Tuesday, January 4, 2011

For Edie

I found Edie because Edie found me. Who knows how these things happen? It doesn't really matter, I suppose. In no time flat, I knew that she was a kindred. I was up in the wee hours combing her archives, trying to make up for lost time.

It was obvious that she is passionate about being a Mama. It was obvious that her heart beats for the One who redeems. She is sort of bossy about books that she believes everyone should read, and few things make me feel more at home than a bossy book-pusher.

"Reading good books is one of life’s true joys..."

edie's turquoise kitchen

Edie paints her kitchen cabinets turquoise to make things interesting, then throws in some citron just to watch us cock our heads to the side and say "Why didn't we think of that?" Sister Friend oozes style. She thinks things down to the core, down to where the diamonds are.

She'll set a hook in you and have you laughing all the way up to the shoreline.

I knew early on that we would have plenty to talk about, should we find ourselves alone at a table for two, but it was with this post that I truly fell in love. She talked about wearing yoga pants all day long, on occasion. (My sweat pants suddenly felt a little less alone.) She admitted that there are days when she has better things to do than gussy up. (My ponytail and ghastly complexion breathed a sigh of relief.) She fessed up to invoking the "sacred hour" when "no one is allowed to talk to me". Hallelujah.

She's sweet on her Honey, and I'm sweet on mine!

Her girls are learning Latin, and I have always wanted to learn Latin!

She used to be a practicing physician and I dreamed of being a doctor/ceramic lady from the earliest days of my youth!

I could go on and on.

And I have.

But here's the line that sealed the whole deal: "if there’s one key that I’ve found to getting lots done in a day, it’s staying home. Try staying home five whole days in a row and you’ll be amazed what you’ll find to do!"

I couldn't have said it better. A homebody homegirl after my own heart.

(There's the little problem of her 4:30 a.m. wake-up call, but I have high hopes that our budding friendship will overcome.)


You make me regret the years that I didn't know you. Your strength is matched by your beautiful heart. You inspire me to live more fully by reminding me that we have the opportunity to weigh every moment, every opportunity, every choice against a single word: Grace. In the glow of grace, our weakness becomes His strength. Lean hard, E. Grace is tough, and tender. It will carry you.

Thank you for nudging me toward authenticity. Thank you for reaching out to me so that I could reach back. Thank you for pouring Christ out onto me even in your brokenness.


"Little did I know then that God is in the business of shattering vessels, so that His treasure—-Christ—-can be poured out on others."

If you would like to send Edie some love, on her birthday, follow me over here to join in. Tell her what she means to you, even if she doesn't know you. Help us shower her today with love.

life in grace