Thursday, January 6, 2011

Happy Anniversary to Us - A Giveaway

Two years, Dears!

Exactly two years ago, by the light of the moon (and a lamp), I struggled through my attempt at starting an honest-to-goodness blog. The first 3 names I wanted were already taken and in the 11th hour, inspiration struck and good fortune was on my side. And with that, Flower Patch Farmgirl was born.

The truth is, I have the best blog friends a girl could ever ask for.

I'm talking about YOU.

I will never entirely understand what it is that compels you to return, but it makes me so happy when you do. Your love and encouragement and humor have made me feel smiley and a little shy-like.

To celebrate the day, I'm linking back to some of my earliest posts.*

1. This post was my very first.
2. This woeful post didn't get an ounce of love, back in the day. (Notice Calvey with his puffy steroid cheeks. Sniff sniff!)
3. Again with the no love. (What's everyone got against waffles??)
4. And this was the most "popular" post I wrote during my first two months. (Our old house. Sniff sniff!)

And now, for the real excitement: A Giveaway!

I don't do giveaways very often. I've done one pretend giveaway and one real giveaway and that's the extent of it. Does that make me stingy? I sure hope not.

But this is a day for celebrating and for giving back to you.

Have you met my Jolly Goode friend, Jerusalem? She's crafty and colorful with a heart spun from love and light. She's also kinda famous. (Check out her side bar!)

Her art resonates with me for several reasons. It's cheery and unique, for sure. But it also speaks to some of the deepest parts of my soul.
Love. Give. Joy.
When I first saw her new line of posters, I wanted one of each. I want one for every room in the house. These are my mantras, and I didn't even really know it until I saw them.

(This one will be in the shop in the next week or two, but is still available for the Giveaway!)

Then there's the wee fact that profits earned via her Etsy shoppe inch her family closer and closer to their goal of adopting. Oh, that word just does something to me, and the heart that leans toward this love of mine automatically feels like a long lost friend.

In her words to me: "I have no idea what God has in store, but I know it will be good. Hard, yes. Unexpected, always. Worth it at the end of the day, Absolutely."

You got that right.

Give It  All Away Poster

Click here to view her Etsy site.

Each poster measures 17"x11" and comes unframed. Color choices for each poster style are negotiable.

For $15, you can have unique art that inspires you daily to more fully live the life that you long for. I love that.

Joy in Cherry

To be entered in the giveaway, leave me a comment telling me which poster is your favorite, and if you want to really make my day, tell me why. Blog, Tweet and/or Facebook the giveaway for an extra entry or three - just leave a separate comment for each! Contest ends Monday at noon, at which time I will announce one shiny, happy winner.

For another fantastico chance to win one of these beauts, go visit my Sister Friend, Jennie. Send her my love. Taunt her for her bizarre dislike of bell peppers. Just Go.

(A reminder: You do not need a Blogger account or a blog of any kind to enter. Just leave an anonymous comment, but be sure to include your name in the comment! )

I still haven't decided which poster is my favorite. Right now, it's a 5-way tie.

Happy anniversary to us, my friends. This place would be nothing without you.

Give it All Away Poster Deuce

*A note for my Mom: Click on the blue words and it will take you to the post I am talking about. It's magic! ps - Love you.


  1. This is Alli Cline... my favorite is a tie between the first two posters... if I don't win I'll for sure buy them!

    1. Vá er gott að vera aftur með fyrrverandi mína, þakka þér dr. Ekpen fyrir hjálpina, ég vil bara láta þig vita að þetta er að lesa þessa færslu ef þú ert með mál með elskhuganum þínum og leiðir til skilnaðar og þú gerir það ekki Vilja skilnaðinn, Dr Ekpen er svarið við vandamálið. Eða þú ert nú þegar skilnaður og þú vilt samt að hafa samband við hann. Dr Ekpen stafrænar rifrildi núna ( eða whatsapp hann á +2347050270218 og þú verður klæddur sem þú gerðir.

  2. ooooh. I love Love Has Come to Walk Among Us but there's something about that Red JOY poster that's got my heart.


    Love. :)

    Happy Anniversary, friend! I'm so glad to know you and your talented butt. (I was gonna swear there to make you giggle but in mixed company I watch my mouth.)

    LOL :)

  3. mmm...i think my favorite is Love has come to walk among us. because it reminds me my Jesus came HERE for ME. Thanks girly!

  4. I cannot believe I'm the first one to comment? How is that even possible? Craziness, I tell you.

    Okay.. my fav is the "Love has Come to Walk Among Us." And because it is simply not in me to leave a short comment I'm going to tell you why: We just brought home our beautiful baby girl from China on Christmas Eve and she is just learning to walk. in fact, just this evening she took 12 steps in a row!!! Every time I look at her I am reminded how precious God's love for us is. He loved us so much that He asked us to be this little girl's mommy and daddy and that KILLS me every time I think about it. As she walks (okay, waddles) around my house I think, how on earth did we ever live without her?

    There... I am not only officially your first commenter, but possibly your longest commenter.

