Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Lisa Leonard Giveaway!

Mr. Postman brought me the happiest package last week.

I am fully enamored with (enamored by?) my new Crest necklace.

Thank you, Lisa! It's perfect.

It harkens me back to the days when I longed to be sent away to boarding school. I really wanted to go. I believed that the opportunity may have somehow loomed in my immediate future.

Alas, tweren't so.

I remember the whole thing making my mom a little bit sad, though I didn't under stand why. Now that I have small peeps of my own, I do. Sorry, Mama.

I didn't necessarily want to be away from home, it's just that I really, really wanted to live in an ivy-covered stone building with 3 roommates and a common room. And knee socks. I think I read a book about it or something. That's how those things usually start for me.

But enough about me. How rad is this crest necklace?

I feel so Scottish!

It's so unique and I dig the larger-scale.

I wore it for the first time to a birthday gathering for a college friend who we like to call Foiler.

That's Foiler, looking out of place at the end of the line.

OK, that's better.
(Any idea why the right side of my pics gets chopped off?)

The thorn among roses.

That's his wife, Mrs. Foiler (and an old college roomie!) beside him.
(And Sarah beside me.)

Did I mention that I am personally responsible for their 12 years of marital bliss?

'Tis truth.

For his birthday gift I unearthed a photo of the two of them, circa 1996. He was wearing an odd button-down decked out in mallard ducks.

And she married him anyway.

But enough about the troubling fashion sense of college boys.

We've got a giveaway to talk about.

The sweeter'n pie, talented to the moon, Lisa Leonard has offered a $50 gift certificate to her store for one lucky reader.

To enter, tell me which piece you would buy with your loot. (Click here to go to her store.)

Good luck deciding.

It took me three solid weeks.

And I'm not giving you that long, because I'm mean.

You have until Friday at noon.

So get cracker-jacking.

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Yours 'Til Niagara Falls,