Thursday, February 10, 2011

Brave, Together.

That's right, girls, we're taking this International. Because our bravery knows no bounds.

I have adored hearing from those of you who are excited about this day. There is nothing better than knowing for sure that my heart is shared by so many of you. You get it.

So, I'm not going to crowd this up with a lot of my words.

This is a day for breathing room and quiet spaces.

It's also a day for wide smiles and calm souls.

I say this without a shred of insincerity - I believe Big things are about to happen tomorrow. (If you want proof, read this.)

I may even put on a little make-up, just to be prepared.

In case you wondered, I am being brave about a couple of things right now:
  • I am not even 20,000 words into writing a book that keeps me up at night. I've miles to go. I'm a little noivous.
  • I am very intentionally loving a little boy into my heart. No, that's not right. He's already there. I'm loving myself into his. And it's really hard, sometimes, but we're getting there. Also, God never promised me that His plan for me would be effortless. I think He likes to watch us muster up some Brave, though He probably tends to call it Faith.
Enough about me. Go find your girl. Trust that nothing is accidental. Reach out to her. Or, at least, reach out for her. Reach back.

I'll be praying for the whole collective - for my little neighborhood of friends who meets me here regularly, for reasons I don't completely understand.

For those of you who are so inclined, feel free to leave a word of encouragement in the comments below. Leave a verse or a line. Tell a joke. Pat us on the back. Send hugs and virtual chocolate. Maybe even a little salsa would be nice, but that's just me.

This is a brave place, this post. It'll be here today, and it'll be here when we need it next week, or maybe even in 2015. (Who knows?!)

I know some things for sure. I can feel 'em in my bones, and especially in my rickety left knee:

We are strong beneath our burdens.

We are beauty standing in a field of slumber.

Arms raised, we are whole.

Heads bowed, we are whole.

We're in this together - the whole lot of us.

You are not alone.

You are not alone.

We're here, cheering you on.

You're brave.

You have been made to be brave.


  1. this is beautiful. glad i stumbled across you!

  2. You are BRAVE and you are not alone. I feel braver just being here.
    Mary Ann

  3. Oy.
    AND I can already, hardly wait to ready your book!! OH I CAN'T WAIT TO READ YOUR BOOK!

  4. beautiful!! i received an email from someone saying she picked me to pray for and to get to know. i was totally shocked and so very grateful. what a great idea this is. everyone has their own story, their own battles and their own testimony.
    to God be the glory~

  5. 20,000 words is such a wonderful start, brave girl. Love that.

    This post is so universally applicable and relatable. Thanks and sweet dreams.

  6. shan ♥
    "we ain't scared of brooklyn! just spot collins makes us a bit noivous" {if your bravery of writing a book was not in reference to Newsies... disregard this comment}

    Angelique Sanders ♥ praying for you, with you :)

  7. i agree with you big things are about to happen tomorrow!

  8. it's not quite thursday yet out here in california, but i still want to comment! this is probably one of the most personal blogging experiences i've had...thank you. here's to our brave community!

  9. [Warning long comment ahead] Ok Shannan, when I read your Brave day post I was so excited. This just spoke to me. The reaching out, the encouraging and praying not for the blogger who just blessed me but for her friend, the girl next door (or upstairs I guess since it is the comment before me, anyways). I was so thrilled I got started a day early and then had to laugh that I clearly no longer keep track of my days of the week (it is called funemployeditis). Seriously, this is one of the coolest ideas I've seen in the blogosphere; Divinely inspired. It may even beat PW's camera/mixer/photoshop/ipad/lecreuset giveaways (although I did not include the $250 Anthro gift card giveaway - that's pretty great as funemployeditis does not pay well). So cheers to Brave Day, I am totally supporting my new friend. And hurrah to you, dear FPFG for coming up with this idea and boldly sharing.

  10. What an inspirational post! Feel like I'm revived and given hope a hundred folds. Thinking about being brave not only for ourselves but also for everybody we love and care for. Super nice!

  11. Thank you for stopping by my blog! :)
    That's a wonderful post and very inspiring too!
    Bible always inspires me, so I thought, I'll share this quotation with your other readers!