  5. Happy Anniversary... your blog is always one of my favorite places to visit each day.

    My favorite poster is the Love Has Come To Walk Among Us.

  6. I've recently discovered blogs. Why Yes, I do live under a rock ... But somehow I found yours and check in everyday. Your straight forward, good natured humor and attitude, as well as a heart filled with love for God and your family always brighten my day. As far as the poster-my favorite would have to be "Love has come to walk among us." A message we should all respond to. Congratulations on your blogiversary! Krista G.

  7. Oooh a contest :)

    "Give it all away". Wow, this resonates with me so much. It touches my heart by telling me that I DO HAVE MORE TO GIVE and it touches my mind by reminding me that all my worldly possess could be gone in a second and that I should not hold on to these things as tightly as I do.


  8. Tweet, Tweet:!/BeachBrights/status/23210486870835200


    PS. Tweetdeck helps me to "manage" twitter better/easier.

  9. I have a long cold Canadian winter ahead of me so recently I set out to find a few fresh faces to keep me entertained (and company) ...I've added you to my list!
    If I had to pick just one poster it would be the "live brave..." love what it says and the colour is pretty too!
    Happy Anniversary...I think I've coming up to 3 years too...but I'm not a serious's just a simple blog.

  10. Oh my goodness I think It's a multi tie for me too!! Love that cute little Joy
    I think "give it all away" made me think of my Daddy. He may of not had two nickels to rub together (as he would say) but he always had money to share with someone in need. Sometimes I think the poor among us (and he was poor) are so much more generous than most of us.
    Sorry for my rambling I guess i just miss him today(he passed away a little over a yr ago)
    Happy blog anniversary to you. I have appreciated your humor and wit and honesty and I love sharing in your life journey.

  11. Oh Shannan, the torture! I love the one that says "Love has come to walk among us" with all of my being.... I NEED the one that says "Joy" because, well, my name IS Joy. I love them all, I can't decide.

    Thank you for letting us peek into your world. When I read your blog for Edie the other day I was so taken back. The way you came to know Edie and search all of her old blog posts is perfect description of how I reacted when I found you.

    Good work my friend!

    Joy Kinard over at

  12. Happy Anniversary! I have to say out of all of blogland - and that is big - yours is the one I love best! As an adoptive mother myself, I get a real pleasure out of your stories. As far as the posters go - wow - they are scrumptious! The top one - love has come to walk among us would be my favorite. That's the Nativity story right there. And love the color! The Joy one in pink is my next fave! Signed, Homeschooler

  13. love them all, too, but would have to say the "live brave" speaks to me!
    congrats on your 2 years!

  14. All the posters are fabulous..Truthful and inspirational..I love the "give it away" one,a good motto to live by.Have a wonderful weekend..xx

  15. Now we are two. Isn't that a book? Happy Anniversary, my friend! I'm thinking that the last lovely poster makes me the happiest, because my daddy and my grandpa had a nifty smörgåsbord...with "jolly" in its name. That there poster makes me think of good Swedishy meatballs.

    Rah's your BIRTHDAY!!!

    : )

    Julie M.

  16. Two little candles to blow out - congratulations and thank you for sharing.

    I love your newly 'zhushed' space and look forward to spending time in it again this year.

    Thank you also for introducing me to Jolly Good and her goodies.

    If I'm lucky enough to win this special giveaway I would choose "Love walks among us'.

    Felicity x

  17. Happy Anniversary....what a wonderful & dear friend {whom I have yet to meet} you are to me..and to the blogging world.


  18. what a big day! 2 years!! is that all?? i feel like i have been reading your blog for-eva. and it has been so fun...i like you. you make me smile. and sometimes you make my eyes burn and my nose tingle...because you just put life into words that are pretty and funny and most of all true...for all of us... on our best and worst days. thank you.

    i mean it. not just because i want to win a poster...even though that would be cool. if i did win one, i would pick the "love" one or the "brave" one...because the first is a great reminder of what He did and the second of what He wants me to do. both reminders would be helpful on a daily basis.

    did i win the longest comment award?

  19. Happy Anniversary... it's been fun to follow your adventures, stories and photos...

    I'd choose "joy".


  20. Happy Anniversary to you Farmgirl! I am so happy I found you! And look at you...doing a giveaway!

    I'm still waiting to have that talk about compression hose. I have a 20 hour flight in my near future, so let's discuss.

    Oh ya, "Love has come" is my fav, because He is my fav.

  21. The first 2 are my favorites, but would probably puck the give it all way. I like it on several different levels as it has several different meanings to me.

    Congrats on 2 years. I also found your blog through a friend and have passed it on to all of my friends. I also feel like a kindred spirit as after finding you I read over a years worth of old posts to "catch up". Not to worry, I'm not a stalker I just enjoy your sense of humor and writing style.

