Saturday, January 8, 2011

Our Week In Pictures and, you know, I'll probably ramble a bit, too.

God Bless the week that flies right by.

Here it is already, Saturday. This is what happens in the wake of Christmas, in the jump-start of life that is the New Year. The pace quickens a bit, while still maintaining that luxuriously lazy haze of cooped-up Winter.

We returned from our Ohio trip to some great news - a showing on Tuesday evening!

In truth, I was annoyed when the call came in on Monday. My attitude was awful, ungrateful. I think my exact words to Cory were something like, "I do not want to spend my day cleaning the house when they're not going to buy it anyway."

Not much later, I apologized for this heart of mine, which whines one moment, "Why isn't this house sellllllinnnnng?" then gripes when we land a showing. This is just one example of the moments where I have to wonder just how tired God gets of my junk. Not me, but my junk.

So, I unpacked suitcases and cleaned.

I was inspired to go ahead and Tear Down That Tree.

I gathered up the force of all my will and mopped the floor.

The kids played Monkeys in the Jungle.

Then Indiana Jones.

Then Indiana Jones Lego People. (Which bore a striking resemblance to the previous.)

Then things ramped up a bit.

And yes, it's true, I knowingly allowed my two small people to leap from one piece of furniture to another. It was just that kind of day. It kept the natives happy for a solid hour.

The following day - showing day - around 10 AM, we got a call that the showing was canceled, but rescheduled for Thursday.

Then we got a call that the Thursday rescheduled showing was re-rescheduled for next Tuesday.

Then we got a call that we had another showing to fill the spot of the previously canceled re-rescheduled showing on Thursday.

Then we got a call that the new Thursday showing was canceled.

So, just to be clear - no showings. None at all. Got that?

The rest of the week was spent playing on clean floors...

Lugging around Pots of Pie...

And coloring 'til the cows come home.
(ps - they're still not here)

FYI - This is what Silo looks like every time Calvin and Ruby are coloring. Every. Single. Time.

And it's really not fair - you can't fully appreciate the moment without the soundtrack of whining from the two Biggers. "Mommmmmm! Silas is trying to get our markerrrrrrs! Mommmmm! Silas is on the taaaaaaabllllllle!"

Remember our bad waffle morning?

Well, when life gives us waffle fits, we make spectacular toasted waffle PB&Js for afternoon snack.

Take that.

We shipped our first batch of cereal boxes off to Haiti! This box may not look big, but it is heavy and I was shocked and appalled at how many boxes fit inside. A big Thank You to everyone who gave us boxes or sent your own. This is amazing, redemptive work being done through The Apparent Project. *To buy a necklace, go here.

Also, a straw poll indicates that Honey Nut Cheerios is the far-and-away winner of Miss Popularity. Or maybe it should be Mr. Popularity? Honey Bee has always struck me as more masculine...

And speaking of masculine, what do you think of Siley's lovely headwrap?

And speaking of lovely, I rocked this look all. week. long, Baby.

Except for the night that I had my annual Christmas dinner with Sarah.

Oh Carrabbas, it had been much too long.

I think it had been 4 years too long.

This meal is my new favorite restaurant Italian meal evs. Pasta with tomato-basil sauce, spinach, mushrooms and arti hearts. Oh, and garlic. About a bulb's worth, I'm thinking. Cory smelled me making my way home from two miles North.

So there you have it, in fits and grins.

Another week, in the books.

I'm holed up in the Fox Room with a cup of Sugar Plum Spice and 5 of my dearest friends stacked up beside me, to cheer me on. I've got work to do.

Happy, snowy Saturday, Peeps!

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Update:: Just got back from Target and my houseslippers are on Clearance! Don't say I didn't warn you.


  1. love your week in pictures...
    the kids jumping from one piece of furniture to another makes me feel like we just might be normal...or at least we're not all alone in our parenting tactics.

    ...sorry about the no shows for the house showings....SUCKS.

    been there, done that...hate that roller coaster.

  2. Love the pics of the kiddos!;) Hope you have a wonderful weekend!! Hugs, Rachel

    French Farmhouse 425

  3. Oh my gawd, that whole showing thing is maddening isn't it? How they taunt you into mopping. Maybe Cory is making the calls - ha! Aaron went around for two years with a headwrap like that. No joke. So much life goes on around that white table - doesn't it?

  4. i love that littlest and his table-worming skills.

    so is the showing for next tuesday still on? or no? i don't have enough free brain space to figure it all out, but i am praying.

    love you.

  5. I found your blog today and read all of your posts on adoption. Wow. I was adopted from Bangladesh when I was seven years old - my biological sister and I - into a Canadian family. I'm a mom with two boys (3 and seven months) and would someday love to adopt a little girl. The things that keep me from really embracing the dream are finances. I know we could likely adopt from within our area but I have secret hopes of adopting from a third world country. My husband is definitely not as open to the idea. I drank in each of these posts not only because of my interest but also because our adoption/lives after Bangladesh (my sisters and mine) was filled with craziness and turmoil. It is wonderful to read about two people who have really good, loving intentions.

    My sister now has four biological kids and adopted a little boy. She is struggling with her feelings toward him. She says she is finding herself treating this little guy the way our adopted mom treated us - like we weren't as important as the biological kids. She is aware that she is doing it, is seeking professional help but I'm surprised at how often I catch her doing this.
    I'm going to read the book you recommended - in fact the only reason I haven't run out already to get it is that both of the kids are supposedly napping right now - I hear crying and fussing - as I type this.

    You are an excellent writer. I think you would find a wide audience if you decided to write a book on this.

    I'm so glad I found your blog!

