Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Are Re-vwarr

So, it appears that I'm headed to Blissdom tomorrow.

It seems so.

It was a very last minute decision and it's a good thing, because I've been a little jittery ever since deciding.

I was on the fence for 2.7 days, but one of my Soul Sisters up and decided to hitch a ride and go visit her sister. A fun traveling companion sealed the deal. I like to call her J Flo. You should try it, too.

It became obvious to me that I should go buy a new wardrobe, new boots, new luggage, get a make-over, get a cackle transplant and find a way to reduce the clawishness of my hands.

I settled for:
* A clearance rack sweater ($15 at Loft!)
* A pair of borrowed boots. (Thanks, Heather!)

That is all.

Take me or leave me.

But please, take me.

You shalt know me by mine cackle.

And the talons.

I have not packed yet. I've been busy casting a city park out of clay, making rootbeer floats, and biting my nails. (Theoretically speaking.)

If you don't hear from me by Sunday, send help.

I know not a single soul in attendance. At least not that I know of. Wouldn't it be a hoot if my High School English teacher turned up at Blissdom? Or better yet, Mr. Davis?

I wouldn't put it past Blissdom. No, I would not.

Thank you for your Massage Therapy suggestions. I've passed them along to Keisha. We loved Urban Knead, but cracked up at its placement in our little ol' podunk hometown. Knead and Mend are top contenders at this point, although I realize only now that I have not consulted Calvin on this critical matter.

By the way, does it annoy you when I post photos which are entirely unrelated to the topic at hand?

Does it annoy you when I take my pre-travel jitters out on you?

On that note, the State of the Union address is queued up and I shall bid you a day.

True Love Always,


  1. I'd like to point out that apparently I'm not your blog stalker because here I am, the first post... (maybe second by now). I am JEALOUS of Blissdom and wish I was going too. I'd shake your talons and buy you a root beer float.

    And you will now forever be Shannanigan to me. :)

  2. I meant "apparently I AM your blog stalker."

    It's noisy in here.

  3. we are never too old to be young in our first day of school jitters, no? have a 'blissful' time.. they will lOVE you!! and be jealous of your talons. :)

  4. Oh...are you driving right by little part of Indiana? How I wish I was going....it pains me that I am not...and now I am wounded. I would love to hug you and be friends for REALS. :) And I wear size 8 shoes...if you share that size I would pack up all my cute flats and we could swap.

    Here I am all about Blissdom 2012...could I talk you into that too? If I get you to Louisville...I would drive the rest of the way.

    Have a wonderful one.


  5. Have a fantastic time! I have heard Blissdom is awesome, not that I am a blogger, but my uncle's sister's cousin told me it is great (not really, but I do recall hearing it was fun). Safe travels!

  6. so wish i was going.....
    so bummed...
    maybe next year, I'll make it happen!

  7. Shannanigan- (You fun goof ball who gives yourself great nicknames that I love) I wish I was going to Blissdom with you too!! And I LOVE it when you post photos unrelated to your subject, because I always want to do that, but I'm afraid. I think.

    Have fun!!!

  8. I know you're gonna love it! Have a blast my friend. And you'll be rockin those cute boots Heather was so kind to lend you ;)

    Can't wait to hear all about it!!! Safe travels to you and J Flo :)

  9. As soon as I figure out what Blissdom is I will be ever so happy for you as I am SURE it's something quite fabulous!! Oh, just googled it. Duh. Yes, how wonderful!
    P.S. I could not believe that YOU commented on MY blog. I had to lie down. So thank you, it made my day!

  10. I can't wait to hear all about it...have a great time! I loved the clay pictures btw, good stuff.

  11. So glad you are coming to Blissdom!! One of your fans, moi, will be looking for you, if not stalking you to hug your neck! Edie actually gave me the heads up while I was in Mexico that The Flowerpatch Girl was going to be in attendance, then I had to explain to my girlfriends who were with me why I squealed and what blogging is-so now you probably have 3 more fans here down South. If you don't have tickets let me know because one of our friends has a sick child and may not be coming to the conference and wants to give her tickets away to someone. I'll text Edie about it once I know. Safe travels!

  12. have a great time! I'm sure they will love you and your cackle.

  13. yay for you!
    p.s. i gossiped all aboucha on my bloggy today!

  14. Talons rule and cackles drool...ok...that doesn't even make sense. You are going to have the best time and make so many new friends...coming from a girl that just got back from a blogging/design conference. Relax and rock those borrowed boots!!