  22. Correction .... Pick not puck.....small print and letter, with eyes going bad ...

  23. I would enJOY the "Joy" poster. For Christmas my husband (via me) got me a necklace with all my childrens' names etched on it and also the words "faith", "joy", and "love" b/c these are the 3 things I want to pass on to my kids. That poster would be hung in my girls' room as a reminder to me and them. and some days I NEED that reminder. :)

  24. My favorite is "Love has come to walk among us". Congratulations on your anniversary, you are a great encouragement to me in ways you'll never know:) Thanks for starting this blog!

  25. Big Thank you! My favorite is "Give it All Away"
    So kind of you! Just love love love your sweet blog!

  26. LOVE the Give it all away turquoise poster!

  27. Happy Anniversary! When I first found your blog, you had me going way, way back to your older posts....i wanted to read everything! Your words inspire me, bring me joy, and on occasion, make me shed a few tears. :0) Good luck on your book....i would read it. My favorite poster is the "Give it all away", it reminds me to give every ounce that is in us, every day that we live, to those around us, who matter most. Thanks so much for all of your heartfelt words....

    God Bless,
    Amanda McDanell

  28. I love "Give it all away." Amen.

  29. Congratulations Shannan! I only found you a year ago & am so happy I did. I love reading your blog. Thank you for a year of beautiful words and insightful posts! You always touch my heart. I'll be first in line to buy your first book!
    I love the red "joy" poster, but the "love has come to walk among us" is so true & perfect!

  30. Hi! I have just recently started my own blog on here, and was of course attracted to another "farmgirl" blog, so I had to check it out. =) I am loving the red poster with the "Live Brave, Give Love"! Im hoping to go back and read some more from you! Oh and Happy Anniversary!

  31. love has come to walk among us...without it, that reassurance, I'm not sure what dark days would have been like.

    Happy Anniversary Shannan!!! Keep it up - I love the sunshine here!

  32. My favorite is "Love has come to walk among us." It reminds me of the line from Michael W. Smith's song "Anthem For Christmas" and that makes me think of the powerful message of "Emmanuel"!

    Happy 2-year Anniversary!! :)

  33. Dare I join the competition? :) I love them all, the words speak truth and force remembrance. I think my fav to look at is "Love has come to walk among us" and my favorite words are "give it all away". Love was promised, and came and walked among us, and then was gifted to live in us. It's beautiful. And as far as giving? Oh, to simply "give it all away" daily... my heart yearns for my hands to stay opened wide rather than closed fisted. Unless your hands are open to give, then they won't ever be open to receive. Katie Davis comes to mind.

    Happy Anniversary Shannan! :)

  34. I think I like the "give it all away" yellow and blue one. It's adorable and for me it would be kind-of a daily reminder of what's really important. :)

  35. Congrats on 2 years!!! I love your blog. I'm so glad I found you. A giveaway...yay! I think I'd choose the Love design. It's so wonderful.

  36. Love has to come to walk among us is my fav. why, because he is and ain't life grand b/c of it!
    Happy blog iversary. I especially love the note to you momma haha I can so relate!
    I was helping my MIL register her Kindle we got her for Christmas. She had her screen blown way up so she had to keep going from side to side and I was secretly losing it. I told Mag about it and said well this is prob how you feel with me and she said yeah, but you never shut up all the while to listen to directions so it is even worse! OUCH! Who raised these little snots?

  37. This is difficult. I'm torn between the first two which is a surprise as I am usually a sucker for anything that says Joy on it. I love the first one becaue it strikes the same sense of awe in me as the first verses in the Gospel of John. But ultimately the live brave poster is the kind of credo I need on my wall. I love those reminders, especially the see wonder. So many things change in me when I allow my sight to be retooled. So yes, my final answer is the Live Brave poster. And happy blogiversary!

  38. Congrats on 2 years! I would say my fav would have to be "Give it all Away". Love that.

  39. Happy Anniversary! I am so glad I found you. And by you, I mean your blog. I love your note to your mom--too funny! It really is magic!!

  40. I love the one that starts with Live Brave... because that is just what I'm up to right now.

  41. I love the one that simply says JOY. Cuts right to the point. Happy Bloggerversary (not really a word but I'm using it anyway)!!

  42. I love the Live Brave one, but it really is a tie for all of them for me too! They all say such beautiful and important things... I love them. Thank you for your blog, and I hope to one day read one of your books!

  43. My favorite is the "Joy" poster. It's 4:00 a.m. and I am up with my 6-week-old and my 18-month-old. Believe it or not, "joy" is the word that comes to mind when I think of these wee miracles that God has brought into my life (not to forget the almost five-year-old who sleeps soundly upstairs).

    I have wept many nights but there was indeed "joy in the morning." I have wiped crusty noses, peeled smooshed cranberries from the floor, and yet that joy-thing was still there.

    Joy is always there. Sometimes it is right alongside pain and sorrow, but it is always present. At times it takes centerstage, singing its solo loud and strong. Other times it is quietly tucked away in the corner, waiting to be noticed.

    Happy Anniversary! I have thoroughly appreciated and loved your blog since discovering it not too long ago.