    Therefore do not worry about tomorrow,
    for tomorrow will worry about itself.
    Each day has enough trouble of its own.

    MATTHEW 6:34

  12. A gorgeous note of encouragement just found its way over the pond and into my email, and I have just fired one off from England to Utah - how absolutely fantastic is this??!! Fireworks of encouragement, fearless of international boundaries, zigzagging their way across the ether, boosting our bravery this thursday morning! Thanks for this, Shannan.xx

  13. Praying for me, you and all of these partners here.

  14. Jeez, way to make me tear up! Why is it so hard sometimes to believe in ourselves, by our own merit? However, we believe when someone gives us kind, encouraging words? Proof that we all make a difference. Thanks for being here FPFG!!

  15. Well I'm standing up on my keyboard clapping in my mind.This was/is fantastic. Love every word, love love love. I can't wait to read your book :)

  16. That was really beautiful!! Enjoy every phase of writing your book.

    You are such an inspiration to so many.

    Love and hugs ~ FlowerLady

  17. after a couple of months of a head in the sand kind of peacefullness I am finding myself teetering. You and your amazing following are fearless. I will follow you...or at least try. Praying for all these brave women.

  18. I am so glad I found you. My Granny always used to say, 'There's a reason for everything'. It's true. Nothing happens by chance. And my finding you today wasn't by chance either.

  19. What a reminder that motherhood, wifehood (a word? probably not) and womanhood are all such giving, giving, giving tasks. We need the prayers and kindness and support of one another to nourish and feed our own hearts and minds and souls. I love this!

  20. HE came to give us life more abundant and free. This gives me a lot of hope to be brave.

    I've reached up and grabbed my girl and will be praying for her bravery all day during the Flower Patch Farmgirl national day of bravery:)

  21. LOVE your heart behind this post.

    praying for the sweet family who will be welcoming to this world another of God's miracles today.

    and, for the record, with or without makeup, your book is gonna be fab.

    you gotta tell us the journey to writing it...finding a publisher....all the details.
    we're into details.

  22. "Worry works on us; it doesn’t work for us."
    — Rick Warren, Purpose Driven Life

  23. I SO love this! What a beautiful post. I am cheering you on knowing you are brave, but it is always lovely to have a support system sourced from love. God is good - this I know for sure!

    Be brave and boldly embrace today!

  24. Such a powerful idea you have here, and I'm so grateful you are inviting us to be part of it. Somehow just daring to associate myself with the word brave makes me feel...well, braver.

    Looking forward to reading your book. :)

  25. My mom is gone now. But when I come here I feel like you encourage me like she would have done. Thanks for this.
    Becky C

  26. I'm so glad to have stopped by for a visit, here at your very encouraging blog, thanks to Mountain Mama.

    Prayer has been the topic in our home this week, on friends' blogs, and now here, not a coincidence at all, I don't believe Think maybe our Heavenly Father is reminding us all of the power we have available in prayer? I know I've needed the nudges, and I'm so thankful for all the encouragement I've been given through my husband, through Christian newsletters, and even blogland!!!

  27. Love you girl! You are beyond words in your genuine spirit and loving heart.

    It is a blessing to call you friend.

    I can feel the energy of this "International Bravery Day" all the way down here in snow covered TN.

    And about this book, so thrilled that you are fulfilling your God given gift as a writer. Please put me down for a signed copy or two ;)

  28. Today it feels nice to be part of something bigger than myself. This could not have come at a better time for me. I have needed alittle extra "bravery" aka faith this week especially. God always works in ways unbeknownst to us and they usually make me smile and think God does know what he is doing and he has a sense of humor. So today, I pray for you and ask that you pray for me. Brave on my friends....brave on.
    -Heather P.

  29. So thankful for this day and for the gal that e-mailed me and told me she was praying for me. What a fabulous way to start the day! Can we make every day Bravery Day?

    Totally praying for you and your book writing. If anyone could do it, it's you, Shannan. And, for that sweet little boy, he'll get there, and he's so lucky to have such a God fearin' momma in his life.