  15. i was just thinking that i love how you posted pictures unrelated to the topic - and then you asked and i just smiled and said (inside my head), "no you do not annoy me!" i have never been to blissdom but have been hearing of it lots lately, hm, keep us posted on how it goes and maybe one of these years, i'll be joining ya! now wouldn't that be fun?! :)

  16. Oh yes you will too know one person there--ME!! I cannot tell you how excited I am that you're coming, and I honestly cannot wait to meet you! Whoopee! :)

  17. I'm not sure what this Blissdom thing is, but something tells me that you aren't going to be giving baths, making PB&J sannies or wiping butts there. Well, maybe your own. Especially if you're nervous. Either way, have fun and enjoy the break!

  18. I am so jelous...wish I was going with you! I would be your nervous, cackle friend! I know you are going to have a great time! Learn lots and then come back and teach all of us!!!
    Have fun friend!

  19. I don't have any real desire to go to Blissdom other than to be a fly on the wall and observe. But I'd go with you. That might be fun. :)

    And I'll have you know that I was out & about tonight but my patriotic husband was texting me updates of the SOTU address all night. Is that love or what?

    Have fun in Nashville!

    p.s. love the pictures

  20. First of all, what is Blissdom?
    Second of all, you must always, always consult Calvin on these matters.
    Third of all, no it is not annoying that your photos are completely unrelated to your writing. It really doesn't matter.

    Very cool photos by the way. xx

  21. Awww...have fun! You deserve it!

  22. No, not irritating at all, in fact the randomness is rather wonderful. Have fun!

  23. Ooh, Shannancognito, what fun! I think I read that Layla from the Lettered Cottage is attending. You know her, don't ya?

    Have a blessed time!

    : )

    Julie M.

  24. So happy for you that you get to travel to Blissdom! Have a wonderful time. :)

    Revel at being in the same space with all those creative women.

    Revel in the knowledge that you are one of them.

  25. Have a great time in Blissdom - wish I could jump aboard. I have a feeling it is going to be a fun ride. All the best, Lori

  26. oh I'm so jealous, love doing stuff like that! and I want to take that beautiful chalk and draw a scene on my chalkboard wall in my kitchen. nothing like new crayons or new chalk.

  27. Well I hope it is pure bliss! Take lots of pics and we of course expect pics! It would be nice if you did a post with the pics from it at the same time but totally up to you! Have a ball! Traci

  28. Enjoy! And you'll look fabulous even without a new wardrobe and makeover :-).

  29. How fun! A little time away and treating yourself is great... you deserve it! PS Love the clay town :)

  30. Have SO MUCH fun during your time away! Personally I love photos. Your photos went very well with the post, and I was almost inspired to go swipe a bit of my kid's clay and starting forming a city of my own.

    Enjoy yourself! Come back with lots of fabulous stories please.

  31. Blissdom sounds fun...hope you have a wonderful time!! :)

  32. Your blog is lovely! Enjoy blissdom!

  33. Soooooo jealous!

    I hope you have a fab time! Do tell all once you return!

    aka anonymous girl w/o a blog

  34. Girl have a ball. I wish I was there to shake those claw hands of yours. Who am I kiddin'?? I'd give you the biggest hug and squeeze the life right out of you. Enjoy yourself.

  35. Should have mentioned this on the previous post...May I suggest Absolutely Kneaded? I am glad you are going to Blissdom. I hope you have fun.

  36. You will be wonderful at Blissdom! And I love every photo you post along with every thought you share. You are awesome and I am your loyal fan. (one of many!) Have a great time!

  37. i'm pretty sure that you, your talons and your cackle will be well loved at blissdom. every year i say i'm going to go. and every year i don't. so. you're awesome for stepping out.

  38. Shannon,

    Have a safe journey and a wonderful time meeting all the other creative, clever women you have come to know through the blogging community. It was not in HIS plan that I attend this year's Blissdom, but I'll be there next year and we can sit back and share some smiles face to face.

    Your Friend,

  39. i'm so glad i met you and got to listen in on the lovely conversation between you and emily.

  40. Shannan-just wanted to say I think you are incredible. Had a blast meeting you. Seriously. Thanks for being fresh and real. Ashley

  41. HA Ha Ha Ha!!!! I laughed at the thought of you running into Mr. Davis anywhere! Especially if he was wearing his high heeled dress shoes and tight navy pants! That math class with just the 8 or 9 of us was the BEST! Makes me miss you!

  42. Hi, so this means I am no longer a lurker, now I have upgraded to stalker. So nice to meet you

    Cha Cha