  44. Happy Anniversary - lovely lovely blog that I do enjoy visiting daily.
    I love poster No 2 - I think there is a message for everyday here, sometimes you need a push to be brave, to see lifes wonders, to be honest with yourself...its all there and I imagine finding a different application of those words for ever different day. Fingers crossed bigtime!!


  45. Live, brave, speak, truth, see, wonder, give, love....the second one is my favorite. Your friend has such a cute blog, I'm her new follower. I don't often comment, because I am often rushing through to read and get off the "time sucking" computer. Happy blogiversary, friend! I share your adoption stories often, especially very touching and unique. So evident that God is in it.
    Love you and your sweet little blog!!!

  46. By the way, I was so touched by Rubies story that I had my teenagers read it (ages 16 and 13). The 16 year old wants to adopt someday. A family (through church relations) who's baby just arrived and didn't want to keep in contact with the mother, is now reconsidering after falling in love with the young Mom, as well. I'm off to prepare the waffles from your previous link....
    Keep sharing!!!

  47. Oh boy, I really do love these. I love them all- especially the live brave and give it all jolly goode away. How great. I hope I win but if I don't I may have to go buy one! And happy anniversary to your blog- you make our days a little happier!

  48. I love the red mantra one, I want to put it by my front door. Heck, I want to put it in my front yard, telephone poles, billboards, around school campuses. Even without reading it the script and color cheer me up, that'd be a nice way to exit home and enter the world each day.

    On your blogiversary I wanted to thank you for your blog. I love it, its the first I read every morning. You've introduced me to many a new recipe, new blogs, new weather and many more. So happy aniversary, my mornings are better because of your words.

  49. well i can tell you sweet friend that it was destiny that we met this way. god knew i needed a little shannan in my life. i always look so forward to coming here...seeing your perspective, laughing at those claw hands;O...ha! i just love you. happy 2 year anniversary. OH and i really liked the yellow and gray give it all away poster. such a great site!

  50. Happy Anniversary! I am so glad you decided to blog. I've enjoyed every single one of your posts! Thank you for sharing your life and family. You inspire me to be better and I always appreciate that!

    My favorite - oh, so hard to choose! I like the one that reads, "Live, Brave, Speak..." is my favorite. Every word speaks truth and to my heart. It is not only the way I want to live, but the way I want my family to as well.

    Thank you for this beautiful give-a-way. What a delightful way to start this new year.

    Cheers and keep blogging!

  51. oh it has to be the red Joy poster because now that my son is home from Afganistan that is what I feel all the time. I am so grateful he is home and safe, I feel sad for the brave young Marines that didn't make it back but I know they were true brave young men and they had Joy in their hearts for their mission. Heck I feel Joy for finding your blog you make me think each and everyday!!!! Nancy Settel

  52. Hi Shannan,

    Was led to Flower Patch FarmGirl this morning through Edie's blog. And while I'm sad that I haven't spent the last two years with you, I'm so darn excited to be able to comb through your archives over the next few days!

    My favorite poster has to be "Give it all away"---precisely because it has taken most of my adult life to be able to really take this into my heart as the truth of what Christ put us here to do.

    Thanks so much for all you give to others. :)

  53. Love has come to walk among us is my fav. That may change! I like it because it is a Truth that is beauty full.
    I don't know how I found your blog but I was hooked right away. You write so beautifully and with such truth it makes me tear up in my soul and on my face. Also Ruby is so delicious I want to eat those cheeks.

  54. Shannon, u don't need to enter me in the giveaway. I just want to congratulate u on your inspiration to me. We to r praying for children. our answer will come Jan 25 whether we r chosen for two b-racial children from Oregon. We r so excited. i would love sometime to meet up w/u! Please pray God's will be done that day.

  55. Congrats on the 2 years! How generous of you to share a little somethin' somethin' to celebrate!! I really like the red 'Live Brave' poster!


  56. Why I keep coming back to you? Your honesty, your way of writing that makes me either laugh or cry! But most of all, your adorable children!!!

    I love both the Joy poster and the Love has come to walk with us poster, but my very, very favorite is the Live Brave, etc. poster - it kind of fits my focus this year!

    Thank you for sharing yourself and your family with me. You are a joy and a pleasure!!!

    Becky G. in GA

    PS - I'm having a 'Little Gifts' giveaway on my blog at

  57. I hope I'm not disqualified for being related, because I love the posters. My favorite is the second one. I think it would be fun to put in the "library" upstairs. Happy Anniversary Shan! I love what an impact your blog has on everyone who reads.

  58. Happy Anniversary! I truly enjoy reading your is one of the top 5 that I keep up with regularly.

    Love the blue background "give it all away" poster. I tend to "collect" things and have a hard time letting go of them so this poster would be a good reminder to let it go!

    I followed Jerusalem's blog for a long time and didn't recognize her as JollyGoode - so glad to have found her again! I love her style.

  59. I'm new to your blog. You are a very gifted writer and your words resonate with me. You have put into words so many things I feel. Thank you.

    My favorite poster is "love has come to walk among us". That reminds me of Jesus. But "give it all away" is a close second because that is literally what I feel God calling me to do.