  30. Gosh you make me happy!! I love to read your inspiring posts and think if I could hang out with you on a regular basis I would feel like I could conquer the world..thanks for being brave and pushing us to be too! Here's to being brave

  31. PURE sunshine in this post girlie. I love your heart! I already contacted my girl. Sending prayers her way:)

    Have a great big brave day. OH and you have nothing to fear. Your book will be incredible. I have no doubt, and that little boy is yours. God hand picked him just for you. It will all work out.

  32. you are twenty.thousand.words. into writing your book.... wow! 1. you started!2. you did it! 3. it's going to be fabulous!
    love your words here, your images, your brilliance.

  33. I picked my brave girl from that huge list, I think I had a little help:) Wish I could send everyone a donut medal of bravery, there is some serious stuff out there, gave me some much needed perspective and a huge sense of comradery. Now let's get to it!

  34. Going to find my girl...
    Funny how God gives us hearts that, though we've never met, hugged, laughed out loud, or shared a real black tie mousse cake with, we embrace through heart and words. Thank you for embracing.

  35. this is really cool, shan. sorry i missed the brave post but i was in haiti. HAITI. and that took something. it was not brave, but it was amazing nonetheless. xoxo

  36. Exactly what we need.....we all need.

  37. SUCH a fantastic idea...I sent my positive thoughts off, too. Thanks for thinking of it, and best of luck with that book of yours!

  38. Posted about this and I am praying. <3

  39. Shannan, I am just a blog stalker that is addicted to your blog and check it probably twice a day... anyway I have a poem I thought goes with your post....

    My Life is but a Weaving
    between my Lord and me;
    I cannot choose the colors,
    He worketh steadily.
    Oft times he weaveth sorrow,
    And I in foolish pride,
    Forget he sees the upper side,
    And I the underside.

    Not 'til the loom is silent
    And the shuttles cease to fly
    Shall God unroll the canvas
    And explain the reason why
    The dark threads are needful
    In the weaver's skill full hand,
    As the threads of gold and silver
    In the pattern he has planned.
    He knows, He loves, He cares,
    Nothing this truth can dim,
    He gives His very best to those
    Who leave the choice with Him.

    author unknown

    thanks for your amazing blog!

  40. To My Person- Jody. I am praying for you today. I left you a message on my blog which you can read here: I don't know what your needs are today, but don't worry because I'm covering everything. Won't leave out nary a thing. I hope your day is bursting with pink and red hearts.

    To my favorite Flowerpatch Farm Girl-
    You are a treasure, and I'm praying for you too. That Siley will come around. You have to dig a long time to pull up the fossils of dinosaurs. It is slow, steady, and tedious. You can only chip off tiny pieces at a time. In the end you have a great treasure. Siley is a treaure, you already know that. One day he will treasure you as well and it will be beautiful. We will all be here watching and waiting to see it. Cheering you on. I hope your hearts fall like snowflakes from the sky today and scatter and settle in all of your favorite places. Happy Day to you!

    Much love with the biggest hearts ever,
    Joy Kinard

  41. Bravery is a word I rarely think of or pay any attention to. It's something I feel I don't possess...and then, in quiet moments of self encouragement I just DO.

    I love this, of course! :) It's wonderful.

  42. Wow, way to make me come to tears! Very beautifully put, thank you, because it was exactly what I needed to hear today.

  43. The word "Brave" has been on my heart so very much lately. I think I mentioned this before, I recently joined a Soul Restoration class with The Brave Girls Club from Melody Ross - it's been well... such a blessing. This post was absolutely beautiful and. so. are. you. <3

    PS I always see this ad on that is for Zulily and there is a little girl that looks SO MUCH like your lil Rubygirl. It blows my mind...

    Happy Thurs!

  44. love this shannan. you are so brave! and thank you for reminding me I am too. There are even things I am brave about that I never share with other people, maybe it's time to share.

