Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Garage Sale II - Home Goodies

Item 1)

4 square plates with the coolest blue design.

UPDATE: SOLD to Shannon!!

I bought these a few years ago from Sister Friend, Ms. TJ Maxx. I used them once. They are the size of a large dinner plate. Let me know if you need exact dimensions.

Price: $25 including free shipping. ($15 for local pick-up.)

Item 2)

Vintagey Floral wall clock


I first spotted this just after I had taken the stand against a really mean guy who sued me.

What? I never told you about that?

Remind me another day.

I loved this clock and it hung on my walls for years. I love it still. Alas, it has been in a closet since we moved to this house. And that's just not right.

It retailed for $100.

Price: $40, including free shipping.

Item 3)

Williams Sonoma mini bundt cake pan.

UPDATE: SOLD to Robin!

Self explanatory, I hope.

This is in brand-new condition.

Comparable pans currently retail for $36.00.

Price: $20 including free shipping.

Email me at if you are interested in any of these items!
More to follow...