Thursday, January 6, 2011

Happy Anniversary to Us - A Giveaway

Two years, Dears!

Exactly two years ago, by the light of the moon (and a lamp), I struggled through my attempt at starting an honest-to-goodness blog. The first 3 names I wanted were already taken and in the 11th hour, inspiration struck and good fortune was on my side. And with that, Flower Patch Farmgirl was born.

The truth is, I have the best blog friends a girl could ever ask for.

I'm talking about YOU.

I will never entirely understand what it is that compels you to return, but it makes me so happy when you do. Your love and encouragement and humor have made me feel smiley and a little shy-like.

To celebrate the day, I'm linking back to some of my earliest posts.*

1. This post was my very first.
2. This woeful post didn't get an ounce of love, back in the day. (Notice Calvey with his puffy steroid cheeks. Sniff sniff!)
3. Again with the no love. (What's everyone got against waffles??)
4. And this was the most "popular" post I wrote during my first two months. (Our old house. Sniff sniff!)

And now, for the real excitement: A Giveaway!

I don't do giveaways very often. I've done one pretend giveaway and one real giveaway and that's the extent of it. Does that make me stingy? I sure hope not.

But this is a day for celebrating and for giving back to you.

Have you met my Jolly Goode friend, Jerusalem? She's crafty and colorful with a heart spun from love and light. She's also kinda famous. (Check out her side bar!)

Her art resonates with me for several reasons. It's cheery and unique, for sure. But it also speaks to some of the deepest parts of my soul.
Love. Give. Joy.
When I first saw her new line of posters, I wanted one of each. I want one for every room in the house. These are my mantras, and I didn't even really know it until I saw them.

(This one will be in the shop in the next week or two, but is still available for the Giveaway!)

Then there's the wee fact that profits earned via her Etsy shoppe inch her family closer and closer to their goal of adopting. Oh, that word just does something to me, and the heart that leans toward this love of mine automatically feels like a long lost friend.

In her words to me: "I have no idea what God has in store, but I know it will be good. Hard, yes. Unexpected, always. Worth it at the end of the day, Absolutely."

You got that right.

Give It  All Away Poster

Click here to view her Etsy site.

Each poster measures 17"x11" and comes unframed. Color choices for each poster style are negotiable.

For $15, you can have unique art that inspires you daily to more fully live the life that you long for. I love that.

Joy in Cherry

To be entered in the giveaway, leave me a comment telling me which poster is your favorite, and if you want to really make my day, tell me why. Blog, Tweet and/or Facebook the giveaway for an extra entry or three - just leave a separate comment for each! Contest ends Monday at noon, at which time I will announce one shiny, happy winner.

For another fantastico chance to win one of these beauts, go visit my Sister Friend, Jennie. Send her my love. Taunt her for her bizarre dislike of bell peppers. Just Go.

(A reminder: You do not need a Blogger account or a blog of any kind to enter. Just leave an anonymous comment, but be sure to include your name in the comment! )

I still haven't decided which poster is my favorite. Right now, it's a 5-way tie.

Happy anniversary to us, my friends. This place would be nothing without you.

Give it All Away Poster Deuce

*A note for my Mom: Click on the blue words and it will take you to the post I am talking about. It's magic! ps - Love you.