Monday, January 17, 2011

My Toes are Cold.

You know, if Old Man Winter always looked this swoony, I just might run away with him.

I'll say this much - a red barn does deserve her moment in the sun. Too bad that moment tends to come when the sun feels the furthest away.

I don't think she minds. She's pretty hardy and not prone to show-boating.

We're still up to our bosoms in snow.

And it's not even the pretty kind, at this point.

But we do have the week-old memories of this particular loveliness to tide us over.

And homemade jam.

And the promise of Valentine's day around the bend.
Stay tuned later this week for our second installment of V-Day crafting, 2011 ed.!

We have big plans to clean for another showing...
Then hunker down for a few hours with cousins.

My apologies for whatever happened this a.m. with my heart-garland post.
I tried to fix a typo and it went awry and I didn't care enough to try to fix it.

And while I'm having a moment of random, did anyone else walk away from the Golden Globes with more questions than answers?

Specifically - Why the sudden resurgene of glitzy shoulder pads?

Since when do spangled capes classify as red-carpet-worthy?

What was J. Love thinking?

Did Ricky Gervais deserve all of the animosity?

How did Natalie Portman's dude feel about her awkward introduction of him to the world? "Thank you for acknowledging my superior acting skillz. By the way, you may remember my new boyfriend (points)? He had a wee role in the film, too. He's a ballerina. Er, a ballerino. Did you happen to notice him? Or perhaps you blinked and missed him? Hi Honey!" (my paraphrase)

Was ScarJo's hairstylist vacationing in Crazyville?

Was Sandy really there, behind that wall of bangs?

I feel better now.
Have a splendid Monday.


  1. Hee! LOVE your paraphrasing of the Golden Globes. :) And your beautiful post too. I'm not enjoying the snow but the thought of May is pulling me through... Stay warm!

  2. that homemade jam looks divine.

    i'm usually jealous of snowy winters but this year the southeast has been bitter cold. and snow! and ice! and i have realized that i'm not cut out for any kind of real winter.

    that face. seriously. as my daddy would say, "pillows for the lips."

  3. sooo agree w/your GG recap. oh, and this lil wink is for you:

  4. i didn't watch it this year. didn't even realize it was on until too late...i know gasp right? can i tell ya something? i am so sick of snow i could cry a little. where can we go to escape??

  5. Ugh!! The snow!! I'm not far from you and the forecast here (for the next 2 days, no less) is more snow and nasty freezing rain. Does the weather not care that I have a trip to Bed Bath and Beyond and Joann's to make?? I am quite certain the world revolves around me, right?? :) Hope the weather clears up your way!!

  6. I didn't watch the globes. I'll have to nose around and check it out.

  7. I didn't watch the globes, but I like your version better already :+)

  8. cracks me up because there is a whole contingent of colorado mommies who are getting their valentine garlands on all because of little ol you. love it!

  9. You are so had a lovely post about snow, the barn, and jam going...and now we will all just walk away with random head shaking and nodding in agreement. Wierd globes, think it gets stranger as the years pass.
    Looking forward to more V-day love. Have a great week, and a very successful showing. When you least expect it, an ordinary showing will trun into a SALE! Maybe winter's glory is playing a role!!!

  10. lol!! didn't watch the globes....playing the farming game with the kids seemed much better entertainment! :0) *gorgeous* pictures my dear girl!!

    prairie XO

  11. Last night I had a dream that natalie portman was murdered. i woke up very upset.

  12. OK, so you are hysterical. I was laughing out loud while reading your commentary on the Golden Globes!

  13. my biggest question: What was up with Robert Downey Jr.s suit? It looked like it got shrunk in the wash. I love him, but dude, really?
    Also, don't you think he should host next year?!!

  14. My toes are cold too, and I think we're up to 40 degrees today. I would never make it out there with you and your frigid winter. The snow does look lovely in your pictures. You should sell greeting cards in your spare time. In between Siley's capers. We wouldn't want to miss a story about sweet Silas.

  15. Haha! I didn't watch the Golden Globes but I'm about to read a recap online. I am cold too. I am sick of snow but thankful we didn't get as much as some people did. I am finding myself already longing for summer.

  16. I agree with each and every one of your observations about the Golden Globes. What was up with that? Especially the Natalie Portman thing. Odd, just odd.

  17. You are so right, the barn doesn't get the recognition she deserves, but I am so grateful for her when everything around is lifeless and gray. The Golden Globes were rather annoying this year weren't they? I recently found your blog and love reading all about you and your family! I hope you have a colorful and bright 2011!

  18. Just thought you should know that I follow several blogs. But I save the best for last (yours). Thanks for brightening my day!

  19. I've been reading your blog for awhile now and just thought I'd finally say "hi!" So, hello!

    I must say that you are a little breath of fresh air for me everyday and I love how you can find all the little beauties in the world amongst all the little frazzled parts! So thanks...I think I'll sit and stay awhile. :)


  20. I wanted to watch the Golden Globes, but I got voted off the couch.

    Love your pictures! There's something about a barn photo that makes my heart pitter-patter. I totally think I romanticize barns.

    Hope your feet warm up. Mine are also freezing, so is my nose.

  21. Your pictures are gorgeous...and yes the snow isn't so pretty anymore! It get's lumpy and gray!

    I missed the GG, but read about it today and looked at pictures from the red carpet. Why was Angelina wearing green? No one looks good in green!

    Hope your feet stay warm...I loaded up on fuzzy socks this winter!


  22. Loved the Globes. Loved Ricky "Take No Prisoners" Gervais. Did not love Sandy's bangs and all of the hornrimmed glasses. I mean c'mon Hollywood, I know you do not get your glasses at The Walmarts!

