Friday, January 14, 2011

Garage Sale III - Spring Linens

Let's talk linens, shall we?

I adore fabric. I am besotted by fetching patterns, especially flowers. My years-long fling with Ebay only made the situation worse. It enabled the madness.

But there's only so many curtains, tablecloths and throws a farmgirl can handle.

Item 1) 2 valances
Update: Sold to Chris!
Sewn of what appears to be Cath Kidston fabric, though don't hold me to that.
14.5" x 57"
There is a pocket for a curtain rod in both panels.
Some very minimal fading on the back side of the panels, which is a solid, light blue cotton.

These hung in the kitchen of our old house the entire time we lived there and I loved them. There is something very beautiful about pale blue mixed with pink. My Mama once declared them her favorite thing in my entire home.

Price: $20 (free shipping)
Local pick-up: $15

Item 2) Yo Yo Table Runner Length: 68"
Update: Sold to Rebecca!

There's something about yo-yos that I find so very farmy. And these colors are scrumptious. Alas, I only used it once, at a family Easter meal.

Price: $15 (free shipping)
Local pick-up: $10

Item 3)
Crazy-Cool Vintage Curtain Panels
33" x 82"
Update: Sold to Alli!

When I bought these, I was told they were "bark cloth", but I don't think they actually are. They are not nubby at all. They are cotton panels with the most vibrant floral pattern. There is no fading and no stains.

Please, someone buy these and do something insanely cool with them! Color, people. Color!

Price: $30 (free shipping)
Local pick-up: $22

Item 4)
Vintage Tablecloth
Large size - 58" x 66"
Update: Sold to Sherry!

This has no stains or tears, but it does have an area in the middle that is darkened, almost like glue or something dried on it? I have no idea. I have never used it. Because that's just the kind of sickness I have.

It would be perfect as a cutter, for pillows! The white is still very white and the colors are the perfect combination of faded-by-time and vivid.

Price: $15 (free shipping)
Local pick-up: $8

Item 5) Martha Stewart reversible blue and white matelasse throw
45" x 56"
Update: Sold to Keisha!

This is in perfect condition!

Price: $20 (free shipping)
Local pick-up: $12

Item 6) Vintage chenille bedspread
Update: Sold to Sarah S.!

I bought this to make curtains made for Ruby's room. And then I remembered that I do not sew. This is sized for a double bed, or maybe a twin, if you wanted it to hang down to the floor. It's very large.

Mint condition!

Price: $45 (free shipping)
Local pick-up: $30

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