  45. Really beautiful post! Your blog is a gift to us all. I read it with my morning cup of coffee and it always brings sunshine, insight, laughs, makes me cry or humbles me. Beautifully done! Thanks for being you and for reminding us all, on a daily basis of what's truly important. :-)

  46. Your writing is so beautiful. It brought tears to my eyes.

    I can't wait to hear more about this book you are writing. :)

  47. "we have not been given a spirit of fear, but of love power and a sound mind." Sometimes we can't fan the fans flames in us, we NEED others to do it for us. We are all in this together. My recent verse is Daniel 11:32-"The people who Know their God shall be strong, and carry out great exploits." All of us are destined to do great things for God,through each other, our family, our jobs, and even the girl at the cash register. How I love that you have gathered everyone together to love and pray for each other. I can't wait to hear what Jesus is about to do.

  48. I love you! I love your heart. I love the way you allow God to use you here. Brave is my word for this year, and most likely beyond.

  49. I have been praying all day for those of you who posted on the blog, and for those who weren't aware of it, or *brave* enough to post.

  50. I don't have a way to contact my girl, but susan_mooney, I'm praying for you today :)

  51. as I went back and read comments on what your being brave about, the ones that struck me were reading about women my age, 38, who have just been diagnosed with cancer! and have little children! Even though they weren't above me, I'll be praying for them. and I like the words you are not alone, we all have something to go through, are going through or have gone through. God never promised an easy life, just that he'd be with us.

  52. Shannan, I love how you listen and obey Him. What a wonderful idea you have here. I'm praying for my girl. I'm praying for you too. Praying that God uses you for His glory in amazing ways. I see it from here. He surely is.

    Be strong and courageous do not be terrified, do not be discouraged for the Lord your God is with you where ever you go. Joshua 1:9
    xo jb

  53. I love your blog, dear girl! So refreshing to the soul!
    Hey, I have a theme song for your "brave" series! My friend, Donna Stuart, is a young Christian worship leader who writes amazing songs of truth. She has a wonderful new record called Trust the Sunrise and one of the songs is called Brave to Believe. It's about trusting God as you cross out of your Egypt. The chorus always makes me cry! Here are the words:
    Donna Stuart

    Have Your way with my heart
    Father not my will but Yours
    For I know I am chosen and You’re calling me forth
    But Father I am frightened
    I’m terrified to fail
    God of wonders please remind me that You’re here

    Cause there is so much more to the story
    Father give me eyes to see
    As I wade into Your Jordan
    Help me walk upon Your seas
    I long to cross over to the land You promised me
    I feel the weight on my shoulders
    LORD make me brave to believe

    Tell me where I must go
    And Give me Your strength to fight
    In this war I’m a soldier
    In this war You are light
    Father I am willing I trust You with my life
    God of Wonders I’m convinced that You are here.

    You delivered them from Egypt to the tune of Miriam’s song
    You sustained them in the desert all along
    So Father help me be like all the faithful before
    The souls You reckoned as righteous
    cause they believed You are LORD

    Her website is donnastuartmusic(dot)com and she is on itunes. The music is fantastic and the last song on the record she sings with Christy Nockels - so powerful.

    PS. I am posting as anonymous because I can't figure out how to log into my google account!

  54. this is incredible. two separate people contacted me today and i didn't even comment on your first post where you asked us to pick someone from, anyway, 2 people said they were praying for me for two different things that are so dear to my heart and i had no idea why and was confused. and i finally made it to my reader and opened this up and started to cry.

    the people god puts in our lives...
    he knows just what we need.

  55. The pics in this post are AWESOME with their captions!

  56. Incredible, thank you fo bringing tears to my eyes in the best of ways. Thank you for helping me be brave in my days ahead. This post is a keeper and should be a reference for me.

  57. in this life I will stand
    through my joy and my pain
    knowing there’s a greater day
    there’s a hope that never fails

    i dare you to click on this link and watch my favorite encouragement song ever... {the source of my strength. so that i can stand. so that i can be brave}

  58. I am loving this day! The feeling of warmth that swept over me, after reading a message from Heather who is praying for ME today, was amazing!!! I am so thankful for extra prayers on my behalf, I can always use them! I will also be praying for Mindi and the FPFG today!
    I hope you have a wonderful day, and thank you for the encouragement to be BRAVE!

