Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Garage Sale IV - Biggish Stuff

**These larger items are for local pick-up only!**

1) Super Cool Industrial Cart/Table

Cart - Sold to Sarah!

I have loved this for exactly one year.
It's not him, it's me.
Or rather, it's Siley.
Mama needs more actual storage space to hide things unfit for his wee hands, and this cart is taking up prime storage-space real estate.

He can be yours for $30

2) Pottery Barn Montgomery Task Floor Lamp
finish: antique bronze

She's a Beaut.

No denying that.

I purchased her on Ebay a couple of years ago for an ungodly sum.
I can't even bring myself to repeat it.
And please don't ask Cory, because it might make him cry a little.

What I will tell you is that it retailed for $300.

And it can be yours for $100.

3) Jenny Lind-style Crib
Crib - Sold to Jamie!

Miss Ruby River's crib.
{sniff sniff}

At the time, I had Ruby in this crib and Calvin in another one, right across the hall.
Because we were crazy.

Now, I think we are safely a one-crib family.

Crib + Mattress = $75

Email me if you are interested at shannandmartin@yahoo.com!


  1. ah if only i had a square inch available in my house i'd be all over that cutie cart. and that crib...maya had the same one...sniff sniff.

  2. Wish I could get that cart...pickup only though, right?

  3. oh, I love that lamp!! Someone's gonna be super happy with that one!!

  4. AH! That cart! Does Idaho count as "local"? :)

  5. SHOOT. Too bad I'm not anywhere near you, because I wanted that cart!

  6. cool cart... not sure you should have sold that!

  7. No you should NOT have sold the cart! how about the stuff ON the cart?? I want that wire cloche thingy. Please??

  8. i LOVE that lamp, and while it would be lovely and useful in our living room... even $100 would make my hubby cry :(

  9. I am just sick about that cart. I could hide in the shrubs and ambush her when she comes to get it.

  10. we are about to move (down-size) and I am going to sell some items, too. I had thought about posting them on my blog.....thanks for letting me know "that's ok" . ;)

  11. I adore that cart... ADORE! We have that same crib that our wee one is still contained in... until he realizes he can easily climb out ;o

  12. I would have wrestled someone for that cart....so cool! Love it! Hope it found a good home, wish it was mine! : ) Sad to see you are moving down to a one crib family...the end of a special stage! Hope you have a great day my friend!

  13. Better think twice about that crib. Never say never! ;)

  14. I hear you on giving away the crib... I did a post on it, it was so excruciating for me... now though, I'm giddy with excitement over what to get rid of next, I am so happily movin' on to the next phase in my life!!! a diaperless phase!

  15. well, snap. i am sure that if i were local to you that actually meeting you in person would outweigh being able to buy these things. that cart is pretty fab, though.

  16. Jen needs to know that the cart was used as the guest book sign-in table at the wedding -- I had to have it and Shan always refers to it as a "science cart" and my husband is a high school biology teacher -- so I just HAD to have it!!! Sorry!!!! (I think I'm on my way to recreating the wedding in my backyard when we finally find a house!

  17. i laughed when you wrote that bringing up what you paid for the lamp might make cory cry a little bit.

    i think our husbands would be friends.

    and, i love your on-line garage sales.

  18. Oh the anguish. Why must you live so many steps away from my front door? I will worry myself sick this evening about the loss of that cart. I've nary a place to put it, but it won my heart at first glance. 'Twas a lovely cart. I see why Sarah wants it. She wins.

    Sarah, be real sweet to the cart. Love, Joy

  19. Oh, that cart. Love that cart!

    Love the lamp.

    And Ruby's room is so cute!

  20. Fabulous cart but even more fabulous that you are parting with such things, think I'm going to have to go purge some stuff too ;) love Ruby's room!

    also still so amazed and joyful to have gotten to spend time with you,
    girl you rock!

  21. you need to tell your friends to back off and give us a chance to buy something:). Love your stuff, to bad I'm not closer. When do we get to know what your saving for?

  22. darn- i wanted the cart and nearly asked you for it last week when I was there... but NEVER thought you would be selling it.
    PLEASE inform me next time you are posting goodies to sell- I want first dibs for being your sister.
    Sarah better thank me for this one since I didn't take it out from under her.

  23. How can I get that lamp to Ontario???it needs me!!you still have my address right??does it come apart??
    pretty please with cherries on top :)

  24. ok you won't have my address because I am losing my marbles and confused you with White Flower farmhouse LOL I still really need (want) that lamp!!