Friday, February 11, 2011

Bringing It Home

"... a wildfire of love and support..."

Once again, my words have simply vaporized. I can't find them. They escaped sometime early yesterday morning, sitting right here in this squeaky old chair. I think they snuck out with my tears. Or that's my best guess.

Tell me something: Did you feel it, yesterday? Do you feel it still?

I read the comments that came in and my eyes would fill. I was goose-bumped a hundred times over. I was grinning from here to there.

My day wasn't really a stellar one, per se. The nit and the grit walked right through my back door in muddy boots. It had its tough moments, and mostly, it felt ordinary, at least at first glance.

But then I would find myself coming back to YOU.

I saw a wide map of outstretched hearts.

This is the real deal.

I have loved every single minute of blogging. I have enjoyed every post.

Nothing has compared to this.

During the kids' Quiet Time (ha) I contemplated making good on my earlier initiative to pretty myself up a little. In the end, I was pulled back here - back to you. I prayed for every single one of you - every girl hoping for a cuff bracelet, along with some late-comers, by name. And I smiled the whole way down the list. It felt really important to me to know for sure that not a single girl was skipped over. They prayers weren't long, but they were specific.

Did you feel them?

Did your spine feel straighter yesterday, for the knowing?

Did you feel the purple petals of hope rising up from frozen soil? Did you see the bloom of life against the drear?

I'd love to hear about it.

And one more thing - Thank you.