Sunday, January 2, 2011

Six On Sunday - Songs of 2010

Without fanfare, I bring you my favorite songs of 2010, genre - Christian radio.

These are the songs that always had us singing along and often had me weeping in the Pink Car, covered in goosebumps two layers thick.

1. Light Up The Sky - The Afters

"You've opened my eyes, so I can see You all around me."
(Watch this video! I hadn't seen it until a few moments ago and it made me cry. Enough said.)

2. All of Creation - Mercy Me

"The reason we breathe is to sing of Your glory..."

3. Revelation Song - Phillips, Craig and Dean

"You are my Everything, and I will adore You..."

4. Chris August - Starry Night

"From the painted sky to my plank-filled eye, He is God of all, He is Everything."
(This guy used to sing back-up for Ashley Simpson!)

5. Switchfoot - This is Your Life

"This is your life. Are you who you want to be?"

6. Leeland - Tears of the Saints
"This is an emergency."

* Calvin's Pick: Toby Mac - Lose My Soul
"And may your kingdom be what wakes us up and lays us down."


  1. Great top 10 list! Chris August would be tops on mine, too. I was over the top when I won a signed CD of his through his FB page. And then I got to see him open for DCB. Wowzers! Great dude. Cheers!

  2. Great list! The video for #1 is amazing.

  3. great post!
    We listened to all of those in our car, too!
    My kids LOVE the revelation song!

    They also love Our God is Greater by Chris Tomlin...sing it to the top of their lungs. :)

  4. Great to find you! I read your post on adoption...both of our children are adopted as well...all I have to say is ditto...! Will check back often!

  5. "Revelation Song" is probably one of my all-time favorite worship songs. SOO powerful! (the others on your list are good, too...)

  6. Ohh couple of new ones I haven't heard. Switchfoot rocks! Saw them in concert a few years back and it was probably the best one I've ever been too. Hubby agreed.

  7. #1 and #4, yes! Hallelujah! and Amen! Never been a big fan of contemporary Christian music (because I'm sort of a snob who needs to be humbled now and again) but these songs have ministered to me greatly this past year--waiting, praying, hoping to see a plan emerge in the life of my beloved son, clinging to God's promises signified by rainbows and star-filled skies. And...get this--my dear son will drag me outside in the middle of the night to show me a star-filled sky. I think it's all reminder from the hand of God to remind me. "Trust me," He says, "I've got this."

  8. thank you for this...I had never heard of the Afters..loved this song and video...also, thanks for the MercyMe...they are one of my very favorites..Bart Millard has one of the most beautiful voices I have ever heard..he sends chills up my spine...and Switchfoot..needed all of these today...thank you for your blog...from another fellow Hoosier...


  9. All of those are great...seems like last years song for me was David Crowder Bands "How He Loves"...oh man that song is such a GREAT reminder!!!

  10. I love you because these are all on my playlist currently, especially the Light up the sky one. I bawled with big tears rolling down my cheeks as I watched the video. Love it.

    Happy New Year! Here's to you, me, and GOd doing BIG things.

  11. Love number one, but had not seen the video yet. Have I ever told you I hate...absolutely hate to cry? So thanks for that.
    Switchfoot is a timeless fave for me, but T-Mac still holds the number one place in my heart. I will never forget your boy singing Get Back Up in the back seat of the Pink Car while you were in the grocery store. He knew every verse word for word, and sang his little heart out for me. That is one cool kid you've got there, Farmgirl.

  12. Love this post. Number one gets stuck in my head like crazy...good thing I love the song! I would have to add "While I'm Waiting" by John Waller, and "Revelation" by Third Day. These songs really spoke to me this year as we have been waiting for God's timing in our lives. Oh and "Your Hands" JJ Heller. And "Your Love Is A Song" Switchfoot. Gah I can't stop...too many good songs :)

  13. Thanks! I added some of the songs I didn't have to my playlist.

  14. I'm with you on this list-the bad thing about me is I wouldn't know what to list that's not christian. But, we fill our souls of this goodness, and nothing compares really. Cool way to start the new year!

  15. D'Nese giosmama26@yahoo.comJanuary 2, 2011 at 8:59 PM

    I watched the first one only but I cried a river. That was SO beautiful and even linked it to my Facebook page. I'll watch that video over and over again. Not to mention the song was AMAZING.

    Hey, totally off the subject but I was wondering how come you don't post your grocery shopping lists or meals anymore? Reason for asking is because I had posted on Simple Thoughts about TJ's and saw you had sprouts on your menu this week. Made me think back to those super cool posts you did.

    Anyway, LOVE your blog a whole lot.

    Happy New Year..

  16. LOVE them all! It may be the fact that our Christian radio only plays like 15 songs repeatedly (and I'm in Nashville, crazy I know...) but these are DEFINITELY some of my favorites and are so familiar to me and my car rides. In December my bigger little guy started requesting "Jesus" every time he gets in the car. I have no problem playing all of these songs about "Jesus" as many times as my heart or boy requests. :)

    Is there anyway I could send you some music, ya know, the snail mail way? God has been doing some amazing things through our teaching pastors, and it has stretched out and inspired greatness in our worship leaders as well. The songs God is writing through them are a blessing to all. I'd love to pass them along!(there aren't currently any free downloads)

  17. Love these all.. listen to The Message all the time. Jimmy Needham is one of my favs - yours to take I LOVE!!- Christian version of Mr Mraz. I love Casting Crowns too. I could just keep listing!

  18. Lord have mercy, I'm bawling. I miss music so much - the radio is useless in the Heep, and I never put it on in the house for some reason, and just keep listening to my 'Vintage' music - law - there needs to ba a change. I'm really missin' out.

  19. can i just tell you that two days ago the song control by jj heller caught my ear. it describes me today to a less than perfect T.

  20. I have so much to say here. First, not sure how I missed your last few posts. The fact that you made reubens and are writing a book both bring me complete joy. And had me at Toby Mac. I am a Christian radio gal and love the list. I can be seen driving down the road and almost screaming "Starry Night" on a daily basis. Praise Jesus.