Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Garage Sale II - Home Goodies

Item 1)

4 square plates with the coolest blue design.

UPDATE: SOLD to Shannon!!

I bought these a few years ago from Sister Friend, Ms. TJ Maxx. I used them once. They are the size of a large dinner plate. Let me know if you need exact dimensions.

Price: $25 including free shipping. ($15 for local pick-up.)

Item 2)

Vintagey Floral wall clock


I first spotted this just after I had taken the stand against a really mean guy who sued me.

What? I never told you about that?

Remind me another day.

I loved this clock and it hung on my walls for years. I love it still. Alas, it has been in a closet since we moved to this house. And that's just not right.

It retailed for $100.

Price: $40, including free shipping.

Item 3)

Williams Sonoma mini bundt cake pan.

UPDATE: SOLD to Robin!

Self explanatory, I hope.

This is in brand-new condition.

Comparable pans currently retail for $36.00.

Price: $20 including free shipping.

Email me at if you are interested in any of these items!
More to follow...


  1. WOW. Your post regarding your son is filled with such powerful words and gives so much Glory to God. Thank you for being willing to use a little thing called a blog to minister. Your story and willingness to share it is a blessing.

  2. You are cracking me up, girlfriend. Your blog is no longer a blog, you realize---it's now an e-blay, or, just blay for short. In other words, you're blaying. Or, one could say, you're a blayer.

  3. Um. You and the Postmaster are gonna become fast friends!! :)

  4. I love on your sidebar how you have a pretty gift package under the title "Adoption." My brother and sister were adopted and I am so grateful to my parents for that. I want to hear about you getting sued. Or perhaps you should just forget about it. :)

    I am going to follow you.
    Mary Ann

  5. I'm contemplating the mini-bundts..esp. given my new fondness for the bundt pan. Damn, better make a decision soon, huh?

  6. wait, I thought it was 2 pans (actually 3, I can't scroll right) but now I see only one pan. Is it worth it? Hmmm...

  7. Hey, you're smart to do this! I just opened an Etsy shop to help me downsize. Hope it all sells.

  8. Please, please show us more! I can't stand the excitement!