    PS You need some handknit socks for those cold toes!

  23. The snow looks fab, the jam looks fab... and obviously I should have stayed up for the Golden Globes! Shoulder pads, really?? Isn't once in my lifetime enough for something like that?


  24. Sparkly shoulder pads! We are officially back in the 80s! LOL. I liked your list of questions very much. :) And do send Father Winter back to us, shall you? I hear he is supposed to come back tomorrow, and rid us of rain, and replace with more snow, but I just want to make sure it happens! :)

  25. snow is good! so so good. love all the vday crafts. i've never done any, no better time to gather a couple ideas.

  26. ahahahhaha...wall of bangs.....bwwhahhaha. So. True.

    And Natalie then said "You so want to sleep with me" and then laughed like a hyena for like 12 minutes straight. I turned to Adam and said "Oh, poor Natalie." yikes!

    I like the word spangly.
    I like your tree/snow pictures.
    I am glad it was almost 60 degrees in Colorado today and think you should leave the snow for the mountains! :) Just sayin'.

  27. I can't wait to see your next v-day craft...I *love* valentine's day...those are pretty swoony pictures:)

  28. Sandra, why?
    Angelina scares me daily, but the green dress put a whole new fear in my heart.
    Our snow is long gone and has been replaced by inches and inches of mud. Mix that with manure and you got yourself some fun.
    Boy Howdy.

  29. lol....

    well, i'm sad i missed the golden globes now. (i guess it would help if i had tv)

    we're up to our bosoms in snow here, too. so much so, it was a snow day!

    love to you.

  30. I have just been reading thru some of your posts from your blog and have really enjoyed it! Your children are darling! I will be back again to visit! karen....

  31. Those Globes were something else. I laughed, I cried, I gasped (okay, i didn't cry - well maybe at the shoulder pads, but just a little). My favorite dress of the night was Claire Danes'. So simple and chic and the color! Oh my. Can't wait for V-Day craft #2!

  32. It would appear that cold, dirty snow days make my girl snarky. I like it.

  33. Im happy to say that London is FINALLY drawing itself out of the arctic grip - we are up to 10degrees (50F) and sunshine today! We often get bouts of cold and snow till April, but Im hoping (as my lil one started school today for the first time and I REALLY dont feel ready for school runs, let alone school runs in the snow!) that it stays away, at least until Christmas!

    And I Agree - WHO wants sparkly shoulders....!?

  34. I just linked to you. I had some Globe observations of my own...:)

  35. Just for the record I would buy your farm if it was in Central Arkansas. Think you can move it?
    I thought Rick G. was snarky but not untrue.
    I think there were 2 dresses I liked.
    Poor Sandy. Been a rough year. Think I would want to hide behind my bangs too. And yes, Did JLo buy that in Palm Springs at the retirement center garage sale?

  36. I can't wait to see what else you do for V-Day. I've never done much for it, but now that we have a little girl who's b-day falls so dangerously close, I think I'll have to start making heart garlands and such...I'll be combing your archives for more inspiration. It's all so lovely!

    P.S. I gave you some bloggy love a few days ago...just can't help myself. I totally have a blog crush on you. ;)

  37. I only caught a few minutes of the Golden Globes. I pretend to my husband that I don't want to watch celebrity award shows. He's so hard on celebrity culture. I did love Ricky Gervais though. Is it just me or has he become kind of handsome???

  38. So with you on the Golden Globes. I didn't care for Ricky Gervais; two wrongs do not make a right. Those stars may be up to no good, but on national TV one should show a bit of decorum.

    Thought Angelina looked less that glam, Helen BC went way over the top (or bottom), and Sandra's bangs were way too heavy for her and her dress.

    Showing? Did I miss something? Are you trying to sell your house?

    Beautiful pictures. Our snow is patchy now thanks to the rain that moved through last night.

    Hope your toes find warmth!

  39. My question after watching snippets of the Golden Globes was "WHY am I watching this?!!?" It's much like The Bachelor. I always think "I'm not going to watch. I'm not! I'm so above the drivel." and then I go and watch (and like it!) Sheesh!

  40. AARRGGGHHHH, I'm afraid that I am turning into my mother! The first thing that popped into my head when I saw the title of this post was "well, go put some heavy socks on" because that was drilled into my head growing up. lol!

  41. Lovely pictures! Here's hoping for Spring!

  42. THANK YOU for articulating my own thoughts about the Golden Globes! I think we would be friends. : ) {I live for award shows but am somewhat closeted in my obsession.}

    I thought Ricky Gervais was a riot. He always is. Bullock's bangs were simply too much. Shoulder pads need to remain in the 80s. Forever. And I think I like actors better when they are reciting scripts. Their speeches are um, so awkward. Which is, of course, why I always watch. Now I'm thinking I must be as crazy as they are.

  43. These images of Mr. Old Man Winter are gorgeous...what are ya doing out there with that camera of yours?! Gettin' er' done, I'd say.

    You continue to make winter look this good, and I'll bet he'll run away with YOU.

  44. I love that you're already all giddy and valentiney.

  45. These photos are definitely swoon-worthy. So pretty. There were some unfortunate moments at the GGs. Ooh maybe I will call them the Gigis. Anyway, Colin Firth winning an award made up for all that craziness.

  46. no idea how i am seeing this post now. but i love it to bits.

  47. I didn't think the Golden Globe awards were on until Sunday the I cracking up or what? Maybe they're on 3 days earlier in the US (I'm in Canada)!