Friday, January 1, 2010

Big Ideas

Be straight with me - did you have corned beef or pork loin or sauerkraut or cabbage or any combination thereof yesterday? For reasons I can not explain, Cory was not aware of this tradition until yesterday, right around noontime. Even more perplexing is that this tradition has been active in most of my adult life. Even more perplexing than that is the fact that I have been married to Cory for most of my adult life, yet he somehow missed this for the past, say, 15 years.

Yesterday, we rocked the Reuben slow cooked corned beef, home-canned sauerkraut and homemade rye bread-style, courtesy of my Mom. With bottled Thousand Island dressing on top, because you just really don't want to know what's in that stuff. And may I take this opportunity to humbly, bossily suggest that the only acceptable use for Thousand Island dressing is the Reuben sandwich?

Thank you for your time.

But I'm not done.

I promised a list of thoughts for the New Year and I may be a day late and a dollar short, but I'm here now, and I'm ready to dish.

To set the stage, picture me in a hideous green fleece half-zip with my eye a garish shade of plum. It's true what they say - sometimes things have to get worse before they get better...

1. I want to cook more new recipes.

I already do this quite often, but I also have a habit of tearing things out, stashing them in a file and forgetting about them. No more. I may even be inspired to bore you all to tears with an inaugural 2011 ed. Grocery Store Confessional.

2. I'm still on my new-found color kick.
I don't know what this means for the new year, but one thing is fo sho - it's gonna be zesty.

3. I am already daydreaming about Valentine's Day.
This isn't a NY goal, but it is a truth of my life and it feels worthy of being listed. Stay tuned.

Number Four requires a few disclaimers:

Disclaimer 1: I am very nervous to talk about it.
Disclaimer 2: Because I have a legendary fear of failure.
Disclaimer 3: I tend to prefer talking about scary things after I already know that they've been a success.
Disclaimer 4: But what's the fun in that?
Disclaimer 5: Plus, I'm ready to be tough and brave.
Disclaimer 6: It might be due, in part, to the fact that my eye is hideously purple.
Disclaimer 7: Did I mention that I'm nervous?
Disclaimer 8: My sweaty palms are sticking to the keyboard.
Disclaimer 9: What sounds good for dinner this week?
Disclaimer 10: OK, now I'm just stalling...

4. I'm writing a book.

I'm not even a quarter of the way in. There are still hundreds of pages of potential failure yet to be written.

I alternately think my words are Divinely inspired/deserve to be shoved to the very bottom of the trash heap.

My book is fiction, which until the day I started writing it, I swore I would never, could never write. I just may prove myself right.

Have mercy, I feel exposed. Is it just me, or is it drafty in here?

Please send prayers. And salsa.