Sunday, January 23, 2011

Counting Snows

So, it seems January is already dashing down the palace stairs.

That sure didn't take long now, did it? Wasn't it just two days ago that we were talking about cleaning out our closets, painting something cheery yellow and finding our word for the year?

It's been a bit of a blur, and I'm still caught up mid-spin between yearning for change and embracing the good ol', good ol'.

"I need a phone call... I need a raincoat... I need a big love...I need a sunburn...I need a plane ride..."

I have decided - resolutely - that Adam and Friends wrote this song in January. Any other option just isn't a possibility, in my mind.

"I get no answers.
And I don't get no change.
It's snowing in Indiana, baby.
And everything else is the same."

You got that right.

So yes, I'm ready for color. I'm ready to throw caution to the wind and eat steel cut oats. I'm ready to settle in to a cute little bungalow and decide for sure that we will be the pink flower poking out from the gray.

For now, I'm switching gears with some big deals, and I'm doing a few things Scared.

I'm sipping tea, clanking the spoon against the side, and it sounds to me like a bell.
It sounds like gratitude stirring.

I am thankful for root beer floats and extended bedtime talks with my boy.
"OK, here's the most important question I've ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever asked you. When you were a little girl, did you ever ride in a row boat?"
I'm thankful for a warm bed.

I'm thankful for Charlie, who doesn't have one, but should.

I'm thankful for my beat up saute pan, the non-stick coating long-forgotten, that continues to faithfully serve our dinner five nights a week.

I'm thankful for Ruby's impression of a flamingo and Silas's impression of a walking tornado.

I'm thankful for Cory's love for me that has never faded, not even a fraction of a degree. Not even when it probably should have.

I'm thankful for the Holy Spirit, who wants more for me. (I'm learning that the path to more involves a whole lot of "less".)

I'm thankful for you.

And you.

And you.

So tell me, what's one thing you're thankful for today?