  59. Wow, this feels like the Lord is in this blog.
    I can't believe it...
    I am 33 weeks pregnant expecting my sixth and we just moved in to our travel trailer and are (hopefully, prayerfully) staying on friends' property temporarily. We lost our home. We do have property elsewhere, but can't stay there because we don't have permits.
    We hope to have enough money soon to start the first permits and be on our own property.

    I have a midwife. And hoped for a peacefull homebirth.
    I am truly trying to see the joy in all that is going on, but sometimes that is very hard.

    This is my first time coming to this blog. And I feel I will be coming back more often.

    I guess I need some praying for me, so I will continue to see the joy in this new trial we are in.

  60. ahMEN!

    I'll eat some guac in honor of this day!

  61. Checking in again to say that the person above me did not have a link or anything, but I did pray for her and her first c-section (I have had TWO!), too bad I can't get ahold of her. Just for funsies, I went to the NEXT girl above me and checked on how her laundry room cleaning went. I have no experience with that though :) This is ssoooooo fun!

  62. Again and and again....when I have no reason and no profound why...I stumble and off the path I go....bravery my friend is when I sit and listen to the silence and it beckons to me.
    You know, this past six months has brought with it more confusion than I have ever had in my entire life. I lost mom three years ago this past September and at the time I thought was the worst pain I could possibly ever feel. I now know that it was merely a different type of pain.
    Faith to me has come and gone and is lacking in my world. Stress is high these days and unfortunately things are not right in the world around me...but I want to say that having said all that, things could be much worse.
    I have my friends, my family and people around me who are amazing. I have been trying hard to find the reason for all that is going on around me because I refuse to believe that it is for nothing. I also believe that for everything that happens that there is a lesson. I am just struggling to find what that lesson or lessons may be.
    You have such an amazing gift. I find comfort in your writing and your sharing. I personally want to thank you for that. You inspire me, and I find myself drawn to your blog, and I wanted to say thank you tonight. I find you incredibly brave and you bring that out in me.
    I hope you know that about yourself...if you do not, know that I feel like a better person having you in my world and knowing you Shannan and I am thankful for that! Hoping you are having a wonderful night and looking forward to so much more in the future!!!

  63. To my very favorite Brave Girl. I was awol for your first brave post, so I don't have a brave buddy. However, I will happily encourage you as you are bravely writing your sure to be awesome book and hunkering down in your determination to wheedle your way even further into the heart of little Mr. Myrus. Hang in there, Farmgirl. You're such a good mama.

  64. My heart is so full after reading your post and all these lovely comments, Shannan. You touch and encourage so many with your brave baring of your soul, do you know that? And your little baby boy holds you in his heart - he just doesn't know it yet. I left a message for one of your readers that first day, and I'm going to visit someone else now. I love, love, love that you did this - lit a wildfire of love and support across your readership! You rock.

  65. what photos! oh! i love them! and "arms raised we are whole"... lines like this, that is why i'm in love with your place here. and you're writing a book???? woot!!! girl, you go. i'd love to hear more sometime. thanks for linking friend. you're exquisite.

  66. Thank you Shannan...I was so surprised to get mail from someone who said she was praying for me. It simply brought me joy! I found my gal, and kept the prayer chain going:).


  67. I visited my Brave Day girl's blog yesterday, intending to encourage her. But before I even got to leave a comment, I was lifted up by the clip she had posted from the end of Sister Act 2. It infected me with bubbly joy. And my kids danced around the room like nobody's business. You should go treat yourself.

  68. Of course, if you are slightly obsessed (like me) you can't listen to one without the other. If you don't fall into that camp, by all means, disregard this... :)

  69. Shannan,

    I was contacted by one of your followers who had not posted and decided to pick me! Yay! That was fun! She left me the sweetest message on my blog.

  70. Um, okay...yeah I read this whole post and got to "I'm writing a book" and ABOUT JUMPED FOR JOY! Yeah, you don't know me, but I've been posting your blog on FB CONSTANTLY.... YOU ARE SO TALENTED and I swear I've been praying for a book deal for you!!!! So so so glad you're writing one!

  71. your photos are wonderful as are your words of encouragement.