivities.

In all my many school days, I don't recall ever going home with a non-edible take-home treat.

These young whipper-snappers today. I tell ya.

It was challenging to find something for C to take that wasn't too girly or lovey-dovey.

In the end, nothing says "I Love You" like a green Detective badge.

I continue to be deeply troubled over the fact that several of you professed your distaste for My Day, by the way. Deeply, woefully troubled.

Perhaps that explains my compulsion to continue whooping it up.

I plan to win you over by breaking your cold, brittle will.

Here's one part of the day that I didn't particularly enjoy: the junk my kids brought home. Who are these people who send such oddball junk home with small children? Oh wait. That would be me...

In any case, Calvin brought home a bag full of candy and junk. He left it in his backpack, in the mud-room. Later that afternoon, he disappeared for 10 minutes or so (I thought nothing of it) then re-emerged with blue lips, teeth and tongue.

Me: What were you doing out there?
Him: Nothing.
Me: Did you eat anything out there?
Him: No.
Me: Did you eat anything out there?
Him: No?
Me: I will give you one more chance. Did you eat anything out there?
Him: yes.
Me: What did you eat?
Him: Just one piece of chocolate!
Me: (I have failed as a parent!) Try again.
Him: OK, I had one other thing, too.

Please note: I was biting my ever-loving lip the entire time to keep from busting out in hysterics. His entire face was blue! And he didn't know it!

At the time, I drew a parallel with myself and God, but it escapes me now. Ironic, no?

So, I guess that's all I have to say about V-Day.

For now.

Until next year.

Oh wait, I do have one more thing.

This was my very favorite V-day post ever in the history of V-day posts. Please have a read. Heather is my homegirl, she just may not fully know it yet. I'm stalking her a little bit. I have dreams about her and then tell her, and it's always a little disconcerting to be on the receiving end of that.

OK. I'm done.

Fa rillz.

In more timely news, we took Calvin to have his blood draw this a.m. and he was so fantastically brave and our new phlebotomist rules the school and the sun is shining and Siley is napping (clothed!) and we're getting ready to head out to spend a couple of days in Ohio.

Life sure is swoony, today.

Even if I do have the early-makings of a cold.

Even if.