Monday, January 24, 2011

Garage Sale III - More for Home

First - I have a question for you.
It may well be the most important question I've ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever asked you.

If your sister was a Licensed Massage Therapist and she was about to open up her own office, what would be a great, catchy name for her business?

Please advise.


And now, Round Three!!

Item 1) Aqua "Fresh Linens" sign.

Sold to Jean!

Measures 5.5" X 20"

I bought this on Ebay years ago, thus proving that I was ahead of the aqua wave that seems to have swept over the nation. (Can you blame us?)

Price: $15 (free shipping)

Local Pick-Up: $10

Item 2) The clock is back!

Retail: $100

Price: $40 (free shipping)

Local Pick-Up: $25

(Here she is in her early years, in our old home. Sniff!)

Item 3) Vintage salt jar
Sold to Sarah!

Well, I don't think that is its technical title, but I have an identical jar by my stove and it's full of salt and it has changed my life.

It's almost 3" tall, 3.25" across.

Price: $10 (free shipping)

Local Pick-Up: $6

Items 4-10) Vintage galvanized sign letters

Each measures roughly 2.75" by 6"

Sold individually!

Letter "E" - Sold to Jamie!

Letter "E" - Sold to Laura!

Letter "S" - Sold to Sarah!

Letter "S" - Sold to Sarah S!

Letter "O" - Sold to Courtney!

Letter "T" - Sold to Sarah S!

Letter "R" - Sold to Sarah!
Price for each letter: $10 (free shipping)

Local Pick-Up: $6

Item 11) Vintage, hand-painted Light Thingy
Sold to Janie!
Honest to goodness, I only considered right now that this is an actual light fixture. Up until now, I always saw it as a re-purposed light fixture. You know, funky junk-style.

Alas, it is a fixture.

But! I used it as a vase and sometimes I would put forks in it when I had company.

The sky is the limit!

Price: $15 (free shipping)

Local Pick-Up: $10

Item 12) Nubby, grain-sackish table runner

Sold to Valerie!

I bought this on Sadie Olive a year or so ago. It looked beautiful on the dining table. But then I just stopped using it, so now it's your turn. It is machine washable.

18.5" X 96"

Price: $35 (free shipping)

Local Pick-Up: $25

Email me at if you are interested!


  1. Check your email! I'm ON IT!!!!! Hope I get the deals! I could pick them up Thurs! and leave you the $$$.

  2. "Gentle Hands" Massage Therapy.
    Love your Blog Garage Sale :)

  3. You have some great stuff! Love coming by to look and still wondering how I can get my grocery bills down ;)

    Have a great week!!


  4. Caring Hands:
    with a heavenly touch

  5. oh, that's tricky. Massage places can NOT have a name that sounds...sensual.
    Some of these names are not going to work. If you are unsure, ask a high school boy before you go with it.

    I will think about it.

  6. How about "Nice to Be Kneaded"? :)

  7. Awwwl, Carla (above) kinda stole my thunder... I was gonna say, "I Knead You."

  8. Exhale. I also like knots (in lowercase). Why? I don't know, but, I can SEE it on a sign. Good luck to her!!

  9. I like Kellie's "knots" idea a lot! (I can see it on a sign too.)

    I also like "repose" and "mend: massage therapy"

  10. I can only think of things that are not professional enough IMO to work... I thought of all silly things like ... Kneadful Things and Knead and Knead You. I'll keep looking and thinking of better ones!! That's a hard business to name. Geez.


  11. Oh wait posted above me ... Mend... From Jenn
    I'd go to a place named mend ... Seriously good name.

  12. How do you buy items? I like your letter R which is the first letter of my last name.

  13. I like Kellie's "exhale" (but w/ a lower case e...I don't know why).

  14. hahaha "ostriches look funny"'s comment - "ask a highschool boy" - perfect. i love those one syllable words mentioned above - mend or knots. mend sounds fabulous. i would def. do a double take if i passed that sign driving down the road.

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  16. I'm hankering for a new post before you depart manana. FYI....

  17. I also like "mend" that Jenn suggested. I have read your blog for sometime, but, I cannot recall your sister's name. If it happens to be Frankie, you have NO choice but to call it~ Frankie says RELAX. ;) I was a teen in the 80's.

  18. "serenity", but I also like some of the others, it is hard to name one with a funky cool name and that doesn't sound kind of border line corny, it would totally depend on what her style is she mod, vintage, eclectic. If she likes modern "urban kneads" could be cute. Let us know what bshe decides on, and how serendipitous for you to have a massage therapist for a sister. I need to convince my sis to follow suit :)

  19. RRR Massage Therapy (Retreat, Relax, Renew)
    3R Massage Therapy?
    (I was going off on a 'reduce, reuse, recycle theme :)

    Not that my idea is fabulous, but I always wanted to go into advertising. I just didnt want to go through the schooling. I always thought I was clever enough :)

    ~Andrea in NH

  20. Well done ladies. The business name is yet to be decided but I'm getting closer. Thanks for the creative ideas and keep them coming!

    Sis- you are the best!!

  21. How about 'StillWater' as in - he leads me beside the still waters, he restoreth my soul? I do a workshop with Preteen Girls called StillWater Spa: relax, restore, renew

  22. how about...A Touch of Health.

    I have one of those clocks and it is beautiful! If anyone is thinking about buying it, do!

    I enjoy your blog, I check it daily. :) We have also adopted and I especially enjoy your adoption posts!

    Have a great day!

    Elaine in snowy, cold Ohio