Tuesday, December 28, 2010

What Happens When I Get A Breather

The big kids have up and flown the coop to No Parents Allowed weekend in Ohio.

We will follow in a couple of days, but until then, it's just me, myself, I, Cute Maintenance Boy and Silo.
Or, as I like to call him, Mr. Lego Hair.

I've gotta say, I never knew the freedom of parenting just one small child.

Well, I guess I technically did know the freedom at one time, but I don't recall it feeling very freedom-esque back then.

Cory's off work all week, to boot.

So, we've been lazing around, eating out, sleeping 'til 8, lazing around....

It's provided me with a unique opportunity to think about the state of my life and the Universe at large. It's the end-of-the-year ponderings, is what it is.

In short order, I've decided to:

- Repaint the living room

- Get rid of all of my excess junk

- Go thrifting for new junk

- Take down all of my Christmas decorations

- Leave my tree up until February

- Cut my hair

- Dye my hair

- Cry because I can no longer put my hair in a ponytail

- Call the whole thing off

- Rue the day I decided not to cut my hair (Wait, that was today...)

- Stop caring so much about clothes

- Buy a whole new wardrobe

- Embrace my wrinkles

- Invest in some Oil of Olay Triple Serum Revitalizing Brightening Miracle Cream

- Reduce my Santitas footprint in 2011

I'm every which way but loose.

I think I've read about this condition. It's called Midwinter Crisis.

True, it's not even January, but I like to get a jump on these kinds of things.


  1. At least for us, we've had enough winter already you can call it a Mid-winter crisis! I hope we are 1/2 way done with winter.

    Enjoy your quieter week. As the youngest in my family, I remember being the only one home and it was fun for me, too! :)

  2. Lol! ;) Im with you on your list! Ive been cleaning and cleaning and getting rid of things..while really wanting to go thrifting for new things! Hope the rest of your week is relaxing.Hugs, Rachel

    *French Farmhouse 425*

  3. Did CMB tell you we saw him at Target? Actually, we saw you guys at B-Dubs, too. We're following you. Be afraid. Be very afraid. Tee hee. Your little guy is even cuter in person.

  4. Sounds like you're having a fabulous time... well except for the indecision parts!

    Of all your list, I think I'd just repaint the living room. You can always paint it again but the haircut/color thing takes awhile to go back!

    Enjoy your freedom and the remainder of the holiday season,

    PS Love the last picture, his face is just too funny for words!

  5. Hm... so by the end of that list your New Year's resolution is to simply re-paint your living room. Sounds doable! As for the tortilla chip consumption - just remember that reducing your Santitas footprint will reduce the likelihood of that sponsorship you've been hoping for! ;)

  6. I so want to take the tree down, throw out EVERYTHING I don't use, donate all that I don't need but I am too lazy and cold. Maybe the get up and do it urge will happen this weekend.

  7. I know a great hairdresser...if you are up for the road trip, I will buy the Santitas when you get here and entertain Mr Lego hair!! xoxo

  8. your words at the end combined with that photo of mr. s is pretty awesome.

  9. Well...I can vouch for the Olay but not much else. Oh and thrifting for new junk - I'm all for that. And painting. Love! Painting! Not sure how that works with three kids though...

  10. Hey there,
    It is so nice isn't it to just do next to nothing. I'm looking forward to that too, only thing is I always end up doing something?
    I love the list after all it is a women's prerogative to change her mind!


  11. I do love the list! So conflicted and so often how I feel too. My two cents on your hair...don't do it. If you care what a total stranger thinks, there it is. :) I always get antsy to cut my hair once it gets long, and I ALWAYS regret it afterwards. This time, I am trying to stick out the antsy stage...we'll see.

  12. I love your conflicted {and hilarious} heart!!!

  13. So funny! How did Silas react to the other kids being gone?

  14. i adore one on one time!!!
    isn't it strange that we didn't understand the freedom of one small child until we had more than that? i sure wish i could go back and smack some sence into that girl with the infant in a stroller(25 year old me)....but i guess this is just how it works. that last picture is priceless

  15. You are so funny with this list. I tried to change my hair color dramatically TWICE in 2010 and both times I felt totally discombobulated and my youngest son cried and asked me to "fix it". Enjoy your little guy all to yourself! He is just too stinkin cute with those expressions!

  16. I'm sorry, but what does your itty bitty party'n boy's sweatshirt read in that LAST picture?? Um...I don't think he's to happy about it.

    : )

    Julie M.

  17. So funny! I think we are all a contradiction at times.

  18. Love that last picture! Looks like he could have learned that expression from his sister?
    I'm all for a new hair-do, but the no pony tail thing is always the major consideration. For the sake of having an actual hairstyle, I usually go for it and then wait for it grow long enough for the pony again.
    It's the circle of life, beauty parlor edition.

    And as far as the Santitas? Don't even consider cutting back. You would no longer be the girl I know and love. They say our bodies are fifty percent water (or some ridiculous percentage), but we all know yours is at least fifty percent white corn.

    Wow, this comment has taken a strange turn....I blame the fact that I'm only three sips into my morning coffee.

  19. Oh girl I've got it too. I did cut my hair, bought the serum stuff, repainted a room in the house. It's all good. What else are we gonna do for the next 4 months or so?;) What in the world is a santitas footprint? I must be out of the loop again. My honey's on break too. I love sleeping until 8 every morning. I could really get used to that:)

  20. He needs a new nickname - I shall call him Mr. Chubby Cheeks! :) So cute!

  21. Doesn't it seem like life is one big balancing act of contradictions? I feel the same way as your list most of the time.

    (on a totally unrelated note, my husband & I have discovered an older TLC show called Take Home Chef with Curtis Stone. You may have heard of it but we don't have cable so we just found it on Netflix. Anyway, in the episode we watched last night he referred to his hand as the claw and it made me think of you :))

  22. This sounds JUST like my to-do list for January! Especially the hair part. I have a very shaky relationship with haircuts and my hair in general. Just yesterday, I was plotting out a hair plan for the new year. Glad to know I'm not alone!

  23. lol... you are so fun. you remind me of the mother from gilmore girls. :) i've missed you friend. enjoy the rest. drink it deep.

  24. I wish you and your family a happy, healthy and blessed new year!


  25. Don't cut your hair. You'll miss the ponytail.

    Trust me.

  26. I'm with you on the Oil of Olay! Hang in there and enjoy your "one-ness."

  27. ha ha ha I'm cracking up! I too have Mr. Lego snap on hair when it's dry without product - it's quite lovely on a 28 year old woman trust me!!

  28. I've been watching my two year old grandson all week. Oh, how I love it...just the two of us and all his wondefully cute mispronounced words. I wish I could just freeze that little angel voice for a while. btw...he also has a angry little man voice when he gets tired and boy you better watch out! Happy New Year.

  29. oh mr lego hair! the perfection in such a observation has had me in stitches all night. i adore you!

  30. I'm right there with ya'! It's good to keep the mind occupied, right?

  31. Hey Shannan. I am playing catch-up and reading through your archives, and I had to laugh at this one because it sounds so much like myself. "Stop thinking about clothes so much / buy a new wardrobe". lol. I am all Dave Ramsey and then very next second I decide that I want something. I am glad to know that I am not the only one...

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