  6. Happy Snowy day back. Another round of snow falling here. My house was cleaned earlier this week and I am proud to say I KEPT AT IT every night. I was so happy to wake up this morning and NOT have to deep clean. New Me. Maybe.

  7. Urgh, keep persevering with the house - it must be utterly discouraging at times. Love the furniture leaping. Love it! X

  8. I was going to buy the same shoes. My thoughts were, the bottom are hard, so I CAN wear them to quick runs to the grocery store.

  9. Shannon,

    Don't you just love it when that happens? You clean 'till the cows come home' and no one shows. But what satisfaction when you kick off your slippers and cuddle up in a chair with a book and NO chores that need doing! Snowing in NJ too, so I'm hibernating this weekend.

    Your Friend,

  10. Well, at least your house is clean! I'd love to be a Little at your house. They seem to have such a great time. I hope you get some more showings that show up soon.

  11. Sorry that the showings all fell through. At least your house got cleaned. :) I love that pic of Silas laying on the table. Made me giggle. His feet all curled up.

  12. I do so enjoy your blogs. I have to tell you when there's no blog from you it's like I've been stood up by my date. The date that I had been looking forward to since the last date and I wore my new cute boots. I do realize that sounds cheesy. Work with me here. Anyhoo, when we sold our last house we had a terrible time with being asked to leave our home for 4 hour blocks of time for showings and then coming home 4 hours, 1 meal out, one movie, 2 snacks, 2 kids arguing in the backseat about he's touching me, he's looking at me, he said I'm a cry baby, 15 stops to pee later and finding out no one had ever come by at all. It was very frustrating to say the least. After about the fifth time of that I mentioned I could find a new realtor if I needed to, and the problem was magically solved. Just like that. Nevermind the 75 times I had mentioned the issue previously.

    Anyway, great blog again, as usual!

  13. So sorry about your week of cancelled showings. I was just saying to my husband last night that at this time last year our house was on the market, and we had to be ready at a moment's notice for a showing. The time will come for you, despite the frustrations and waiting!! I'll say a prayer that it's soon and you won't have to clean your house EVER AGAIN for prospective buyers!!!!

  14. sorry to hear about your showings. That is so hard! Hang in there, we have had ZERO showings. But I'm told February is the month for showings, lets hope so!

  15. Shannan! My week was so eerily similar...we had a showing request for the 28th but were away...then they called on the 2nd, the day we had 11 friends, 13 children over for the day to try and schedule one for the next morning! So I was madly cleaning all morning from the party the day before, we left the house and came back show. There was a miscommunication. Then they tried to re-schedule for the Thursday. But then they cancelled. Something about the commute. Bleh.

  16. So sorry your showings were a no-go! I've been wondering the status of the house. As always, beautiful pics, beautiful words! Love ya girl!!

  17. The house showings. They made me a meany-face.

    It's going to be a super weird moment when I see this box pictured in your blog post on my front porch in Haiti.

    It will feel like Mary Poppins jumping in the drawing on the sidewalk.

    I forgot to tell you:

    I will buy your book. Hurry up and finish it.


  18. Hey, you. The Help was in my top ten of 2009. I almost didn't pick Happiness Project for my number one because of all the buzz, but then I decided that was silly. I really did love it. What a book to make you think and take stock.

  19. Hey lady,

    I stumbled across your blog ages ago when I was looking for recipes, and I've become a regular reader. You are such an amazing writer, and a wonderful inspiration. I know that you are working on a fiction book now, which I am excited to read, but I hope that someday you will write a book about adoption. I am a single woman in my 20s, and your words about adoption have made a BIG impression on me as I think about my future.

    I am sorry your showings were a no-show after all that cleaning! My family moved a lot when I was a kid, and I remember my mom hated having to clean up when all of us were home all day. I am hoping for a great year for you and your family with lots of bidders very soon!

  20. Forget about the cancellers and on to the important stuff...what was that cherry sitting in? Yum! You lucky duck. I SO love Carrabas!

  21. Beautiful shots !!! Shannan, those chairs were lovely !!! Hope you have a great week !!! ... ^___^

  22. Wonderful pictures! Feel you r pain about the showings, such a rollercoaster. But the right buyer will come along. Enjoy your clean floors and delightful snow days!

  23. how sweet are you?
    and your kids?
    and your blog?

    so very sweet, happy to have come across you. :)

  24. Dag nabbit. Why couldn't I have read your post before I went to Target. Craving those slippers. Sorry about the house showings. That is NO fun.

  25. Selling a house is such a pain in the rear...especially with children. I'm sorry it was a bust. That really sucks!

    Just so you know I'm sitting here with my slippers on too. They look very similar to yours. Don't know what I did before. Wish I was in on that dinner date. Sounds soooo good.

  26. You fun furniture jumping allowed mama - I want to live at your house!
    I have my similar Old Navy slippers on every single moment of every single day. Couldn't live without them.

  27. Oh my word! I just got so excited! I recently was in Haiti, working in an orphanage. I got to meet Shelley, who started the Apparent Project! She is such an amazing, enthusiastic, artistic woman! The necklaces are beautiful and so is the heart behind it! Thank you for supporting her!

  28. Love!! the cereal boxes reuse..we go through enough around here

    just a quick note of encouragement on the showing thing...the ones who bought our "honeymoon cottage" called 30 mins before they came ( we were over at the farm) = no time to clean up...If it's meant to be then it will happen in God's timing

    ( so probably want to bop me now with the cliché advise But bummer enough its true (:

  29. You get cooler in my eyes each and every day. Just thought I should mention that. Showing or now showing - awesome garland and all!