  60. I've shared your link on facebook! Thanks for another chance to win! Becky G. in GA

  61. i love the speak truth, live brave one!
    i went to her shop but it's not there.....can you tell her?
    i want one.
    and i never win these so i need to just buy it.
    i love jerusalem. :)

  62. Happy Anniversary! I love your way with words and your view of life. As a parent of 1 biological and 4 adopted children (now grown, hallelujah)the poster that speaks to me is the live brave. That is what I wish I could do each day.

  63. I've posted a picture and link on my blog's sidebar! Thanks for another chance to win! Becky G. in GA

  64. So I'll facebook ya because I love sharing your story with my friends :)

  65. I don't really tweet, but I'll link you there too :)

  66. i love the live brave poster. happy 2 to you! xoxo

  67. I like the "live" poster, too. I just decided my word for the year is give, and this would be a cool and colorful visual reminder!

  68. Most certaintly "live brave, speak truth, see wonder, give love". We should all strive for this, right?

  69. First of all, I love your blog....actually I have a blog crush :-) I am one of those shy lurkers who doesn't have a blog of her own. You are an inspiration.
    My favourite poster is the first one you pictured, "love has come to walk among us".
    Blessings and Happy Anniversary!

  70. I love the life poster in aqua. Love it! I love the message, it would be nice to have the reminder everyday!


  71. I am totally digging the "Live Brave..." one, as that is my motto for the new year. Happy Anniversary!

  72. Love has come to walk among us. My husband and I have had a very strained relationship, not on our parts, but we have endured. Love this!

    Happy Anniversary! :)

  73. I would get the "Love has come to walk among us" and why you ask. Because I feel like my personal relationship with Christ has changed so much in the past few month. My faith and heart are growing because of HIM. I have a ways to go, but I'm improving & that's what matters :)

    PS - I saw you are digging my mama's blog. I like your PS footer to your Mom! That's what I've been helping Mom with & fielding about 3 phone calls per night on the how tos of blog land :) She's funny though - I love her!

  74. shannan-thank you for introducing me to this lovely art work, wow! pick a're's a tie between love poster or life poster, one second it's I've landed on one the next second I'm sure it's the other :) Guess I'll have to buy them both, unless I win one of course. So glad you decided to join this blog world, can't tell you how much your words often make my day :)

  75. Ok I lied I would like give it all away to my tie, and I blogged about your giveaway over on A Chosen Child.

  76. I have been following for a long while and actually check in with you way before the morning paper or my own personal email! Just really enjoy your blog! Happy 2 years,,,,how cool! I used to have a blog called Mushroom and then quit it and now I'm back....a little. Kinda.
    Your family is so special and I truly love to read all your posts and wait each day for the new one to pop up. Good stuff.

    Oh....pls. enter me into the fun give away. I like the turquoise 1st one up top about love....why?? Because I LOVE love and I love turquoise and the font on that one just jives with me.BTW... I too love mexican even though this has nothing to do with turquoise or love but somehow makes me hungry for taco things. and a pot of salsa.

    Have a super fun weekend!


  77. I started reading your blog because I loved how you had decorated your home. But, I have continued reading your blog because I just love hearing about your kids! They are precious. I have grown children and I really miss the everyday challenges of small kids. My mother told me when my kids were small that those would be my best days and I did not believe her because at the time it just seemed very hard, but of course she was right. I really enjoy my kids as adults, but never again will I be at the center of their world like I was when they were young. I knew everything they were feeling and doing. So continue to enjoy these days even when they seem so hard. Joy at

  78. I like the red poster that starts with "Live brave..." I am a word person, so the more a poster "says" the better for me! I like the contrast in the words between active and passive.

  79. I like the "love has come to walk among us" especially in the sage green color. It resonates with me because just last night I was reading John 1 about God becoming flesh- truth and grace - and even though I'd read that chapter a thousand times, it hit me harder last night, post-Christmas. I also like the poster in the green color because it would match my bedroom colors. :)

  80. Happy Anniversary!

    I love reading your blog. Thank you for sharing your life and your heart.


    oh, I really like the poster that says "Love has come to walk among us". I looked at the Etsy site and honestly, I would probably like several, but that's my favorite!

  81. Ok, I tweeted it too!


  82. Oh how lovely! Her posters are so simple and wonderful! I love the one that says "Love has come to walk among us" in the light green.

    And Shannan, thanks for blogging! :)

  83. FIRST: HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO YOU...and your fans. :) Thanks for sharing your gift of words...and life with us.

    I especially like the "Live Brave" poster. She does have a way with design...and good luck to her and her husband with their adoption(s).

  84. Happy Anniversary! I love the Joy poster in Cherry. My daughter is hoping to "re-do" her room this summer for her 10th birthday and this poster would look great in there!

  85. Love love love them!!! My favorite is Love Has Come to Walk among us. Probably in the neutral color but all of them are beautiful!

