Thursday, February 24, 2011

Africa Dresses

I got my sew on tonight.

I was all different kinds of jittery.

Every anxiety I had regarding that blasted, double-crossing bobbin was realized, but I pressed on.

With a little bit of help.

A little, a lot, whatevs.

I was the problem student in the class, and I'm ok with that if you are.

My fun friends Lindsay and Jess organized this rendezvous.

They gathered a group of crafty cats and wannabes (I can attest that there was at least one wannabe in the crowd...) for the event - Crafting Hope.

We each brought a pillowcase and the necessary supplies to stitch up a dress for a little girl in Africa.

As such, my propensity for buying vintage pillowcases at thrift-stores is officially legitimized.

We chatted and stitched.

Some of us became friendly with the seam-ripper.

It turns out that while I was prepared in the pillowcase area, I did not bring pins. Or a tape measure. Or elastic. Or seam binding. My homey Brooke totally hooked me up. Thanks, B.

I did have scissors in my basket, so I'm not totally lame.

I also happened upon a few crayon hearts, a random burlap bag, two vintage hankies and a sequined number 6. Bonus points, anyone?


This is what a finished dress looks like - courtesy of Lindsay - Sewing Maven Extraordinaire.

She also has the patience of a Saint, or so I've been told.

In the end, everyone finished a dress.

With one notable exception.

But I'm not naming any names.

To be continued...


Click here for a link to full instructions.