Monday, January 24, 2011

Garage Sale III - More for Home

First - I have a question for you.
It may well be the most important question I've ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever asked you.

If your sister was a Licensed Massage Therapist and she was about to open up her own office, what would be a great, catchy name for her business?

Please advise.


And now, Round Three!!

Item 1) Aqua "Fresh Linens" sign.

Sold to Jean!

Measures 5.5" X 20"

I bought this on Ebay years ago, thus proving that I was ahead of the aqua wave that seems to have swept over the nation. (Can you blame us?)

Price: $15 (free shipping)

Local Pick-Up: $10

Item 2) The clock is back!

Retail: $100

Price: $40 (free shipping)

Local Pick-Up: $25

(Here she is in her early years, in our old home. Sniff!)

Item 3) Vintage salt jar
Sold to Sarah!

Well, I don't think that is its technical title, but I have an identical jar by my stove and it's full of salt and it has changed my life.

It's almost 3" tall, 3.25" across.

Price: $10 (free shipping)

Local Pick-Up: $6

Items 4-10) Vintage galvanized sign letters

Each measures roughly 2.75" by 6"

Sold individually!

Letter "E" - Sold to Jamie!

Letter "E" - Sold to Laura!

Letter "S" - Sold to Sarah!

Letter "S" - Sold to Sarah S!

Letter "O" - Sold to Courtney!

Letter "T" - Sold to Sarah S!

Letter "R" - Sold to Sarah!
Price for each letter: $10 (free shipping)

Local Pick-Up: $6

Item 11) Vintage, hand-painted Light Thingy
Sold to Janie!
Honest to goodness, I only considered right now that this is an actual light fixture. Up until now, I always saw it as a re-purposed light fixture. You know, funky junk-style.

Alas, it is a fixture.

But! I used it as a vase and sometimes I would put forks in it when I had company.

The sky is the limit!

Price: $15 (free shipping)

Local Pick-Up: $10

Item 12) Nubby, grain-sackish table runner

Sold to Valerie!

I bought this on Sadie Olive a year or so ago. It looked beautiful on the dining table. But then I just stopped using it, so now it's your turn. It is machine washable.

18.5" X 96"

Price: $35 (free shipping)

Local Pick-Up: $25

Email me at if you are interested!