    Reason- Like Madmousel, our love arrived in December. After a two year wait for domestic adoption, we finally have OUR baby girl. And she is our love, and she is here to walk among us.

    As a side, I've read your blog for the past year and loved your adoption series and the love you show for your babies. I love your descriptions when you talk about your little ones but I never thought domestic adoption would bring us a little almond eyed baby... but we have a Korean-American little girl. We are blessed and in love!
    Jill @

  86. Happy Anniversary! We keep coming back because you are amazing!
    I like the first poster (Love has come to walk among us) the best. My home is filled with love now because of my wonderful family.

  87. Happy Anniversary!! Love your blog and read it allways!!! Love love has come to walk amoung us and also the first one:)

  88. Happy Anniversary and what a wonderful family. I like the Live Brave in red. Thanks.

  89. Hmm those first two give me goosebumps. How is she for international shipping?? I know you US gals have a wonderful bloggy community, but there are Euros like me who have been really touched by what you have shared in this amazing blog. You write so beautifully with eyes that see through the surface of things, to the movements below. That is a gift and the fact that you are writing a book seems absolutely natural and in the order of things, I was not in the least surprised, only relieved to hear it. Things that seem natural and organic are so often the right ones. Go for it, scare youself and enjoy the ride! Blessings, Belinda x

  90. Congrats on your anniversary!!!!! I love the red speak truth, live brave :o)

  91. I love them ALL (because I too am a huge jolly goode gal fan!), but I think my favorite is the aqua Love poster. "Love has come to walk among us." Oh my goodness that phrase always sends chills down my spine when I think about it...that goodness, mercy and most of all, LOVE became flesh, crossed from eternity into time and brought salvation for all mankind. Ok, I need to go find a kleenex now.

  92. Happy Anniversary! I like "Live Brave..." But they are all excellent. Enjoy your big day! :)

  93. lilnecklady@yahoo.comJanuary 7, 2011 at 3:15 PM

    I just found your blog today through Lettered Cottage and I'm in love! The honesty in your writing style just speaks to me. I spent the afternoon reading through past posts and enjoyed every one. And your family ... truly beautiful! I dunno, I think you're kinda inspiring :) As for the giveaway I love the red Live Brave poster ... it's the person I aspire to be but am not yet.

  94. I love all the posters. It's soooo hard to pick ONE, but the "love has come to walk among us" won my heart. It is such a reminder of Christ...our role as Christians...and, to me, a picture of adoption.

    I love the fact that she is adopting.

    Happy Anniversary. I feel we're kindred spirits in many ways...minus the whole loving to cook thing.

  95. I love "give it all away" because it challenges me! and it's pretty.

  96. Oh, thank you for sharing her shop! I love it all, and their mission to adopt.

    Love has come to walk among us - my favorite because it reminds you of how present and constant in the day to day that Love is.

  97. so a friend recommended i read your blog and i have to say i am a daily stalker!! i look forward to grabbing a cup of tea tonight and cozying up to read your links today!!

  98. oh happy blogversary, I just had my one year. It seems like I've been gone forever, but really only 3 weeks. I must have missed a hundred of your posts..
    I like the turquoise and yellow, give it all away poster. why? well I like those colors and, well, you can't take it with you, so you might as well give it all away. treasures in heaven! not on earth!

  99. happy 2nd blogversary Shannon. i equate your blog to my caffiene fix....just cant function properly without it??. The red "live brave" is most certainly my favourite poster. "be brave" were one of the last things my dad said to me...and i have been trying to be brave ever since. Thanks for the little shiny spots u always manage to put on my day. Ally

  100. Gotta go with the first one... 'Love has come to walk among us.' When I read it I try to envision Jesus, walking among us lovingly as we go about our days.

    Congrats on the anniversary!

  101. I have been so touched by your blog, happy 2 years! Celebrate with a basket of chips and a bowl of salsa! These posters are eye catching, love the colors she uses. The aqua "joy" poster is nice but I really like the pink/red "give it all away". That's a reminder we could always use in our home, we have been blessed and should bless others daily.
    Tami C.

  102. I love reading your blog! So sorry I don't comment more often, I've just been soooo crazy busy. I admire how often you post!! My blog is getting lost in the shuffle of life these days.
    I like the 'love has come to walk among us' poster. I would like it on the reddish background 'cause I love red. And I like that saying 'cause Christ is Love and He did come walk among us!

  103. Happy Anniversary! I love the new poster - the Life poster. It says everything I believe in! I love your blog and thoroughly enjoyed the adoption series. Congratulations!

    turtletopp07 at aol dot com

  104. I love the first one. Love has come to walk among us. I'm so thankful that our Savior chose to live on earth, as an example of a perfect life. And I'm so thankful for His work at the cross. Becca :)

  105. TWO years!
    Congrats, girlie!!
    And I know absolutely
    why readers come back.
    It's the way you share
    your heart ~ I love that.
    I sooo love these posters
    and am leaping over to
    visit in just a moment.
    I love the first one,
    especially, and the one
    that just says JOY,
    which to me, says it ALL.
    Thank you for sharing
    these lovelies with us!
    xx Suzanne

  106. Give it all away. Yep, that's the one. I think of it in terms of laying down my life--giving it all away--so that God can have His way. I'll be the first to admit that I've taken my stubborn 'ol time to let go! Now to give it all away and not look's a work in progress. Actually, I'm the work in progress.

