Monday, January 10, 2011

A Winner and Sundries

First - the winner!

Emily said...
My favorite is "Love has come to walk among us." It reminds me of the line from Michael W. Smith's song "Anthem For Christmas" and that makes me think of the powerful message of "Emmanuel"! Happy 2-year Anniversary!! :)
Congrats, Emily! Email me with your addy and color preference (my email address us up under "contact") and Jerusalem will get your print in the mail!

Wow, that was fun. I loved reading your responses to all of her art. I love that allay'all really seem to "get" it. Makes me happy.

For all non-winnerly friends, head over to J's shoppe and buy your inspiration for just $15. A steal of a deal that will keep on giving!

And now, since it's the middle of the day and the house is quiet, I shall share a few other things that are too funny to keep to myself.

1. I received this email last week, from a reader:

Hey Shannan,
As soon as I saw that pic of Silas in his green head wrap this image of Erykah Badu flashed through my head and I saw one of those magazine spreads like Who wore it better?


It's had me laughing all weekend long. Thank you, Laura!

2. Cory prides himself in finding typos in my posts. Here's an email exchange from a few days ago, regarding this post:

From: Cory Martin
To: Shannan Martin
Date: Wednesday, January 5, 2011, 11:43 AM

PayattentionEtheloryou'llbeeatingbroccolisoupuntilthedayyoudie is something amiss here?

From: Shannan Martin
To: Cory Martin
Date: Wednesday, January 5, 2011, 12:33 PM


Oh, I am so misunderstood. Good thing I have you. (Or maybe you were confused, too, and just too nice to say so?)

I am scarfing up your GSC comments. Stay tuned for more about our weekly menu and some answers to your GSC questions.

Tally Ho!