Monday, January 17, 2011

My Toes are Cold.

You know, if Old Man Winter always looked this swoony, I just might run away with him.

I'll say this much - a red barn does deserve her moment in the sun. Too bad that moment tends to come when the sun feels the furthest away.

I don't think she minds. She's pretty hardy and not prone to show-boating.

We're still up to our bosoms in snow.

And it's not even the pretty kind, at this point.

But we do have the week-old memories of this particular loveliness to tide us over.

And homemade jam.

And the promise of Valentine's day around the bend.
Stay tuned later this week for our second installment of V-Day crafting, 2011 ed.!

We have big plans to clean for another showing...
Then hunker down for a few hours with cousins.

My apologies for whatever happened this a.m. with my heart-garland post.
I tried to fix a typo and it went awry and I didn't care enough to try to fix it.

And while I'm having a moment of random, did anyone else walk away from the Golden Globes with more questions than answers?

Specifically - Why the sudden resurgene of glitzy shoulder pads?

Since when do spangled capes classify as red-carpet-worthy?

What was J. Love thinking?

Did Ricky Gervais deserve all of the animosity?

How did Natalie Portman's dude feel about her awkward introduction of him to the world? "Thank you for acknowledging my superior acting skillz. By the way, you may remember my new boyfriend (points)? He had a wee role in the film, too. He's a ballerina. Er, a ballerino. Did you happen to notice him? Or perhaps you blinked and missed him? Hi Honey!" (my paraphrase)

Was ScarJo's hairstylist vacationing in Crazyville?

Was Sandy really there, behind that wall of bangs?

I feel better now.
Have a splendid Monday.