    I so enjoy your blog since wandering upon it a few weeks ago. Your perspective on living, adoption, faith, and cereal has touched me profoundly. Really. ~Kristi

  107. ummm....I'm #113? Really? Can you feel the love now girl! Happy Anniversary you little awesome blogger you! My favorite one is 'Give it all Away'. Love. It. Seriously - All that is not given is lost.
    So glad this Interweb tied us together.

  108. Congratulations on your blogiversary. Jerusalem sent me to say hello. I'd love to win one of her wonderful posters, but the real gift is meeting you. Hello.

  109. First things first: HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO YOUR AWESOME BLOG SHANNAN!!! I love coming to your blog and reading your honest accounts of daily life with small kiddos.

    I love all of these posters, but my favorite is the one that simply reads "JOY." It's my favorite word, and was my "one little word" for 2010.

    Here's wishing you more successful blogging in the years to come! xo

  110. Happy anniversary to you and your blog! And thanks for stopping by mine. It made my day to receive a comment from a real-life blogger : )

    I am going to go with the "Love has come to walk among us". I think they are all pretty much great so I had to go by color. That pretty blue won out!

  111. Blissful posters, indeed! Hannah M. V. here voting for "JOY" as my favorite. There's something pretty special about a dusty red and pink that gets me right here. And to start the new year off, my best buddy and I are in the pursuit, not of happiness, but that more elusive quality, joy. How fitting!

  112. I just popped down your memory lane and had memories of my own of the time I went through all your archives. Yes, I was a bit obsessed, I'll admit it. I remember in one of my very first emails to you I asked about Ruby's shutters. Love those shutters!
    Two years, eh? You've made your mark in the blogworld, Farmgirl. You make cyberspace a better place.

  113. LOVE walked in among us........the words just speak HOPE to so love it.

  114. I'm so glad you began blogging two years ago so I could find you just a few weeks ago. Your words are light and hope and beauty - a true gift.

    As for the posters. I really adore the green "Love has come to walk among us" poster. Again and again I find myself amazed that He chose to wear our skin. Plus, who doesn't love a good shade of green?

  115. Happy Anniversary! and what a great giveaway! I would choose the life poster. Sometimes I just need reminders, and what a beautiful reminder. Your blog is awesome, you are encouraging, and inspiring! Jackie

  116. I love the "Give it all Away" Print. Just beautiful. Congrats on 2 years of blogging!!

  117. And I love "JOY" and especially the one that Jen, who led me here, had on her turquoise. It means a lot to me because my dear husband of thirty-seven years is very ill. My goal is to live this time in joy and love, as much as I can.
    I am anxious to read your blog!

  118. Congratulations on the bloggie-versary! And yay for the giveaway!
    I love the aqua "Live brave" one....

  119. I am totally in love with the "Live brave" poster. I've been reading your blog for a while, sorry I've never commented, but I'm awed by your writing. Thanks!

  120. I like the Live, Brave, Speak, etc. one because it is a great inspiration poster. :-)

  121. My pick is: live brave speak truth see wonder give love...

  122. oh gosh... I'm not good at picking favorites... the stress of it all. What if I change my mind? What if I shoulda picked a different one? Or I decide later I don't like it as much as I thought I did... I'm just too indecisive about these things! ;)

    I really like the Love Walked Among Us, such pretty teal and a wonderful reminder of all the things Jesus did for us. I also really like Joy... simple, pretty, great inspiration for Christmas decorating... decisions, decisions.

  123. First of all, I love your blog. I am so glad I found it so early on when I started. You are so real and that's waht I love. I love the sweet faces of your children as well.
    And the fact that you are from my home state helps alot, just kidding.
    JOY has to be my favorite. I have so much joy in my life and that meaning family and friends. I think we all need joy in our lives. Thanks for offering the giveaway.

  124. would have to go with "give it all away". what a great reminder that would be every day!

  125. I'll play!

    I really like them all, but the one that struck the most tender chord was "Love Has Come to Walk Among Us." He has! That makes it Christmas every day!


  126. Love them all, but I am especially fond of the Give It All Away poster.

    You are a generous soul...

    and I'm especially loving your MOM for the note at the end. A wise woman...and a great one for raising a chica like you. She must be proud.

  127. give it all away...for sure...the deuce one. Just love it:)

  128. Hi there! I found you through Jen's blog. I love your site:) My favorite poster is the same one Jen has featured on her blog ... the aqua Joy poster. I really resonate with the idea of choosing joy. I think it is a choice that can affect all other choices we make in the course of a day. And I like the aqua because of the color just makes me happy!

  129. i love the joy...
    because my middle little one has joy for a middle name.
    and she brings lots of joy!

