Saturday, February 26, 2011

Give Me Bok Choy - Change My Life

It's Saturday night.

I've got food on the brain.

Here's something you might as well know about me: For a very large portion of my waking hours, I'm thinking about food, in some form. Sometimes I take a break and think about flowers. Sometimes the condition of my home.

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Cory and the kids are my autopilot - so don't go worrying that I'm neglecting my family while I dream up two thick slices of cinnamon bread dredged in eggs with cinnamon and nutmeg, fried just-so, drizzled in syrup.

It turns out, I can multi-think.

And sometimes it's easier to talk about food.

Other times, there's just no escaping the other stuff. Sometimes it follows me around relentlessly until I share it. That other stuff can be a little greedy. Not only does it want my undivided attention, it apparently wants yours, too.

So I'll warn you now: I've got some other stuff on my mind.

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But tonight? I'm a little sleepy and I'm nutrient deprived due to an entire week without a trip to the grocery store. The photos herein do not, in any way, represent our dining experiences for the past seven days. They are here simply for inspirational purposes and as reminders of fonder, more nutritional moments in our household.

We cleaned the pantry, ya'lls. We ate peaches I canned in August and applesauce I froze in September. I was so thankful for the abundance, but after a while, a girl just wants a bite of something that will bite back a little, you know?

(My mom is probably twirling her hair right now, thinking I'm denouncing canning. No worries, Mama. It hasn't come to that.)

I froze this marinara last Summer and it was de-vine.

Thursday night I couldn't take it any longer. I needed something green. So we broke down and...went to Subway.

Friday night Cory and I landed a very last-minute date. I ordered a gigantic salad with red beets, avocados and goat cheese, Baby. I shoulda gotten two.

I've been scouring my binders for the past several days. I've made my list. We'll be eating well this week. I'll be shopping on Monday morning, and my Mojo is at the very top of the list, along with thirty kilos of produce.

recipe here

Exactly how much is 30 kilos?

I'm hoping it's a lot, man.

PS - I'll be posting more info on the African dresses soon!