  130. Love had come to walk among us. That is beautiful!

  131. hate typos....

    I love that Love has come to walk among us. A wonderful reminder. I am also so happy that 730 days ago you pressed publish. You make my days brighter. Thank You.

  132. Happy Anniversary!

    You have a gift of cheeky eloquence and I am so happy you share it with the world.

    Thank you for making my morning coffee that much more delicious since we have coffee together every morning (did you know that? General Foods International Coffee Cafe Francais...sissy coffee)

    "Love Has Come to Walk Among Us"...I need to see that every day to remind me that Christ is everywhere I go, even in the mundane, stay-at-home-mommy things that don't seem so important.

    Thanks and Blessings and All That Stuff,

  133. oh my goodness. i am blown away by all the comments and all the feedback on the posters. what a gift to know that there are others out there who "get" them. good luck to everyone! I wish I could give each of you a poster : )
    Jerusalem aka Jolly Goode Gal

  134. I can't NOT enter this!!! I love the "Give it all away" poster, and I know you already know exactly why I love it... but my favorite one is the bright pink one with JOY on it. I just like it because it looks the way Joy in print should look.

    (We have snow here today too! Eeeee! Happeeee!)

  135. Love Has Come to Walk Among Us...isn't that what gets a through? your note to your's magic. Sounds familiar.

  136. Is it wimpy to say I love them all? Good. I love them all.


  137. I was most touched by the "Love has come to walk among us"poster. I had a lifting when I read it.Of all the things going on in our lives now the kids venturing out on their own, a move to simplify with a possible 3rd move on the way due to my sweeties job.*Sigh* Any way you understand. I could use that love right now.Thanks for havin this giveaway!

  138. I love the one that says give it all away. Whata a great reminder! happy 2011!!!

  139. I love the "give it all away" ....I am a principal of an elementary school..and I try each day to give to every child....the poster is a reminder to me that there is a purpose to every encounter I have with kids every day.

    Cheryl McIntire

  140. So...giveaway or not ~ I always look forward to your prose about life.

    But since it is part of the deal I do like the:
    live brave ~ speak truth ~ see wonder ~ give love

    I feel I do do all of the above and can only hope that the people around me either see it or do it as well.

    Your blog is one of the places I go to relax and re-group about life at the end of my day. Or, if I dont get to it in the evening ~ to start my day.

    Thank you. Thank you for sharing you and reminding me many things that we can all feel ~ so its ok :)

    ~Andrea in NH

  141. Happy Anniversary!!! You have an awesome blog! I love reading it!! My favorite poster is the second one. It speaks of how a Christian should live!

    Betsy (Frey) Ward

  142. giosmama26@yahoo.comJanuary 9, 2011 at 9:49 PM

    I like the Love Has Come to Walk Among Us because I like to believe that in this new year, this world will all come together as one especially after the very recent AZ tragedy. I want a world that is full of love and peace for my child and for all the children around us. Granted it probably won't ever be "picture perfect" but as long as love does come to walk among us, we sure can try to make this world the best place for live in.

    That saying is very catchy and inspiring. It's something that I know I will continue to say to myself time and time again but I see things around me look dark and cold. I do believe in my heart that the very best is yet to come.

  143. Happy Anniversary!! I look forward to reading your blog daily. You have a way with the written word for sure. Love all the posters but to me Give it all away says it all. Thanks for the chance to win! Hugs, Judi

  144. give it all away.... love this reminder!

    happy anny!

  145. I love, love, love the LIFE poster. LOVE it! Why? Once upon a time I was a foster kid. Plus, it would look GREAT in my hallway! =0)

  146. my favorite: live brave, seek truth, see wonder, give love.
    because: a really succint way of summing up how i hope to be living my life, in the strength of the One who made me. in fact, even if i don't win the poster, i may create my own with these phrases to motivate me to press on.
    thanks for the alert to inspiration! :)

  147. I love these posters! I really like "live brave, seek truth, see wonder, give love." I would put it above our kid's bookshelves in our upstairs hallway/reading nook. It is open enough so everyone can be reminded of these loving commands. The quote is everything wrapped up into one. Thank you for offering this giveaway!

  148. Really ..I'm suppose to decide just one.... (:

    the one that first caught my eye is the green "Love has come to walk among us".ahh my Jesus and even tho he is "no longer here" I see him in a friend who gives and my Children who just keeps on loving me(even when I don't deserve) watching random kindness on the street...
    If we look

    but then I seen PINK "Give it all away" and the aqua "Joy" on Jen's and then the green "live brave"
    dear oh dear
    fine I'll enter here and Over at the cottage

  149. happy blogiversary! my favorite poster, and geesh was this hard, is the LIFE poster. this simple mantra is a life test. the words look so easy just laying there but to put that into action is the challenge. it's inspiring. it's brilliant.

  150. Well...two are my fav...the Give It All Away & the Life Poster. I'm a girl who needs encouragemanet all around Give It All Away one would help me focus on others and not so much on myself or 'stuff.' The Life Poster would also provide them all!

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